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This is not your,mother s shopping,Table of contents. Consumers embrace of digital technology is disrupting retailers worldwide 3. Three business imperatives for retailers 5,Add deep value across retail business areas 9. Cloud computing A quick primer 10,Business area 1 Channel operations 11. Business area 2 Merchandising and marketing 17,Business area 3 Supply chain 25. Business area 4 Sales services and support 29,The future of cloud computing in retail 33.
Consumers embrace of digital,technology is disrupting retailers. worldwide making a strong case,for cloud computing responses. Not long ago it was enough for,retailers to carry a wide range of great. Cloud computing scalable computing,power delivered as a service on a. We expect widespread, merchandise and to have a few blowout pay by use model makes it possible for cloud adoption in the.
sales events each year Not any longer retailers to meet time pressed on the. The convergence of cloud social and go and digitally connected consumers retail industry with the. mobile has changed all of that during various phases of their shopping. experience Currently cloud computing,industry s cloud market. The stakes for retailers are rising,To influence purchasing decisions and. is a very effective model for retailers to tripling from 4 2 billion. build capabilities fast enough to hold, give consumers what they value and the attention of consumers in 2011 to an estimated. expect retailers need to build detailed, consumer profiles from multiple sources To date online pure plays e g Amazon 15 1 billion in 2015. enriched by insights from advanced ASOS and small retailers have achieved. analytics They need to deliver a far more cloud based agility than. seamless customer experience across large brick and mortar retailers 2. all channels and personalize offers in For long established brick and mortar. real time based on consumers location retailers a key stumbling block has. and buying habits Collaboration with been their assumptions about their. partners and consumers themselves core systems They fear disrupting. is also essential to offer consumers these systems particularly point of. solutions not just commodities And sale POS And because they perceive. that is just the start their core systems as differentiators. they often write the software in house, We believe much needs to be done which means significant resources.
along all of these fronts Accenture s are tied up in technology maintenance. recent benchmark survey of retailer s and upgrades. readiness to deliver a seamless, customer experience found 74 of the To meet the business imperatives. surveyed retailers ranked at or below they face we expect retailers to build. underdeveloped Delving deeper 72 5 momentum quickly on the journey. described absent or underdeveloped toward a new hybrid era of cloud. capabilities in making the end to end computing in which applications are. shopping experience feel connected distributed across the local data center. across channels And 81 reported a cloud provider and the datacenters. absent or underdeveloped capabilities and cloud providers of a retailer s. in tailoring assortment pricing and trading partners As that journey. shopping occasion to customer progresses we expect widespread cloud. expectations across channels 1 adoption in the retail industry with the. industry s cloud market tripling from, 4 2 billion in 2011 to an estimated 4 2 billion 15 1 billion. 15 1 billion in 2015 3 2011 2015,Three business imperatives. for retailers,1 Lay the foundation,Build seamless platforms. Creating a seamless customer experience requires seamless platforms built on this. equation Data Insights analytics Ability to execute Seamless retailing. In our view there are six key Therefore cloud data analytics. characteristics of seamless retailing and process partners will become. each of which has a technological equally as important to retailers as. foundation in cloud computing that merchandise vendor partners Once. would need to be put in place see the data analytics and platforms. Table 1 We believe that retailers are sorted out retailers can progress. cannot build this foundation alone to the people process and property. and homegrown solutions will likely issues involved in delivering a. be unable to match cloud applications seamless consumer experience. on speed cost or scalability,Table 1 Characteristics of seamless retailing.
Desired outcome Technological foundation in the cloud. Clean accurate retail Personal information management PIM master data. foundational data management MDM enterprise content management. Single view of customer Customer MDM customer relationship management CRM. customer order management, Real time personalization Analytics and reporting real time access to retail. foundational data and customer data, Order from anywhere fulfill Unified commerce service platforms. from anywhere, Seamless customer experience Customer order management unified commercial service. with access to basket across all platform to provide a single view of orders across all. channels and real time cross channels and enable fulfillment and returns across channels. channel inventory visibility, Fast pace of innovation Version configuration and build management change. management sandbox environments enterprise, architecture processes and organization that enable more.
rapid development configuration and deployment of new. and enhanced capabilities,2 Deliver a seamless customer experience. providing solutions rather than commodities, Consumers want to shop on their down the silos between conventional For example in our recent capability. terms through the channels they functions such as merchandising benchmark study 4 38 3 of Walmart. choose and with the information they supply chain and channel operations and Target customers pointed to. control Retailers will need to configure integration among store online and. operations to meet consumer demands Further retailers need to benchmark mobile channels as the top priority. To begin with retailers will need to themselves on the six facets of the area for improvement One half of. transform their stores to be more seamless customer experience which respondents expect the same product. flexible dynamic and connected But we define as a consistent experience assortment in store as online 57 of. it s not just about the store retailers connected shopping across channels respondents expect the same pricing in. must adopt agile approaches that are integrated merchandising flexible store as online and 53 want the same. integrated across physical web social fulfillment returns personalized promotions in store and online. and mobile interfaces with consumers interaction and enriched services to. As they do so they will be able to break improve the overall shopping experience. Figure 1 Capability benchmark study4 E,in store online in store online in store online. One half expect the,57 of respondents,53 want the same. same product assortment expect the same pricing promotions in store. in store as online in store as online and online,3 Drive incremental growth in.
new markets and services, Domestic markets no longer provide With the use of cloud technologies. the growth trajectories that retailers emerging markets will be able to. shareholders expect With millions of leapfrog technologically analogous. citizens joining the middle class and to how rapid adoption of cell phones in. average incomes rising in emerging these countries made moot the lack of. nations such as Brazil Nigeria and telecommunications wires and cabling. Indonesia there are rich opportunities infrastructure. for growth far from home,Add deep value across retail. business areas, Cloud computing can help augment Retailers can use cloud and the Sales services and support. and accelerate each of the three associated technological advances e g ecommerce reduced total. business imperatives in mobility and analytics to cost of ownership given optimized. improve business outcomes in the infrastructure spending and. Looking at cloud computing benefits following areas cloud capabilities. the pay as you go aspect can help, retailers improve business agility and Channel operations e g store task In the pages that follow we ll describe. levels of engagement with customers management scale eCommerce how retailers can add value across. contextual services these business areas through the. And in today s turbulent business convergence of cloud social and. landscape agility can become more Merchandising and marketing mobile technologies. valuable as a strategic hallmark e g product catalog allocation. making the case for cloud computing loyalty programs. even stronger Supply chain management,e g warehouse transportation.
fulfillment,Augment and accelerate Agility can become more. the three business imperatives valuable as a strategic hallmark. Pay as you go improves business agility,and engagement with customers. Cloud computing a quick primer, Cloud computing is a model not a specific technology Cloud computing. by Accenture s definition allows companies to access IT based services. via the Internet Cloud services are configurable adaptable and scalable. With variable pricing tied directly to use these services generally require. less up front investment and ongoing operating expenditure than. traditional IT models, Clouds generally take one of four forms or a combination of these forms. The main forms are,Private clouds Community clouds.
Private clouds are dedicated to a Community clouds are collaborative supporting device independence and. single company for private use and resources shared between a number anywhere access SaaS is the most. can either be built within a company s of organizations with common commonly used by retail companies. own data center or located off requirements and interests which due to the advantages shown here. premise and owned and provided are often in the same industry with. At the business process level, by an external third party These the costs spread across the users. cloud based solutions known as, clouds deliver virtualized application Community clouds can be hosted. business process as a service or, infrastructure and communications internally or by external third parties. BPaaS offer Internet enabled,services for internal business users. All of these forms of cloud can provide externally provisioned services. computing on demand at one or more for managing an entire business. of these four levels These different process These solutions differ from. types of service are often described as application clouds because they. being in a stack Each level builds on the provide end to end process support. Public clouds one below it e g platform level builds covering people processes such as. upon infrastructure level contact centers as well as software. Public clouds are owned and provided, by external third parties over a network At the infrastructure level companies.
use infrastructure as a service IaaS,offerings to source raw computing. resources processing power network,bandwidth and storage on an on. demand basis,At the platform level cloud,Hybrid clouds based platform as a service or. Hybrid clouds blend the benefits of PaaS offerings give companies. public and private clouds by enabling an environment that supports. companies to retain confidential rapid evolution for key business. information in a private cloud while application development that needs. also providing access to the wider continuous change PaaS fosters. choice of applications available in public on going business innovation by. clouds For example a hybrid cloud enabling developers while maintaining. may use local infrastructure owned by control of costs and operations. the company as well as infrastructure At the application level cloud based. owned by a public cloud provider even applications generally known as. though the operation of the cloud was software as a service or SaaS are. still handled by the company available via standard browsers. Business area 1,Channel operations,Potential benefits of using cloud. computing to meet the three business,imperatives in channel operation.
Streamlined cost effective operations,Faster speed to market. that are easier to manage,Global scope with a local focus. Freedom to experiment,Set up shops quickly in a variety. of locations,Lower capex,Lower capex, Faster speed to market Flexibility to scale as needed. Real time reporting Global scope local focus,Freedom to experiment with limited.
upfront investment,Flexibility to scale up and down. as needed Streamlined operations, Highly informed and empowered by Real time reporting Shops variety of locations. digital technology shoppers now choose,from a variety of channel alternatives. bricks and mortar online kiosk,vending social and mobile to make. their purchase decisions,They readily shop online in the store on.
their mobile phones switching between Channel operations. those modes without caring about the,boundaries between them. Customers expect their favorite retailer,to know them and their preferences. and to respond with one face,regardless of the medium or channel. is also essential to offer consumers solutions not just commodities And that is just the start We believe much needs to be done along all of these fronts Accenture s recent benchmark survey of retailer s readiness to deliver a seamless customer experience found 74 of the surveyed retailers ranked at or below underdeveloped Delving deeper 72 5 described absent or

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