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980G Series II Wheel Loader, Setting the standard for wheel loader productivity serviceability and styling. Power Train Free Wheel Stator Operator Station, The Caterpillar 3406E EUI ATAAC A free wheel stator torque converter Pressurized quiet and comfortable. engine powers the 980G Series II gives larger output load potential than the 980G Series II cab boasts a host of. ADEM III offers electronic governing the engine provides alone The need for features that enhance operator comfort. automatic air fuel ratio control injection very low speed gears and the number and productivity including standard. timing control and system diagnostics of gears required from a direct drive equipment air conditioning pg 8. pg 4 configuration is reduced pg 6, Versatility and Application Match Product Link Ready. Obtain excellent performance in a Product Link provides two way. variety of applications when using the information flow between machine. appropriate bucket or work tool along systems you and your Caterpillar. with payload and bucket matching dealer The 980G Series II standard. pg 14 configuration allows quick and easy,Product Link installation pg 16. Performance you can feel with the capability,to work in the most demanding applications.
Unmatched operator comfort and efficiency,in a world class cab with revolutionary. electronics and hydraulics for low effort,operation and increased productivity. Caterpillar Monitoring System Structures Buckets and Work Tool Controls. This system continuously monitors Articulated frame design features Choose from a variety of Caterpillar. critical machine systems and provides the a durable box section engine frame Buckets and Work Tools to match your. operator with four warning categories and rigid four plate loader tower job conditions and with Command. depending on the severity of the situation Over 90 percent robotically welded Control steering and fingertip bucket. pg 10 frame joints feature welds with deep controls productivity is increased. plate penetration and excellent fusion pg 12,for maximum durability and fatigue. strength pg 11,Serviceability Complete Customer Support. The 980G Series II offers unmatched Your Caterpillar dealer offers a wide. serviceability with ground level access range of services including worldwide. to all routine daily maintenance points parts availability and literature support. Lockable ground level service doors that help you operate longer with lower. prevent tampering with service areas costs pg 18,New Feature.
Power Train, The 980G Series II is designed for efficiency and delivers aggressive performance and. easy operation, Engine Lubrication Engine lubricating Cooling System Is an electronically. oil is both filtered and cooled and controlled hydraulically driven on. supplied by a gear type pump demand fan system which reduces sound. levels and increases fuel economy,Electronic Unit Injector EUI Is a. high pressure direct injection fuel Fan Speed Is controlled to meet. system that is virtually adjustment the varying cooling requirements. free It electronically monitors operator of the machine. and sensor inputs to optimize engine,Constant Net Horsepower With electronic. performance,control of the continuously variable speed.
ADEM III Electronic Control Module on demand fan temperature levels of. Along with the Caterpillar Monitoring the engine coolant transmission oil. System controls all major engine hydraulic oil and air inlet manifold are. functions and regulates the timing constantly monitored This information. duration and pressure of the injected is used to control and maintain fan speed. fuel ADEM III also offers automatic at the level necessary to maintain normal. altitude compensation a cold mode system temperatures Cooler conditions. start up strategy and oil pressure and result in reduced fuel consumption. coolant warnings which result in precise,Separated System The cooling system. engine speed control superior cold start,is isolated from the engine compartment. capability low smoke and emissions in,and coupled with the variable rate fan. Engine Is a six cylinder turbocharged all operating conditions. less air is required to pass through the, and aftercooled 3406E Electronic Unit Caterpillar Monitoring System CMS system This results in faster machine. Injector EUI which is powerful enough Monitors critical engine system functions warm up in cold weather increased. for the most demanding work and derating the engine protects the fuel efficiency less radiator plugging. Tier 2 compliant engine from damage should any of and lower sound levels. six critical conditions occur,Four stroke engine features direct fuel.
injection for efficient accurate fuel 1 High coolant temperature. metering and excellent fuel economy 2 High air inlet temperature. Oil cooled pistons and full length 3 Low engine oil pressure. water cooled cylinder liners maintain, maximum heat transfer for long 4 High fuel pressure. component life 5 Low fuel pressure, Turbocharging and ATAAC provide 6 Engine over speed. consistent high horsepower while,ATAAC also provides for increased. altitude capability, Axles Are fixed on the front and Brakes Braking can occur using either. oscillating 13 degrees on the rear of the cab floor mounted pedals The. The design meets the demands of Ride left pedal also serves as the neutralizer. Control and autoshift that often result in and activates the IBS This system. higher speed load and carry applications eliminates the need for an air compressor. and dryer reducing the number of,External Axle Oil Cooler Is available as.
Advanced Modular Cooling System components and improving reliability. a factory installed attachment for use in, Utilizes an exclusive two pass cooling high energy applications such as long Rims and Tires Several tire options are. system that provides significantly more distance load and carry in high ambient available with Firestone Goodyear and. cooling capacity than conventional temperature conditions With the Michelin offering tread types for a wide. radiator systems availability of IBS it is estimated that range of conditions and applications. very few applications five percent or,less and conditions will require AOC. Your Caterpillar dealer can perform an,application analysis using Equipment. Investment Analysis software to determine,if an axle oil cooler is required. Powershift Transmission Is heavy duty,planetary driven and electronically.
controlled to provide smooth shifts that,improve operator comfort and machine. performance,Integrated Braking System IBS,Is a Caterpillar exclusive feature that. reduces axle oil temperatures improves,transmission neutralizer smoothness. Free Wheel Stator, Improves power train efficiency and contributes to reduced fuel consumption. eliminating the stator s ability to redirect,and increase the oil s momentum As a.
Impeller Turbine result the stator actually lowers the. efficiency of the system by increasing,drag Free wheel stator allows the stator. to turn in the same direction as the,Output turbine in this condition minimizing. Shaft drag on the converter and increasing,efficiency. How Free Wheel Stator Works The free,wheel assembly is a one way clutch. consisting of cam rollers springs and,carrier The cam is spline connected to.
the stator so that when the stator tries,Stator to move in the opposite direction to the. turbine the rollers are forced into the,narrow end of the tapered grooves. preventing the cam and stator assembly,from rotating around the carrier Since. the carrier is held stationary the stator,cannot turn and the free wheel assembly. Free Wheel Stator Torque Converter Fixed Stator vs Free Wheel Stator is locked As the speed of the turbine. The 980G Series II features a Free The engine output shaft drives the torque approaches 85 percent of the impeller. Wheel Stator Torque Convertor converter s impeller The impeller speed oil passing through the turbine. FWSTC A FWSTC improves accelerates the torque converter fluid strikes that back of the stator blades so. machine power train efficiency in from low to high velocity adding kinetic that the stator starts to turn in the same. certain applications and contributes energy to the fluid This energy is given direction of the turbine The cam then. to the improved fuel efficiency of the up to a turbine causing the fluid to lose rotates so that rollers occupy the wide. 980G II A torque converter provides a speed The force of the oil that hits the end of the tapered grooves The cam. larger broader output load potential than turbine blades causes the turbine to and stator assembly are then free to. the engine can provide alone reducing rotate driving the output shaft input to rotate around the carrier freewheel. the need for very low speed gears and transmission The stator is a stationary thereby reducing drag and increasing. the number of gears required from a reaction member between the turbine efficiency. direct drive configuration and impeller The stator redirects the. flow of oil as it leaves the turbine to,increase the fluid s momentum as it.
returns to the impeller increasing the,unit s torque capacity In conditions. where demand placed on the torque,converter is not extreme output torque. requirements equal to or less than input,torque such as when ground speed is. high and resistance is low machine,slowing from high speed turbine speed. will be high relative to impeller speed,Oil passing through the turbine may.
then strike the back of the stator blades,Benefits of Free Wheel Stator. Example Torque Converter Efficiency comparison,Efficiency. Benefit of Free Wheel,50 Stator Improved efficiency. at high speed ratios,Speed Ratio Turbine speed Impeller speed. No Free Wheel Stator Free Wheel Stator, Free Wheel Stator Benefits The graph 0 85 they perform virtually the same.
represents the efficiency of a fixed Once the speed ratio exceeds 0 85 the. torque converter relative to an equivalent benefit of a free wheel stator is realized. converter with a free wheel stator through reduced drag in the torque. When the turbine impeller speed ratio converter This higher efficiency. of the two converter types is below results in increased fuel efficiency. Operator Station, The 980G Series II cab is quiet and comfortable and enhances operator productivity. Entry and Exit Rear hinged full length Viewing Area Is unmatched through an accurate and full view of the working. doors are provided on both the right and a wide flat front and distortion free area Windshield wiper sweep is increased. left sides Both are equipped with sliding windshield that features bonded glass and wet arm front and back wiper. windows as standard equipment that reduces obstructions and provides washers ensure a clear view is maintained. Ventilation Air Conditioning The Ride Control System Option Is a. pressurized air conditioning system nitrogen oil accumulator in the hydraulic. features improved air flow and circulation lift circuit that acts as a shock absorber. Higher velocity air can be directed to dampen forces from the bucket as. toward the operator utilizing thirteen the bucket and lift arms compress the. louvered vents Heating cooling and nitrogen in the accumulator to improve. defrosting functions are included machine stability and provide a. All heating and air conditioning controls smoother more comfortable ride. are located on the upper control panel It also contributes to increased frame. within easy reach of the operator and machine life by reducing shock. Transmission Controls Are integrated loads into the structures. Seat The new Caterpillar C 500 Series into the steering grip on the Command. Comfort air suspension seat replaces the Control wheel and provide all Ride Control Operation Is easy as the. Cat Contour Series seat and provides transmission controls With Command operator uses a switch in the cab to. increased operator comfort with an Control steering and its 70 degree choose between Ride Control Off Ride. automotive style lumbar support The steering the operator can keep one Control On or Automatic Ride Control. seat adjusts six ways to suit individual hand on the transmission controls in all Payload Control System Is designed. requirements steering positions and can select forward specifically for Caterpillar Wheel. Steering Controls Command Control neutral or reverse with a three position Loaders to provide on the go weighing. steering is a pilot operated load sensing rocker switch The grip rotates on the and tracking of material including the. system that links the steering wheel wheel like a spinner knob to provide type and quantity loaded by individual. and frame angle positions to provide the smooth constant effort steering Thumb trucks It is available as a factory or. proper amount of steering control The operated upshift and downshift buttons dealer installed attachment. speed the machine turns is proportional control manual shifting. Payload Control System Operation, to the steering wheel position Benefits Shifting The operator can choose PCS stores all important data for later. are precise control quick response manual or automatic shift modes for download and retrieval with a personal. and reduced operator efforts in any transmission shifting computer There are twelve different. 980G Series II Wheel Loader 2 980G Series II Wheel Loader Setting the standard for wheel loader productivity serviceability and styling Performance you can feel with the capability to work in the most demanding applications Unmatched operator comfort and efficiency in a world class cab with revolutionary electronics and hydraulics for low effort operation and increased productivity

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