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A History of Museology,Key authors of museological theory. Bruno Brulon Soares, A History of Museology Key authors of museological theory. brings together a selection of articles produced for the ICOFOM research. project History of Museology developed by this committee since June. 2014 with the support of Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. UNIRIO Universit Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 cole du Louvre and. Russian State University for the Humanities RGGU, Printed at the occasion of the International symposium crire l histoire des. mus es travers celle de ses acteurs Enjeux et responsabilit s de l histoire. biographique held in Paris on June 5 6th 2019 at La Sorbonne Nouvelle with. the support of the Laboratoire d excellence Industries culturelles et cr ation. artistique Centre d tudes sur les liens sociaux and Sorbonne nouvelle. International commitee for Museology ICOFOM,Comit international pour la Mus ologie ICOFOM. Comit Internacional para la Museolog a ICOFOM,Bruno Brulon Soares.
Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro UNIRIO. Editorial Committee, Ana Cristina Valentino Anna Leshchenko Bruno Passos Alonso and Suzanne. President of ICOFOM,Fran ois Mairesse,Universit Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 France. Academic committee, Ana Cristina Valentino Anita Bharat Shah Anna Leshchenko Bruno Brulon. Soares Denis Limoeiro Eiji Mizushima Fran ois Mairesse Jan Dol k. M nica Risnicoff Gorgas Suzanne Nash and Yun Shun Susie Chung. Copy editing by Kathryn Sleight,Published in Paris ICOFOM 2019. ISBN 978 92 9012 455 9 paper version,ISBN 978 92 9012 456 6 electronic version.
Table of contents,Foreword 9,ICOFOM and History 11. Fran ois Mairesse,Introduction 15,Museology building bridges 17. Bruno Brulon Soares,Acknowledgements 41,Articles 43. Jan Jel nek 45,Georges Henri Rivi re 54,Bruno Brulon Soares Ana Cristina Valentino. Vino Sofka 65,Suzanne Nash,Zbyn k Z Str nsk 77,Bruno Brulon Soares.
Avram M Razgon 88,Anna Leshchenko,Soichiro Tsuruta 93. Eiji Mizushima,Waldisa R ssio 100, Bruno Brulon Soares Ana Cristina Valentino Denis Limoeiro. Judith Spielbauer 110,Suzanne Nash,Hugues de Varine 116. Ana Cristina Valentino Bruno Brulon Soares,Andr Desvall es 126. Fran ois Mairesse Bruno Brulon Soares,Ivo Maroevi 136.
Bruno Brulon Soares Yun Shun Susie Chung,Peter van Mensch 148. Yun Shun Susie Chung,Vasant H Bedekar 164,Anita Shah. Alpha O Konar 172,Bruno Brulon Soares,Mathilde Bellaigue 180. Bruno Brulon Soares,Nelly Decarolis 192,Monica Gorgas. Tereza Scheiner 203,Bruno Brulon Soares Ana Cristina Valentino.
Tomislav ola 216,Bruno Brulon Soares,Authors 225, The embryonic nucleus of museology must have existed since a long time to. be discovered not created much later and to be formed into the science of. museology very recently as seen from this perspective. Vino Sofka The chicken or the egg In ICOFOM Study Series 1987. It seems that the history of museology can be described as an emancipation. process involving the rupture of museology as a subject of study and the. profile of its own cognitive and methodological orientation. Peter van Mensch Towards a methodology of museology 1992. 10 Foreword Foreword,Foreword Foreword 11,ICOFOM and History. Fran ois Mairesse,ICOFOM President, The International Committee for Museology ICOFOM does not pretend to. hold the truth about the history of this discipline or about the definition of. museology The vision of museology we share at ICOFOM aims to be open and. to cover all theories and critical thoughts relating to the museum field In this. sense museology can be regarded as a field of research constituted by scientists. from around the world including of course thinkers outside of the Committee. Nevertheless since its creation in 1977 within the framework of ICOM the. Committee can be seen as a unique platform of a truly international character. open to exchanges between museologists and museum professionals around. the world aiming to consider the entire museum field its borders or limes its. future and of course all critical reflections and theories that might animate it. This first volume on the history of museology is an important publication in. our series of ICOFOM monographs launched in 2017 This book is edited by. Bruno Brulon Soares Vice President of the Committee and above all a very ac. tive researcher in the framework of the research project he coordinates within. ICOFOM on the history of museology The history of a discipline such as that. of economics sociology or anthropology constitutes one of the foundations. on which the current theoretical reflections can be established Building on the. milestones set down by one s predecessors and modestly contributing one s own. stone is one of the key principles of scientific logic nani gigantum insistent. humeris dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants It is not a question of. reinventing the wheel with each new generation but of learning the lessons. of the previous ones and of progressively evolving the knowledge around the. museum field allowing us to better comprehend the future This is a similar. statement that had already led Zbyn k Str nsk Andr Desvall es and Peter. van Mensch 1 for example to study the foundations of museology from the first. treatises relating to the museum field starting with that of Quiccheberg written. in 1565 2 The conclusion of Str nsk one of the most iconic representatives of. the first generation of ICOFOM founders was based on the premise that the. 1 See for instance Str nsk Z Der Begriff der Museologie in Jel nek J d Muzeologick se ity. Supplementum 1 Einf rhung in di Museologie Brno UJEP 1971 pp 40 66 Mensch P van Towards. a Methodology of Museology University of Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy doctoral thesis 1992. Desvall es A Emergence et cheminement du mot patrimoine in Mus es collections publiques de. France 208 septembre 1995 pp 6 29 I had the honour of being associated from 2000 with Andr. Desvall es within the framework of ICOFOM projects which led to the writing of the Dictionnaire. encyclop dique de mus ologie also aimed at synthesising museological thought. 2 Meadow M Robertson B The First Treatise on Museums Samuel Quiccheberg s Inscriptiones. 1565 Los Angeles Getty Press 2013,12 Foreword Foreword. literature on museums whose first developments date back to the 16th century. had progressed well enough throughout the 19th century and the first half of. the 20th century in particular through the creation of a network of research. institutes and training facilities in order to be able to gradually establish itself. as an independent scientific discipline following the same evolution as that. characterising other academic disciplines such as economics or sociology This. volume edited by Bruno Brulon Soares continues in a way the work initiated. by Str nsk Desvall es and van Mensch focusing precisely on describing the. work of the first two generations of ICOFOM, In fact four generational movements of ICOFOM members could be conside.
red since the creation of this committee The first generation is linked to the. founding date of the committee from 1977 to 1985 coinciding with the death. of Georges Henri Rivi re the second generation started in the mid 1980s and. continued until the early 1990s 1985 to 1993 until the end of presidency of. the committee by Peter van Mensch In both cases this period represents. in a way a largely outmoded era still influenced by the conflicts associated. with the Cold War the repercussions of which could be seen even in the field. of museology 1 The authors who can be related to the first generation already. reflected the real internationalism of ICOFOM Jan Jel nek its founder and first. president Czechoslovakia Georges Henri Rivi re first director of ICOM and. founder of French museology France Vino Sofka indefatigable president of. ICOFOM after Jel nek Czechoslovakia and Sweden Zbyn k Str nsk its most. prominent thinker Czechoslovakia Avram Razgon pope of Soviet museology. Russia at the time part of the USSR joined by many other thinkers from around. the world such as Soichiro Tsuruta Japan Waldisa R ssio Brazil Judith. Spielbauer United States Andr Desvall es France and Peter van Mensch. Netherlands To this group of active ICOFOM members Brulon Soares has. added Hugues de Varine second director of ICOM and prominent figure of the. New Museology whose thought profoundly influenced several members of the. committee This list of biographies of course does not pretend to be exhaustive. even with regard to ICOFOM and one could of course add other very active par. ticipants at the time such as Klaus Schreiner German Democratic Republic. Josef Bene Czechoslovakia Lynn Maranda Canada or Wojciech Gluzi ski. Poland In the second half of the 1980s new people forming a second gene. ration of museologists joined the committee and showed a strong commitment. Several first generation members continued of course to play a very active role. during this period such as Andr Desvall es and Peter van Mensch but a few. left shortly after the committee s launch including Jan Jel nek Georges Henri. Rivi re Soichiro Tsuruta and Avram Razgon The museologists who joined the. ICOFOM family after 1985 include Ivo Maroevi Croatia Yugoslavia at the. time Vasant Bedekar India Alpha Oumar Konar Mali Mathilde Bellaigue. France Nelly Decarolis Argentina Tereza Scheiner Brazil and Tomislav. 1 Mairesse F Desvall es A 2011 Mus ologie In Desvall es A Mairesse F dir Dictionnaire. encyclop dique de mus ologie Paris Armand Colin pp 343 384. Foreword Foreword 13, ola Yugoslavia All these members are also worthy of note in this volume. but one can also mention the activity of other thinkers belonging to the same. generation like Martin R Sch rer Switzerland Anita Shah India Norma Rus. coni Argentina Hildegard Vieregg Germany and Bernard Deloche France. The members of these two first generations are for the most part necessarily less. active today within the committee some of them have passed away while others. have restricted their academic activities but many of them still follow the work. of ICOFOM with interest 1 Since then two more generations of museologists have. succeeded one another the third emerging between 1993 and 2007 from the first. term of the Presidency of Martin R Sch rer until the end of the second term of. Hildegard Vieregg paving the way for a fourth and current generation of resear. chers Without undertaking a detailed survey of the International Committee for. Museology composed today of more than a thousand members from 94 different. countries we can say in general that it comprises both established museologists. with a reputation within the academic framework as well as young researchers. on the thresholds of their academic careers museum workers and PhD students. It therefore seemed particularly appropriate to establish a first study of the. work done by these different museologists for at least two reasons on the one. hand the synthesis work developed by Zbyn k Str nsk Peter van Mensch and. Andr Desvall es deserves to be pursued Research is ongoing and day after. day we continue to find new and important facts about the beginnings of mu. seology 2 What could then be said about the diversity of all these findings and. those that have emerged during the four decades of the existence of ICOFOM. It is important to continue the work of compilation to synthesise the research. done by the successive generations of museologists beginning with ICOFOM. publications to which the researchers presented here are firmly attached Thus. the biographical works compiled in this book appear to be of great importance. offering a first global vision of the contribution of these different authors to the. field of museology As I mentioned at the beginning ICOFOM is fully aware. that it is not to be regarded as the only repository of a museological truth and. many other contributors to the field should be mentioned The purpose of the. research project carried out within ICOFOM by Brulon Soares was not at this. stage to present a global history of museology unlike the works of Str nsk and. colleagues already mentioned, On the other hand it was intended to shed light on the way in which a num. ber of particularly important and inspiring minds within the Committee have. advanced the discipline and disseminated it throughout the world particularly. from Eastern Europe but also in the Latin countries This global vision indeed. 1 Nevertheless it is worth to mention the tireless work of several museologists who continue to. accompany the work of the committee such as Andr Desvall es Bernard Deloche Martin Sch rer. Teresa Scheiner and Lynn Maranda these last two being very active in the committee. 2 Walz M 2018 The German voice in the Babelian tale of museology and museography creation. and use of terms for museum science in Germany Museologia Brunensia 2018 07 02 pp 5 18. A History of Museology Key authors of museological theory brings together a selection of articles produced for the ICOFOM research project History of Museology developed by this committee since June 2014 with the support of Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro UNIRIO Universit Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 cole du Louvre and Russian State University for the

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