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f r omt he pr incipal s desk,Dear Parents,Greetings from Niraj International School. After the Dussehra Break our students were involved in a multitude of activities ranging from. sports to art literary and in particular their practice for the Annual Day programmes The. primary and secondary school students staged Jungle Book and Sound of Music on the. respective Annual Days 2nd 3rd December 2016 The musical drama with an array of dances was. a real treat for the eyes and ears of the audience. Our students took part in the IB PYP Hyderabad Network Cricket Fest and made a mark by. winning their 1st round match Besides the Inter house spelling bee and quiz competitions which. were held during this 2nd term we were also witness to some good debating skills of our students. during the Inter house debate competition Dr Riyaz Syed a research scientist was invited to. school to give a talk on Creative Memory Skills on 16th December 2016 The students of grade 7. to 10 who attended the session were enthralled by the demonstration of his exceptional recall. memory He also shared some of the memory techniques with our students. In this issue of Reflections we have also included a number of inputs received from the students. of both IB PYP and the secondary school, The month of December is considered a great season of goodwill and happiness A special. assembly on Christmas Celebrations was held in an elaborate manner that gave the school an. air of festivity, A good number of students went on an adventure camp to Lonavala on 25th December and. returned December 30 2016 with wonderful memories that they will cherish forever. Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year 2017. D Ravikumar,Pr in cipal NIS,chil dr en s day, Niraj International School celebrated Children s day with great fun and enthusiasm It was a very. special assembly indeed for our students on this occasion Teachers organized and participated. in different cultural programs and events such as dances songs humorous skits Overall there. was song dance with lot of laughter and fun moments The children were delighted to see. their teachers performing on stage,Dance Performance by Teachers.
Students Enjoying the Celebrations,Musical Performance by the Music Teacher. Annual Day 2016, The Annual Day was celebrated for the junior days The students of Pre Primary performed. and senior schools respectively on December 2 on a foot tapping number which was a prelude. 3 2016 Students of NIS put up to the Play Jungle Book The tiny tots stole. commendable performances with zeal and the hearts of the audience with their. precision These significant events were graced performance filled with energy and. by Dr Mrs Jyothi Reddy Chairperson of Niraj enthusiasm This was followed by the play. Education Society who is a great source of Jungle Book performed by the students of. inspiration and motivation to all associated Grade I to V Needless to say that the audience. with the three schools under its auspices Mr was awestruck to see the impeccable. Jivitesh Reddy Principal Niraj Public School and performance by the children with utmost. Principals of Sunflower Vedic School and precision and confidence The following day. Sunflower School were amongst the other was equally exciting and a feast for theatre. dignitaries who graced the events lovers as the students of senior school. In his annual report Mr D Ravi Kumar performed a play on The Sound of Music. Principal Niraj International School threw light Their seasoned acting skills left the audience. on the achievements of the students and major transfixed throughout the play. happenings at school in the year 2016 17 Finally this amazing event ended with huge. Children who excelled in academics and round of applauses from the audience for the. co curricular activities were awarded with hard work of the teachers and students of NIS. medals and certificates by the Chairperson Dr The continuous support received from the. Jyothi Reddy The welcome dances performed parents and grandparents made the event a. by the primary and senior students enthralled grand success. the audience and set the mood on both the, Inauguration of Art Exhibition at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan by Mrs Usha Mangipudi Academic Coordinator. Dr Jyothi Reddy Chairperson Niraj Educational Society. annual day 2016, Prayer Dance by IBPYP Students Prelude to Jungle Book by Pre Primary Students. Scene from Jungle Book by IBPYP Students Scene from Jungle Book by IBPYP Students. Instrumental Performance by a Grade 9 Student Dance from Sound of Music by Senior Students. Scene from Sound of Music by Senior Students Hip Hop Dance by Grade 10 Students. Chr ist mas Cel ebr at ions,Christmas is the festival of joy It is the season.
of rejoicing the birth of Lord Jesus Christ We at,Niraj International School celebrated Christmas. on 22nd December where our students,presented the Nativity Scene depicting the birth. of Christ in the form of a dance drama,Through fun and celebration the very. important message of peace hope love and,joy was shared to all. Scenes From Christmas Festivities,Demo on Cr eat iv eMemor y Smar t St udy Skil l s.
A one hour demo was held by Dr Riyaz Syed,working as Cancer Therapeutics Researcher at. Hyderabad Apart from research profession he,has been conducting soft skills as well memory. skills training sessions for the students and,teaching staff at various educational. institutions,Dr Riyaz Syed proposed to conduct a, workshop on Creative Memory Smart Study Essentials of Creative Memory Outlined by Dr Syed. Skills and offered to conduct a one hour,demonstration Students of Grades 7 10 and.
several teachers attended the demo in the,forenoon of December 16 2016 The Principal. introduced the speaker The students and also,the teachers were enthralled during the demo. Students in Rapt Attention at the Demo,Int er house compet it ions. An Inter House debate competition was held on Nov 5 2016 for Grades 8 10 The topic of the. debate was Can culture exchange bridge the gap between India and Pakistan. The Four Houses Amazon Ganga Mississippi and Nile were represented by three participants. each The students were well prepared for the debate and charmed the audience with their. performance The judges were also highly pleased with their logical presentations Nile was. declared the winner and Mississippi was the runner up. Niraj International School conducted Inter House GK Quiz Competition separately for Grades 2. 3 4 5 and Grades 6 10 for the current academic year 2016 2017 An array of questions covering. literature language science mathematics general knowledge were posed to the participants. Students of the four houses Amazon Ganga Mississippi and Nile displayed their intellectual skills. and posed a stiff competition for their competitors. Winner Runner Up,Grades 2 3 Ganga House Nile House. Grades 4 5 Nile House Ganga House,Grades 6 10 Ganga House Amazon House.
St udent s Cor ner,Nitya Agarwal Grade 5,Karshin Irith Grade 4A. Ram Agrawal Grade 5,Anwesha Thakur Grade 2B,sTUDENTS cORNER. Am an cio Or t ega Fr om Zer o t o Zar a driving Zara towards success Ortega loves. Here is a man who has beaten odds to reach horseback riding He has his own equestrian. the zenith of success You may not even have center in Finisterre which is located in Galicia. heard of him but then you are not alone Spain The story of Ortega s rise to fortune is. Amancio Ortega is the world s third richest truly inspirational for entrepreneurs Amancio. person and is extremely publicity shy He left Ortega has shown hard work and a little. school at 13 to work in a clothing shop business acumen is a sure shot way to. success Mr Ortega s net worth was said to,He is a self made man who ventured into the. have increased to 78 billion overtaking Mr,world of fashion in 1975 with the launch of. Gates estimated net worth of 77 4 billion,fashion label Zara Today Zara has 6 200.
Ansh Jain Grade 10,stores spread in 70 different countries. Ortega wears a blue blazer gray pants and,white shirt to work every day none of which. ironically are Zara products He does not,believe in wearing a tie He even eats his. meals at work in the company cafeteria along,with his employees He also is a man of habit. as it is said he visits the same coffee shop Amancio Ortega. every single day When he is not working and,Kavish Reddy Grade 2B Vidhi Dasani Grade 4A.
St udent s Cor ner, M y Lit t le Sist er M a Ch er ie Listen to her stupid chatter. I have a sister who is just four A face like a red tomato But never will I bid her adieu. But loves to explore Her eyes are simply cool Even if she grows fatter. She is half my age Her hair is just perfect do But ain t anybody taking her. But always in rage Her smile will make you Cos she ll always be ma. drool Cherie,She is naughty and,She scolds like a mom But do beware of her Cos. Sometimes funny she s a tad more scary,She loves tearing my books Cares like a dad. Isshita Grade X,I love pulling her cheeks She irks like a bro. I love to hug her And never makes me sad, Coz she is my teddy bear I owe her a million slaps.
She troubles me For the crazy girl she is,Yet I care for her And every time she snaps. She is adorable and I just She slips into an abyss. love being her big sister I don t have an option but to. Yahvi Grade 3B,Tr y an d Tr y Till You Su cceed,M y M ot h er Everyday I tried my best. My mother is beautiful but I found it a big quest, Wow I love her sooo much I also had my parents as my. She is very helpful,I tried and tried,Always ready to help as much. When I didn t succeed I felt like,She cooks food delicious.
Yummy I love it sooo much,But I kept on trying and trying. She is very precious,Every step I took to my success. We all love her very very much,I learned many lessons. Kirti Reddy Grade 4A,I never stopped trying and trying. Because I know one day I will be,flying high in the sky.
Arpan Bansal Grade 4B,sTUDENTS cORNER, The Pyramids of Egypt on a plateau on the west bank of the Nile. River on the outskirs of modern day Cairo,The great Pyramid of Giza was built for King. Khufu There are three small pyramids which,are lined up next to the great Pyramid for. The Egyptian civilization one of the oldest King Khufu s queens. civilizations is a civilization of mysteries Pyramids continued to be built throughout. culture agriculture religion art and the fifth and sixth dynasties but the quality. architecture Everything flourished during the and scale of construction declined along with. Egyptian Civilization The Egyptian architects the wealth and the power of the pharaohs. have created wonders and these wonders The last of the great pyramid was of Pepy II. are known as Pyramids which are today These pyramids were target of tomb robbers. looked upon by people with astonishment Generations of kings built their tombs in the. The ancient pyramids are most famous of all Valley of the Kings to avoid robbery Despite. the monuments of the ancient world But hiding entrances of the pyramids the thieves. why did the Egyptians build these pyramids managed to takeaway the treasures. The Egyptians believed in after life and so The tomb of Tutankhamen was attacked. they built these tombs for their pharaohs twice and the entrance was resealed hence. When a pharaoh or a queen or any the tomb remained hidden for over 3000. distinguished person died they were years British archaeologist Howard Carter. mummified and were placed in pyramids discovered this tomb in 1922 The mummy of. along with food wealth furniture etc The Tutankhamen still remains in this tomb also. entrances of these pyramids were sealed called the chamber KV62 He is the only. Building pyramids was a tough job Highly pharaoh to be left in the Valley of the Kings. skilled architects and engineers were hired to Egypt being a land of mysteries has many. build them A lot of labourers were also more mysteries to be solved Scienctists are. hired The pyramids were built with massive still making important discoveries The. limestone blocks each limestone block pyramids are a gift from the Egyptian. weighed about seven tones Civilization to the world Today they stand in. One of the first pyramids built was of King the memory of the great pharaohs and the. Djoser al Saqqara No pyramids are more beautiful civilization The pyramids have. celebrated than the Pyramids of Giza located been and will always remain a wonder. Sreeya Iyer Grade 9,newsmaker s,anur ag peddi,Anurag a Grade 6 student has been. consistently winning awards,accolades in Maths Science Cyber.
and English Olympiads,div isha agar wal,Divisha of Grade 1 won 1st Prize. and also Gold Medal for Clay,Sculpting in two Inter school. Competitions in August 2016,adit ya pur ama,samay par pat akam. Aditya of Grade 8 Samay from,Grade 7 were recipients of Medals. and Merit Certificates for securing,position amongst first 50 out of 450.
participants in 10 Km Marathon,race organized by Decathalon in. October 2016 Aditya repeated the,feat in their similar run held on. December 31 2016,NIRAJ INTERNATIONALSCHOOL, 132 133 Kan dl ak oya 5 k m s f r om Dh ol a r i Dh an i Hyder abad. Tel an gan a 501403,91 9652 449 666 91 8008 11 6644 91 9618 55 3366. Amancio Ortega From Zero to Zara Here is a man who has beaten odds to reach the zenith of success You may not even have heard of him but then you are not alone Amancio Ortega is the world s third richest person and is extremely publicity shy He left school at 13 to work in a clothing shop He is a self made man who ventured into the world of fashion in 1975 with the launch of fashion

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