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Read and discuss various writing genres including diary. articles autobiography and biography,Vocabulary, Identifies the correct definition of a word in the context of a. Identifies the synonym of a word or phrase in context of a. sentence phrase or passage, Identifies the antonym of a word in context of a sentence. phrase or passage, Distinguishes among subtle shades of meaning in choosing. an appropriate word or words to fill in blank s in a. Efficiently use a dictionary for specific word meanings. Efficiently use a thesaurus to enhance written assignments. Phonics and Spelling, The structural conventions of the English language are focused. upon Students examine prefixes suffixes inflectional endings. and words that are related by spelling pattern and meaning thus. focusing on comparing words and on discovering structural. patterns and relationships among words, Phonics builds decoding skills which helps students in their.
reading Spelling develops encoding skills which helps students in. their writing,Literature, Students read and respond to historically or culturally significant. works of literature They begin to find ways to clarify ideas and. make connections between literary works Students are. encouraged to learn and practice different strategies for getting. involved with literature Active reading strategies include. predicting questioning and visualizing Students are also expected. to circle highlight underline and take notes This is complimented. with an extensive independent reading program and with materials. from SRA Reading Laboratories This provides our students with a. range of reading levels that enable all students to learn. independently and at their own pace, Fifth graders write clear coherent and focused essays The writing. exhibits the student s awareness of the audience and purpose. Essays contain formal introductions supporting evidence and. purpose Students progress through The Steps in the Writing. Process and demonstrate Traits of Effective Writing. The Steps in the Writing Process,Prewriting,Writing the first draft. Editing and proofreading,Publishing,Traits of Effective Writing. Stimulating ideas,Logical organization,Personal Voice.
Original Word Choice,Smooth Sentences,Correct accurate copy. Grammar Skills,Capitalization of proper nouns,Capitalization of the first word of a sentence. Capitalization in titles and forms of address,The correct use of the comma. The correct use of the apostrophe in contractions and. possessives,Use a colon to separate hours and minutes and to. introduce a list, Proper punctuation for dialogue and letter writing.
Correct end punctuation,Correct pronoun use including pronoun antecedent. Correct verb form and tense including subject verb. Rules of diction, Rules of sentence boundaries including avoiding run ons. and fragments,Forms of Writing, Students write narrative expository persuasive and descriptive. Paragraphs and Essays,Building Paragraphs,Writing Expository Essays. Writing Persuasive Essays,Descriptive Writing,Narrative Writing.
Personal writing,Journal Writing,Writing Personal Narratives. Writing Notes and Letters,Subject Writing,Biographical Writing. Writing News Stories,Writing Book Reviews,How To Writing. Business Writing,Story Play and Poetry Writing,Writing Fantasy Stories from History. Writing Plays,Writing Free Verse Poems,Report Writing.
Writing a Summary,Writing Observation Reports,Writing Classroom Reports. Multimedia Computer Reports,Social Studies,Unit Social Studies Corresponding. Literature,The Formation of the New,England Middle and Southern. settlements,Understanding the differing,reasons the British Dutch and. French colonists came to the,New World political religious.
13 British economic,The Pilgrims and the Mayflower. The Role of the Native,Americans cooperation conflicts. Slavery and African Americans,in the Southern Colonies. Events causing colonial unrest,Proclamation Line of 1763. Stamp Act Boston Massacre,Boston Tea Party,Declaration of Independence.
Tolliver s secret,American Support from France,by Esther Wood. Revolution Rochambeau Lafayette,Battles of Lexington Concord. Saratoga Trenton Yorktown,Key individuals heroes of the. revolution,The immigration wave at the,Immigration. beginning of the 20th century,through Ellis Island.
Number the Stars,Lois Lowry,Sadako and the,Europe The Holocaust. Thousand Paper,Pearl Harbor,World War II By,Eleanor Coerr. Excerpts from the,Diary of Anne,The 44 Presidents and some. their major accomplishments,US Presidents,The Presidential Election. Location of the 50 state their,names and their capitals.
Regions Northeast Southeast,Midwest Southwest West. The Watson s Go,The Civil Rights Movement to Birmingham. Modern Times,The Emancipation Proclamation by,and the abolishment of slavery Christopher Paul. US Government branches of,Principles of a democracy. Development of the Constitution,the Preamble the Bill of Rights.
Students prepare a report and project based on research This. offers students the opportunity to gather information and to use. information from the internet and reference literature They are. encouraged to include illustrations charts maps or other material. within the text to facilitate the meaning of their research A project. in the form of a visual aid is also presented to the class which. reinforces the chosen topic,Current Events, Each week fifth grade students receive a copy of the Time for Kids. magazine World Report Edition This is used to discuss current. events and to complete relevant activities about the weekly news. Mathematics,The following content strands are emphasized. Numeration Reading writing and comparing,negative numbers fractions whole. numbers through billions and decimals,through thousandths. Reading writing and interpreting whole,number powers of 10.
Translating between exponential and,standard notation. Understanding and identifying prime,numbers composite numbers and. square numbers, Operations and Using paper and pencil algorithms to. Computation add subtract multiply and divide multi. digit whole numbers and decimals,Using mental arithmetic to compute. exact answers and to estimate,Rounding from billions to hundredths.
Translating among fractions decimals,and percents,Prime factoring. Converting between fractions and mixed,Adding and subtracting fractions and. mixed numbers with unlike,denominators,Finding least common multiples and. greatest common factors,Multiplying and dividing fractions. Data and Chance Comparing probabilities for different. Comparing theoretical and experimental,probabilities.
Expressing probabilities as fractions,decimals and percents. Drawing justifiable conclusions from,Displaying data in more than one way. Formulating a question carrying out a,survey or experiment recording data and. communicating results,Drawing and interpreting circle graphs. and stem and leaf plots,Understanding measures of central.
tendency mean median mode, Geometry Constructing a circle with a given radius. or diameter,Defining and creating tessellations,Measuring and drawing angles including. reflex and straight angles,Identifying and defining right isosceles. and equilateral triangles,Plotting points in four quadrants. Using translations reflections and,Solving perimeter area and volume.
Understanding the relationship between,the volumes of cones pyramids and. cylinders prisms,Finding the surface area of a cube and. the area of a circle,Identifying angle relationships in triangles. and in quadrilaterals, Measurement and Measuring and estimating length area. Reference Frames volume weight and capacity,Converting and computing with common.
units of measure,Creating scale drawings, Patterns Functions Evaluating simple algebraic expressions. and Algebra Finding rules for patterns,Finding the nth term in a sequence. Solving simple open number sentences,Working with equations by doing the. same thing to both sides,Understanding simple direct proportion. Using variables and equations to,represent situations.
Graphing ordered pairs,Translating among verbal numerical. and graphical representations, Science is an integral part of the FASSV curriculum and is taught. in both programs simultaneously The fifth grade features. Environmental Education Water,The Water Cycle,The main features of a river basin. Non Point Source Pollution,Creek Exploration,Conservation. The Living World, Observation of live animals to illustrate structure function.
and adaptation, Comparison of major arthropod groups using live mammals. and preserved specimens,Insect metamorphosis,Animals and their Adaptations. Insects Spiders and Other Arthropods,The Human Body. The Digestive system,Respiration and Circulation,The heart and lungs. Basic First Aid,Human Reproduction,The Solar System.
The sun the moon and moon phases seasons day and,Planet Mars. Mission preparation, Simulated space mission at Chabot Space and Science. What is Air,Air Pressure and Barometers,Depressions and anticyclones. Air Pollution and conservation,Wind and Nuclear Energy. 5th Grade Curriculum Reading and Oral Comprehension an appropriate word or words to fill in blank s in a sentence Efficiently use a dictionary for specific word meanings Efficiently use a thesaurus to enhance written assignments Phonics and Spelling The structural conventions of the English language are focused upon Students examine prefixes suffixes inflectional endings and words

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