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Agility through Cloud Agility describes the ability. to move at speed and,change direction all while,maintaining balance and. Nothing has been more of a stimulus for agility than the cloud especially for the. webscale companies whose services pose the greatest threat to the telco industry control Without agility a. business faces disruption or,Why is Cloud Significant. even worse commoditization, Provides businesses the ability to rapidly develop test and launch. software applications that drive business growth at a rate and scale. not seen before, Through virtualization Cloud enables the abstraction of the IT stack. so that one physical resource is used logically like many creating more. flexibility and scalability and opening the door to new service models. The addition of automation further allows the focus on other issues. such as core business logic security and analysis as opposed to just. provisioning and maintaining the resources, All of this together supports the anything as a service paradigm of cloud driving.
a mostly static and transactional world into a more dynamic and subscription. based economy,Early Attempts at,Cloudification, Although Network Function Virtualization NFV became the predominant way. the telecommunications industry sought to leverage cloud the innate complexity. of NFV is far from the agility and automation of an authentic cloud. There is an inherent difference in the design philosophy of traditional. telecommunications NFs compared to most SaaS software The functional. architecture found in many network domains causes difficulties that prevents. agility such as, complex dependencies between configurations for multiple functions. which then have dependencies on component lifecycles. application endpoints which cannot be decoupled from underlying. resource lifecycles, interfaces that don t lend themselves to service discovery load balancing. or otherwise enable the elimination of configuration dependencies. There is an inherent difference in the philosophy in which some of the SaaS. software of today is designed than that of traditional telecommunications NFs. of the recent past,The People and The relationship where. the development team,Process Story throws code over the.
wall to operations led, DevOps 1 0 has been mostly centered on harmonizing the interplay of development. and operations with the goal of institutionalizing continuous delivery In DevOps to the classic battle of. 2 0 we see the emergence of adaptive feature delivery and the broadening of. scope to nontechnical teams,it s not my machines it s. Time for DevOps 2 0 your code vs It s not my, In DevOps 2 0 we see the emergence of adaptive feature delivery and the code it s your machines. broadening of scope to nontechnical teams Business adopts cross functional. methods to ensure that software is iterated on a continuous cadence. Coined by a presentation at, complementary to marketing and sales campaigns O Reilly Velocity in 2009. DevOps 2 0 elevates security as a fundamental element from beginning to end. with the mindset everyone is responsible for security This is sometimes referred. a new process approach, to as DevSecOps By thinking of security as code security specialist are given the for cloud arose in.
tools to contribute value with less friction,response DevOps. Cloud Native with,Oracle Communications,Better Software for. a Better Cloud, The Cloud Native Computing Foundation CNCF is an open source software. foundation dedicated to making cloud native computing universal and sustainable. Oracle is a platinum member of the CNCF in the realization that its vision of an. open cloud native and standards approach is well aligned. With a rich heritage in telecommunications Oracle Communications has a. deep understanding of service reliability Developing applications in this space. has placed an emphasis on creating foundational platform services whereby. applications could be built consistently to these expectations. There has also been a keen awareness of the operational aspect of these. applications This has become even more pressing as the applications move to. SaaS based cloud delivery It is this space where Oracle s leadership with cloud. technologies like those of the CNCF which has given Oracle Communications. new perspectives on 8 core principles for successful cloud native operations. Eight Principles for Successful,Cloud Native Operations. System Automate Externalized, Immutability Everything Disposability Configuration.
Everything software and configuration is All aspects of build test verification All services are transient and treated as Configuration including passwords. code All changes are made through CI CD and deployment are automated This short lived Instead of focusing on never credentials location of backing stores. where they are deployed as immutable includes activities such as backup failing services are designed to go up etc is decoupled from the software. artifacts No manual configurations or recovery password key rotation etc and down quickly without service image and like software can be. customizations are allowed This makes it Fully automating the DevOps pipeline interruption Regular repaving treated as a build artifact in a controlled. easier to implement the principle of least including verification and testing re deployment of the environment and versioned manner Versioned. privilege as there is no need to run scripts removes much of the potential for human ensures failed or failing services are configuration enables development and. in the production environment Also any error allows changes to be applied to removed and new ones deployed production parity as an artifact and can. changes not coming though the delivery the environment with confidence and eliminate costly operational errors. pipeline can be considered malicious provides for rapid repair. Eight Principles for Successful,Cloud Native Operations con t. Logs as Event Streams and Delegated Independent,Constant Telemetry Governance Lifecycle. Everything needed to debug or diagnose any functional operational or security issue Some shared aspects of the environment Independently upgrading scaling. are in logs traces or metrics data These are treated as a stream of time ordered events are centrally managed like networking and deploying each Microservice is. and stored in a centralized collector outside the system where better threat monitoring identity management or infrastructure but paramount for supporting other cloud. forensics and diagnostics can occur through event correlation or analyzing the aggregated in a true DevOps fashion teams delivering native principles as well as minimizing. and holistic view Constant telemetry is fundamentally enabled through logs as event a service are responsible for operating the the amount of change in the system at a. streams and thus the two should always be considered together service This is allowed only with strict given time Furthermore such decoupling. governance enforced through checks in makes other principles such as repaving. the Continuous Delivery pipelines giving easier as well as promoting easier. greater control over rate of change isolation of issues. Business agility is improved as applications,have better visibility into the operations of. their service with tighter feedback loops,that ultimately improves quality. 5G Embraces Cloud, Historically network applications have been defined using tightly coupled.
components which interacted through long lived stateful protocols However. with 5G 3GPP has now embraced the patterns found with Representational. State Transfer or REST through defining its next generation core with a Service. Based Architecture SBA In this architecture control plane capabilities are. exposed as discoverable services with RESTful APIs This will enable a much. faster pace of innovation as new capabilities can be introduced and existing ones. can be easily consumed in new ways without the need for defining new point. to point interfaces or making difficult changes to existing protocols stacks and. state machines,Future of Cloud Agility describes the. ability to move at speed,for Telecom and change direction all. while maintaining balance, We have seen the cloud evolve from a definition of five basic characteristics to. something that is now an entire landscape of technology with an accompanying and control Without. operational philosophy To pin that down today it would have to at least have. the following,agility a business faces, Containers more than virtualization rather a rich ecosystem. disruption or even worse, of services to orchestrate schedule network deploy and commoditization.
maintain the containers, Microservices more than smallish applications They require a. different way of thinking about the service how resources are used. how state is persisted and working in a distributed environment. DevOps A a cultural shift of unprecedented magnitude and. not just a token gesture between two organizations. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery more than having. some cookbook with scripts They are a pipeline that spans all aspects. of creating and running a service embracing automation at every. step and strict governance literally turning the business into code. Delivering SaaS,as Cloud Native, Bringing this all together is not trivial It literally takes a platform in of itself to. enable the delivery of SaaS as cloud native on an agile cloud Oracle Communications. has devised a Cloud Native Environment Platform as a Service PaaS to capture. all of these aspects and more, Oracle Communications has taken a fresh approach to SaaS based services. designing an architecture that enables slice as a service built entirely from. microservices that support the service while still maintaining the external. interfaces per 3GPP standards,To Find Out More,CONNECT WITH US. Call 1 800 ORACLE1 or visit oracle com, Outside North America find your local office at oracle com contact.
linkedin com showcase oracle comms facebook com oraclecommunications. twitter com oraclecomms blogs oracle com oracle communications. Copyright 2019 Oracle and or its affiliates All rights reserved Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and or its affiliates Other names. may be trademarks of their respective owners 19106. A C loud Native Journeoryf eocme Tl muonscati ni How to reap the promised benefits of cost savings rapid deployment and customer empowerment Agility describes the ability to move at speed and change direction all while maintaining balance and control Without agility a business faces disruption or even worse commoditization Nothing has been more of a stimulus for agility than the cloud

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