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Dear Educator, Jacqueline Woodson s books are revered and widely acclaimed four Newbery Honor awards. two Coretta Scott King Awards a National Book Award a NAACP award for Outstanding. Literary Work and the Margaret A Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement Awards and. accolades aside her stories are relevant personal and thought provoking Woodson writes. picture books middle grade and young adult novels and regardless of the target audience. her books push boundaries We realize it is unlikely that you ll be able to teach every single. one of her books in a class curriculum but we hope this guide will give you an appreciation. for her work as a whole and will help you select the right books for your students. This guide includes discussion questions close reading exercises and extension activities for. Woodson s work While the activities are written for whole class instruction they can be. easily adapted for independent reading school book clubs or literacy circles Each section. begins with general activities exploring some of Woodson s more commonly used literary. elements and techniques in books from that particular genre The sections also highlight. specific books in Woodson s collection and the activities coincide specifically with those. books We ve listed the most relevant Common Core State Standards that align to each. activity and included an array of text to text opportunities that range in complexity to engage. all of your unique learners, We know this guide will be useful to immerse your students in Jacqueline Woodson s work. and we hope you ll enjoy discovering and revisiting some of the most quality literature for. young readers Thank you for your support of our books and our brand. Penguin Young Readers School Library Marketing,Table of Contents. About the Author Page 1,Picture Books Pages 2 6,Middle Grade Pages 7 13. Young Adult Pages 14 21, This educator s guide was written by Erica Rand Silverman and Sharon Kennedy former high school English teachers and co founders.
of Room 228 Educational Consulting www rm228 com along with Shannon Rheault an elementary school teacher. I used to say I d be a teacher,or a lawyer or a hairdresser. when I grew up but even as,I said these things I knew. what made me happiest,was writing, I wrote on everything and everywhere I remember my uncle catching. me writing my name in graffiti on the side of a building It was not. pretty for me when my mother found out I wrote on paper bags and my. shoes and denim binders I chalked stories across sidewalks and penciled tiny tales in. notebook margins I loved and still love watching words flower into sentences and sentences blossom. into stories, I also told a lot of stories as a child Not Once upon a time stories but basically outright lies I. loved lying and getting away with it There was something about telling the lie story and seeing. your friends eyes grow wide with wonder Of course I got in trouble for lying but I didn t stop until. fifth grade, That year I wrote a story and my teacher said This is really good Before that I had written a poem.
about Martin Luther King that was I guess so good no one believed I wrote it After lots of brouhaha. it was believed finally that I had indeed penned the poem which went on to win me a Scrabble game. and local acclaim So by the time the story rolled around and the words This is really good came out. of the otherwise down turned lips of my fifth grade teacher I was well on my way to understanding. that a lie on the page was a whole different animal one that won you prizes and got surly teachers to. smile A lie on the page meant lots of independent time to create your stories and the freedom to sit. hunched over the pages of your notebook without people thinking you were strange. Lots and lots of books later I am still surprised when I walk into a bookstore and see my name on. a book or when the phone rings and someone on the other end is telling me I ve just won an award. Sometimes when I m sitting at my desk for long hours and nothing s coming to me I remember. my fifth grade teacher the way her eyes lit up when she said This is really good The way I the. skinny girl in the back of the classroom who was always getting into trouble for talking or missed. homework assignments sat up a little straighter folded my hands on the desk smiled and began to. believe in me,PICTURE BOOKS, Woodson s picture books are perfect for exploring sophisticated themes with young children. Depending on students ages reading levels and prior knowledge read aloud to a group for. a shared reading experience or have students read independently and explore the pages on. Family Theme, A major theme throughout Woodson s children s books is family She shows that families are unique. Ask students What makes a family Who do you consider to be part of your family Is it just people that. you are related to or can it include other important people Have students write a list of the people in. their lives that are part of their family Have students illustrate their work and share it with the people. on their lists, R CCR 3 Analyze how and why individuals events or ideas develop and interact over the course of. Perseverance Theme, Perseverance is a theme that Woodson has woven throughout all of her stories Her strong characters. work their way through difficult times like family hardship historical events and social issues Explore. these examples Students can connect to these stories on a variety of levels Ask them to make a text. to self connection and share a time that they had to overcome something difficult This can be done. through writing artwork or music Their choice of presentation should highlight their strengths. R CCR 3 Analyze how and why individuals events or ideas develop and interact over the course of. Woodson artfully uses common objects in her stories e g quilts pebbles a rope The deeper meanings. that she is trying to convey can be found within these objects Ask students How can a simple object. become an important part of a person s life For example the quilts in Show Way are a metaphor for. family history and strength Have students bring common objects to school that mean a great deal to. them baby blanket stuffed animal a book Ask each student to prepare a presentation that will explain. the object and its importance Students may arrive at new ideas about how their objects have shaped. their lives, R CCR 4 Interpret words and phrases as they are used in a text including determining technical.
connotative and figurative meanings and analyze how specific word choices shape meaning. Many of Woodson s books travel through extended periods of time Define setting with the class. focusing on the passage of time and change and how they see this developed in Woodson s books. Students can analyze the things in their lives that change as time passes As a culminating activity help. students create a time capsule to be opened years later This may include the letter see Rope for Hope. activity in This Is the Rope section that they wrote to themselves a self portrait photographs a letter. from the teacher and parents a list of current favorites and small meaningful objects All of these things. can be sealed in a paper towel tube to be opened in the future a second grade class that creates a one. year or ten year time capsule will be surprised how much can change in such a short time What a fun. way to follow the passage of time, R CCR 3 Analyze how and why individuals events and ideas develop and interact over the course. Picture Books by Jacqueline Woodson,AD720L AD1090L AD640L. AD300L 550L AD710L, A beautiful story that shows one family s path from slavery through. the Civil Rights Movement to today The story illustrates how the. use of thread and fabric can hold a family together through many. generations It is a celebration of time family and strength. HC 9780399237492,Oral storytelling and metaphors,African American history and customs. Family history and timelines,Dive in Discuss, 1 What elements of plot change in this story What themes stay the same.
2 How were the quilts used to preserve this family s history What are some other ways that. families keep track of and share their stories, 3 What adjectives would you use to describe the members of this family. Explore Extend,Follow the Plot Timeline, As a class create an illustrated timeline to follow the story of Soonie s family Discuss the historical. events that took place throughout the family s history Read informational texts about these events to. learn more and to integrate with information already gathered through Woodson s book This may be. followed by a sequencing activity for younger students Older students may conduct their own research. to explore the historical events that occur throughout the story They may build their own timeline and. illustrate each event, R CCR 7 Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats including visually. and quantitatively as well as in words,Creating and Collaborating Class Quilt. Create a class Show Way quilt All children use the same exact size and type of paper Younger children. may just draw a self portrait and write their name Older children may design squares that tell their. personal story or important events of the school year Hang the paper quilt pieces directly next to each. other to create a paper quilt Discuss how their class quilt relates to the Show Way quilt and what each. quilt symbolizes The quilt will be a great way to preserve the class history. R CCR 3 Analyze how and why individuals events and ideas develop and interact over the course. This Is the R ope, This is the story of a simple rope that becomes an important part of.
a family s history as they search for a better life The rope has many. uses but most of all it ties a family together for generations Read. this story to see how seemingly small things can end up being bigger. HC 9780399239861,than you think,Family history and heirlooms. Themes of change hope and adaptation AD1090L,Great Migration. Dive in Discuss,1 What were the different ways the rope was used. 2 Why did the family put the rope around the photographs on the piano How is this image of the. rope different from the others in the story, 3 Why do you think the grandmother wanted to trade the old rope for a new one at the end of. Explore Extend,Retelling Sequencing, Give students small pieces of rope Have each person retell a piece of this family s story tying each part.
of the rope together as they go Younger students may need to use sequencing cards for this activity This. will show how the details of the story tie together to create the plot and a main idea. R CCR 5 Analyze the structure of texts including how specific sentences paragraphs and larger. portions of the text e g a section chapter scene or stanza relate to each other and the whole. Rope for Hope, Today people use colored ribbons to show hope e g pink for breast cancer purple for epilepsy red. for heart health Give students pieces of rope to make the hope ribbon for African Americans during. the Great Migration Students can also apply this hope to what they want for their own future Have. students write a letter to themselves to be opened in the future The letter tells about their life now and. makes predictions about what their future may look like. W CCR 3 Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique. well chosen details and well structured event sequences. Each Kindness, Chloe learns about kindness in a difficult way When Maya joins. her class Chloe finds herself turning away from her and denying her. requests for friendship Her teacher shows the class that kindness can. be spread and Chloe realizes that she has missed an opportunity to. HC 9780399237492,do the right thing,Peer Pressure and Bullying. Spreading Kindness AD640L,Point of View,Dive in Discuss. 1 Why were the kids mean to Maya What adjectives could be used to describe the characters in. this story, 2 Do you think the kids were bullying Maya Why or why not Give specific details from the.
story that support your opinion, 3 Why do you think Chloe wanted Maya to come back to school. Explore Extend,Walk in Another s Shoes Point of View. Tell this story from Maya s point of view What kind of a person do you think Maya is Write a letter. from Maya to her classmates that explains how she felt when she was in their class Did we know Maya s. feelings in the book Why or why not Share the letters and explore the concept of empathy In the story. Maya is wearing shoes that are broken or don t fit properly How do the shoe descriptions connect to the. idea of empathy in this story Are your connections literal figurative or both. R CCR 6 Assess how point of view or purpose shapes the content and style of a text. Pay it Forward, Put a Kindness Tree in the classroom When someone performs an act of kindness for someone the. recipient of the kindness can add it to the tree When the tree has fully blossomed discuss how the. class feels with a beautiful green tree in the classroom How does the beauty of a healthy full grown. tree compare to the feelings someone might have when they are kind to others How does this concept. connect to Each Kindness, R CCR 3 Analyze how and why individuals events and ideas develop and interact over the course. A guide to the works of Dear Educator Jacqueline Woodson s books are revered and widely acclaimed four Newbery Honor awards two Coretta Scott King Awards a National Book Award a NAACP award for Outstanding Literary Work and the Margaret A Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement Awards and accolades aside her stories are relevant personal and thought provoking Woodson writes

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