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ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE 93,ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS AND PERFORMANCE CURVE. Engine 4A FE,4A FE 4A FE,Item for new Celica for 89 model AE95 series. No of Cyls Arrangement 4 cylinder In line,4 Valves DOHC. Valve Mechanism,Belt Gear Drive,Combustion Chamber Pentroof Type. Manifolds Cross flow,Displacement cu in cc 96 8 1587.
Bore x Stroke in mm 3 19 x 3 03 81 x 77,Compression Ratio 9 5 1. 103 HP 6000 rpm,Max Output SAE NET 100 HP 5600 rpm. 102 HP 5800 rpm,102 HP 3200 rpm,Max Torque SAE NET 101 ft lbs 4400 rpm. 101 ft lbs 4800 rpm,Fuel Octane Number RON 91,Oil Grade API SG API SF or SG. Applicable only to California specification vehicles. 94 ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE,1 Crankshaft Pulley, The crankshaft pulley has a torsional damper that reduces torsional vibration of the crankshaft In addition it has a.
longitudinal damper to reduce longitudinal vibration of the crankshaft These dampers jointly minimize vibration and. 2 Intake Manifold, The intake manifold is integrated with the intake air chamber to reduce the overall weight The intake pipe length. and the port diameter were optimized to further increase torque in low to medium speed ranges. ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE 95,3 Throttle Body, The construction of the throttle body has been changed from the type with incorporated air valve in the 89 model. AE95 series to the type with separate air valve The basic operation is unchanged. ENGINE MOUNTING,1 Cylindrical Liquid filled Compound Mount. A newly developed cylindrical liquid filled compound mount is used in both the left and right mounts See page 75. under 5S FE engine for detail,96 ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE. ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM, The engine control system of the 4A FE engine for the new Celica is basically the same functionally as the 4A FE.
engine carried in the Corolla All Trac 4WD station wagons 89 model AE95 series but it incorporates some. modifications The following table compares the engine control systems between the new Celica and the 89 model. AE95 series,Engine New 4A,FE Previous 4A,System for new Celica for 89 model AE95 series. A D type EFI system is used which,EFI indirectly detects intake air volume by the. Electronic Fuel manifold pressure sensor signal,Injection The fuel injection system is. simultaneously an all injection system,ESA Ignition timing is determined by the ECU. Electronic Spark Electronic Control Unit based on signals. Advance from various sensors,ACV regulates air volume by passing.
Idle Speed,throttle valve and controls idling speed. The EGR is cut off under light engine loads,EGR Cut Off. or low temperature conditions to maintain N A,drivability. Fuel Pump Fuel pump operation is controlled by,Control signals from ECU. By controlling the air conditioner, Air Conditioner compressor in accordance with the throttle.
Cut Off Control valve opening angle and the vehicle speed. drivability is maintained,Prohibits OD gear shift depending on. OD Gear Shift,engine condition to main good drivability N A. Lockout Control,and acceleration performance,When a malfunction occurs the ECU. diagnoses and memorizes the failed,Diagnosis section. 14 diagnostic items are monitored by the,When a malfunction occurs the ECU stops.
Fail Safe or controls the engine according to the data. already stored in memory,Applicable only to automatic transaxle models. ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE 97,2 Construction, The engine control system can be divided into three groups the sensors ECU and actuators. 1 Applicable only to California specification vehicles. 2 Applicable only to automatic transaxle models,98 ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE. 3 Engine Control System Diagram,ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE 99. 4 Arrangement of Engine Control System Components,100 ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE.
5 EGR Cut Off Control, This system actuates the VSV to replace intake manifold vacuum acting on the EGR vacuum modulator with. atmospheric air and thus cuts the EGR from the system. To maintain vehicle drivability and durability of the. EGR components the ECU actuates off the VSV,and cuts the EGR when the coolant temperature is. below 127 F 53 C and the engine load is above,a predetermined level. 6 Air Conditioner Cut Off Control, The ECU sends a signal to the air conditioner amplifier to disengage the air conditioner compressor magnet clutch. and cuts off the air conditioning operation according to the engine speed intake manifold pressure vehicle speed and. throttle valve opening angle,The air conditioner is turned off during quick.
acceleration from a low engine speed depending on RELEVANT SIGNALS. the vehicle speed throttle valve position and the, intake manifold pressure This helps maintain good Throttle position IDL PSW. acceleration performance,Vehicle speed SPD,The air conditioner is also turned off when the. engine is idling at a speed below 500 rpm This Intake manifold pressure PIM. prevents the engine from stalling,Engine speed Ne,Neutral start switch NSW. Applicable only to automatic transaxle models,ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE 101. 7 OD Gear Shift Lockout Control for A240L Automatic Transaxle Models. The ECU turns the OD solenoid valve of the automatic transaxle on depending on the coolant temperature and the. acceleration condition of the vehicle This prohibits shifting to the OD gear to maintain good drivability and. acceleration performance, This control is used when the coolant temperature RELEVANT SIGNALS.
is below 122 F 50 C to maintain good drivability, The same control used to be done by the water Coolant temperature THW. temperature switch in the previous engine but is,now done by the engine ECU in the new 4A FE. Vehicle speed SPD, engine Shifting to the OD gear is also prohibited Engine speed Ne. during quick acceleration in low to medium speed, ranges to maintain good acceleration performance Throttle position PSW. Intake manifold pressure PIM,102 ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE.
8 Diagnosis, The diagnostic system in the 4A FE engine for the new Celica monitors fourteen conditions in the chart below The. purpose of this system is the same as the 4A FE engine for 89 model AE95 series but diagnostic items have been. changed to match the 4A FE engine for the new Celica. Diagnostic Items,Code CHECK,Item Diagnosis Trouble Area ENGINE. Distributor circuit, 12 RPM Signal No Ne signal to ECU within 2 Distributor. seconds after the engine is cranked Starter signal circuit. Distributor circuit,No Ne signal to ECU when the,13 RPM Signal. engine speed is above 1000 rpm Distributor ON,Igniter circuit.
No IGf signal to ECU 4 times in,14 Ignition Signal. succession Igniter ON,During air fuel ratio feedback. correction voltage output from the, 21 Oxygen Sensor oxygen sensor does not exceed a set Oxygen sensor circuit ON. Signal value on the lean side and the rich Oxygen sensor. side continuously for a certain,Water temp sensor circuit. Water Temp Open or short circuit in water temp, Sensor Signal sensor signal THW Water temp sensor ON.
Intake Air Intake air temp sensor circuit,Open or short circuit in intake air. 24 Temp Sensor,temp sensor signal THA Intake air temp sensor ON. Signal ECU,Injector circuit,1 When air fuel ratio feedback Fuel line pressure. Air fuel Ratio, Lean correction value or adaptive control Oxygen sensor circuit. Malfunction value continues at the upper lean Oxygen sensor. or lower rich limit for a certain Manifold pressure sensor. period of time or adaptive control Water temp sensor. value iss not renewed for a certa,period of time Injector circuit.
2 When marked variation is, detected in engine revolutions for Fuel line pressure. each cylinder during idle switch on Oxygen sensor circuit. Air fuel Ratio,Rich and feedback condition Oxygen sensor. Malfunction Cold start injector circuit, 3 Open or short circuit in oxygen Cold start injector. sensor signal Ox Manifold pressure sensor,Water temp sensor. Applicable only to California specification vehicles. ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE 103,Code CHECK,Item Diagnosis Trouble Area ENGINE.
Manifold pressure sensor, Manifold Open or short circuit in manifold circuit. Pressure Sensor pressure sensor signal PIM Manifold pressure sensor. Signal ECU, Throttle The IDL and PSW signals are Throttle position sensor circuit. 41 Position Sensor output simultaneously for several Throttle position sensor ON. Signal seconds ECU,Vehicle speed sensor circuit,Vehicle Speed Open or short circuit in vehicle. Sensor Signal speed sensor signal Vehicle speed sensor OFF. Starter signal circuit,No STA signal to ECU until, 43 Starter Signal engine speed reaches 800 rpm with Ignition switch main relay OFF. vehicle not moving circuit,EGR gas temp below a EGR system components.
predetermined level during EGR EGR gas temp sensor circuit. 71 EGR System operation ON,Malfunction,Open circuit in EGR gas temp. EGR gas temp sensor,sensor signal THG ECU,A C amplifier. A C switch circuit, No IDL signal or No NSW Neutral start switch circuit. Condition signal or A C signal to ECU with Neutral start switch. Signal the check terminals T and E1 Accelerator pedal and cable. connected Throttle position sensor circuit,Throttle position sensor. Applicable only to California specification vehicles. NOTE If two or more malfunctions are present at the same time the lowest numbered diagnostic code will be. displayed first, All detected diagnostic codes except 51 will be retained in memory by the ECU from the time of detection.
until cancelled out, Once the malfunction is corrected the CHECK ENGINE warning lamp will go out but the diagnostic. code s will remain stored in the ECU memory except for code 51. After the malfunction is corrected the diagnostic code is cleared by removing the EFI fuse for more than. 10 seconds with the ignition switch off,104 ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE. EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM,1 System Purpose,System Abbreviation Purpose. Positive crankcase ventilation PCV Reduces blow by gas HC. Evaporative emission control EVAP Reduces evaporative HC. Exhaust gas recirculation EGR Reduces NOx,Three way catalyst TWC Reduces HC CO and NOx. Electronic fuel injection EFI Regulates all engine conditions for reduction. of exhaust emission,2 Component Layout and Schematic Drawing.
Applicable only to California specification vehicles. 96 ENGINE 4A FE ENGINE ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM 1 General The engine control system of the 4A FE engine for the new Celica is basically the same functionally as the 4A FE engine carried in the Corolla All Trac 4WD station wagons 89 model AE95 series but it incorporates some modifications The following table compares the engine control systems between the new Celica and the 89

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