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SPECIFICATIONS, ELECTRICAL RATINGS 77 F 25 C TIMING SPECIFICATIONS. Input Voltage 25 VAC 50 60 Hz All times are in seconds unless noted otherwise. Max Input Current 25 VAC 0 45 amp,Relay Load Ratings 50A55 3797. Valve Relay 1 5 amp 25 VAC 50 60 Hz 0 6 pf Pre Purge 0. Ignitor Relay 6 0 amp 120 VAC 50 60 Hz Initial Ignitor Warm up 17. 1st 64 attempts,Inducer Relay 2 2 FLA 3 5 LRA 120 VAC. Circulator Relay 14 5 FLA 25 0 LRA 120 VAC Minimum Ignitor Warm up 11. Flame Current Requirements Maximum Ignitor Warm up 21. Minimum current to insure flame detection 1 a DC Ignition Activation Period 1. Maximum current for non detection 0 1 a DC Trial for Ignition Period 4. Maximum allowable leakage resistance 100 M ohms,Retries 2 times. Measured with a DC microammeter in the flame probe lead Interpurge 60. OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE Post Purge 5,40 to 175 F 40 to 80 C.
Heat Delay To Fan On 45,HUMIDITY RANGE, 5 to 93 relative humidity non condensing Heat Delay To Fan Off 60 100 140 180. MOUNTING Cool Delay To Fan On 2, Surface mount multipoise Cool Delay To Fan Off 0 80. Timing Specs 60 Hz Auto Reset 60 minutes,maximum Humidifier Yes. Flame Establishing Time 0 8 sec,Electronic Air Cleaner Yes. Flame Failure Response Time 2 0 sec, At 50 Hz all timing specifications should be increased These times will vary depending on option switch.
by 20 position See OPERATION section for further, Gases Approved Natural Manufactured Mixed information. Liquified Petroleum and LP Gas Air Mixtures are all. approved for use,INSTALLATION,MOUNTING AND WIRING, All wiring should be installed according to local and national. electrical codes and ordinances Do not short out terminals on gas valve or primary. The control must be secured to an area that will experience control Short or incorrect wiring may damage. a minimum of vibration and remain below the maximum the thermostat. ambient temperature rating of 175 F The control is. approved for minimum ambient temperatures of 40 F,Any orientation is acceptable WARNING. Refer to the wiring diagram and wiring table when FIRE HAZARD. connecting the 50A55 control to other components of Do not exceed the specified voltage. the system Replace existing control with exact model and. UL approved 105 C rated 18 gauge stranded 2 64 thick dash number. insulation wire is recommended for all low voltage safety Protect the control from direct contact with water. circuit connections Refer to 50A55 specification sheet for dripping spraying rain etc. recommended terminals to mate with those on the control If the control has been in direct contact with water. UL approved 105 C rated 16 gauge min stranded 4 64 replace the control. thick insulation wire is recommended for all line voltage Label all wires before disconnection when servicing. connections Refer to 50A55 specification sheet for controls Wiring errors can cause improper and. recommended terminals to mate with those on the control dangerous operation. After installation or replacement follow appliance Route and secure wiring away from flame. manufacturer s recommended installation or service SHOCK HAZARD. instructions to ensure proper operation Disconnect electric power before servicing. The 50A55 has only one serviceable part an automotive Ensure proper earth grounding of appliance. type fuse which protects the low voltage transformer from Ensure proper connection of line neutral and line. damage if its output is short circuited If the fuse has opened hot wires. up remove whatever caused the short circuit and replace EXPLOSION HAZARD. the fuse with only a 5 Amp automotive type fuse If the fuse Shut off main gas to appliance until installation. is not the cause of the control s problem replace the entire is complete. 50A55 control There are no other user serviceable parts. TYPICAL SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAM,HOT NEUTRAL,24 VAC CLASS II. TRANSFORMER,TH 24 VAC TR,50A55 3797,CIRCULATOR,XFMR BLOWER.
N C Normally closed switch,TH TR COM MV,N O Normally open switch. 4 Pin Connector 12 Pin Connector,TYPICAL SYSTEM WIRING TABLE. 50A55 3797 TERMINAL SYSTEM COMPONENT,TERMINAL TYPE CONNECTION. W low voltage thermostat W terminal or equivalent, G Terminal low voltage thermostat G terminal or equivalent. R block with low voltage thermostat R terminal or equivalent. Y captive low voltage thermostat Y terminal or equivalent. screws 2nd wire from Y terminal goes to 24 VAC HOT side. of compressor contactor coil,C 24 VAC COMMON side of compressor contactor coil.
HLO Pin 1 high limit OUTPUT,FP Pin 2 flame sensor probe. TH Pin 3 24 VAC transformer low voltage HIGH side,Pin 4 not used. Pin 5 not used,HLO HLI PS, TR Pin 6 24 VAC transformer low voltage COMMON side. HLI Pin 7 FS GND high limit INPUT,GND Pin 8 TH TR MV. MUST BE RELIABLY GROUNDED TO CHASSIS,MV COM Pin 9 gas valve COMMON.
PS Pin 10 pressure switch INPUT,Pin 11 not used,MV Pin 12 gas valve. IND Pin 1 inducer HOT side,IGN Pin 2 IND IGN,ignitor HOT side. IND IGN N N,IND N Pin 3 inducer NEUTRAL side,IGN N Pin 4 ignitor NEUTRAL side. COOL spade terminal circulator blower COOL SPEED terminal. LO HEAT spade terminal circulator blower LO HEAT SPEED terminal. HI HEAT spade terminal circulator blower HI HEAT SPEED terminal. PARK 2 terminals spade terminal unused terminals, LINE spade terminal input voltage 120 VAC HOT side. XFMR spade terminal 24 VAC transformer line voltage HOT side. EAC optional spade terminal electronic air cleaner HOT side. HUM optional spade terminal humidifier HOT side, CIR N spade terminal circulator blower NEUTRAL terminal.
LINE N spade terminal input voltage 120 VAC NEUTRAL side. XFMR N spade terminal 24 VAC transformer line voltage NEUTRAL side. EAC N optional spade terminal electronic air cleaner NEUTRAL side. HUM N optional spade terminal humidifier NEUTRAL side. OPTION SWITCHES to fan off period begins and the inducer blower remains. energized to purge the system for 5 seconds When the. The option switches on the 50A55 3797 control are used. purge is complete the inducer blower and humidifier are. to determine the length of the heat delay to fan off periods. de energized After the delay to fan off period ends the. and cool delay to fan off period The following tables. circulator fan and electronic air cleaner are de energized. shows the time periods that will result from the various. switch positions If flame is not detected both valves are de energized. the ignitor is turned off and the 50A55 control goes into. COOL OFF DELAY HEAT OFF DELAY the retry sequence The retry sequence provides a. 60 second wait following an unsuccessful ignition attempt. SW1 SECS SW2 SW3 SECS, flame not detected After this wait the ignition sequence. ON 0 ON OFF 60 is restarted with an additional 1 second of ignitor warm. OFF 80 ON ON 100 up time,OFF ON 140, If flame is established for more than 10 seconds after. Factory Setting OFF OFF 180, ignition the 50A55 controller will clear the ignition attempt. or retry counter If flame is lost after 10 seconds it will. restart the ignition sequence, During burner operation a momentary loss of power of. In a typical system a call for heat is initiated by closing the 50 milliseconds or longer will de energize the main gas. thermostat contacts This starts the 50A55 control s heating valve When power is restored the gas valve will remain. sequence The inducer blower and optional humidifier are de energized and a restart of the ignition sequence will. energized and the ignitor is powered begin immediately. This controller has an adaptive algorithm that adjusts A momentary loss of gas supply flame blowout or a. the duration of the ignitor warm up to extend ignitor life shorted or open condition in the flame probe circuit will be. Upon initial application of power the warm up time is 17 sensed within 2 0 seconds The gas valve will de energize. seconds The ignitor on time will then be increased or and the control will restart the ignition sequence Recycles. decreased depending on whether or not flame is achieved will begin and the burner will operate normally if the gas. The warm up time is limited to a maximum of 21 seconds supply returns or the fault condition is corrected. During the first 64 warm up periods following power up If the control has gone into system lockout it may be. the warm up time may not be less than 11 seconds possible to reset the control by a momentary power. Upon a call for heat if the warm up time has not been interruption of one second or longer Refer to SYSTEM. locked it will be decreased by one second This reduction LOCKOUT FEATURES. of the ignitor on time will continue until flame fails to be. achieved resulting in a retry, In the event of a retry the warm up time will be increased.
by one second and locked in at that duration Once the In a typical system a call for cool is initiated by closing. warm up time is locked it remains fixed until another call the thermostat contacts This energizes the 50A55. for heat results in a retry in which case the warm up time control and the compressor The cool delay to fan on. is again increased by one second and remains locked period begins After the delay period ends the optional. electronic air cleaner is energized and the circulator. In the event of two successive retry attempts the warm up fan is energized at cool speed After the thermostat is. time will be unlocked and set to 21 seconds If flame is then satisfied the compressor is de energized and the cool. achieved the warm up time will begin adapting again with mode delay to fan off period begins After the delay to. the next call for heat If however this third attempt fails fan off period ends the circulator fan and electronic air. to achieve flame the control will go into system lockout cleaner optional are de energized. At the end of the ignitor warm up time both valves in the. gas valve are opened Flame must be detected within 4. seconds MANUAL FAN ON MODE, If flame is detected the delay to fan on period begins After If the thermostat fan switch is moved to the ON position. the delay to fan on period ends the optional electronic air the circulator fan heat speed and optional electronic air. cleaner is energized and the circulator fan is energized at cleaner are energized When the fan switch is returned. heat speed When the thermostat is satisfied the gas valve to the AUTO position the circulator fan and electronic air. is de energized After proof of flame loss the heat delay cleaner optional are de energized. SYSTEM LOCKOUT AND 2 Interrupt the 24 VAC power at the control for at least. one second You may also need to reset the flame,DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES rollout sensor switch. 3 After one hour in lockout the control will automatically. SYSTEM LOCKOUT FEATURES reset itself, When system lockout occurs the gas valve is de energized. the circulator blower is energized at heat speed and if DIAGNOSTIC FEATURES. flame is sensed the inducer blower is energized The. diagnostic indicator light will flash or glow continuously The 50A55 3797 control continuously monitors its own. to indicate system status System lockout will never operation and the operation of the system If a failure. override the precautionary features occurs the LED will indicate a failure code as shown in. Troubleshooting section If the failure is internal to the. To reset the control after system lockout do one of control the light will stay off In this case the entire. the following control should be replaced as the control is not. 1 Interrupt the call for heat or cool at the thermostat for field repairable. at least one second but less than 20 seconds if flame If the sensed failure is in the system external to the. is sensed with the gas valve de energized interrupting control the LED will flash in the following flash pause. the call for heat at the thermostat will not reset the sequences to indicate failure status each flash will last. control approximately 0 25 seconds and each pause will last. approximately 2 seconds,DEFINITION OF TERMS, Auto Restart After one 1 hour of internal or external Inter purge The period of time intended to allow for the. lockout the control will automatically reset itself and go dissipation of any unburned gas or residual products of. into an auto restart purge for 60 seconds combustion between the failed trial for ignition and the. Cool Delay To Fan Off The period of time between the retry period. loss of a call for cool and the deactivation of the blower Post purge Time The period of time intended to allow for. motor at Cool speed the dissipation of any unburned gas or residual products. Cool Delay To Fan On The period of time after a thermostat of combustion at the end of a furnace burner operating. demand for cool before energizing the circulator blower cycle Post purge begins at the loss of flame sense. motor at Cool speed Pre purge Time The period of time intended to allow for the. Flame Failure Response Time FFRT The period of time dissipation of any unburned gas or residual products of. between loss of the supervised main burner flame and combustion at the beginning of a furnace operating cycle. 50A55 3797 50A55 3797 Integrated Furnace Control FAILURE TO READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING OR OPERATING THIS CONTROL COULD CAUSE PERSONAL INJURY AND OR PROPERTY DAMAGE DESCRIPTION INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS The 50A55 3797 is an automatic gas interrupted ignition control that employs a microprocessor to continually monitor analyze and control the proper operation

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