2200 lb Winch ATV UTV Winch Kit

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Have questions or need assistance,Do not return this product to the store. WE ARE HERE TO HELP,Visit our website,www championpowerequipment com. for more info,Product Info Updates Tech Bulletins,Frequently Asked Questions Product Registration. Call our Customer Care Team Toll Free at,1 877 338 0999. Parts Ordering,Mon Fri 8 30 AM 5 00 PM PST PDT,Toll Free 1 877 338 0999.
WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm www P65Warnings ca gov. We are always working to improve our products Therefore the enclosed product may differ slightly from the image on the cover. 2200 lb Winch,ATV UTV Winch Kit,TABLE OF CONTENTS,Introduction. 1 Maintenance 11,Introduction,1 Lubrication 11,Manual Conventions. 2 Cable Assembly Replacement 11,Safety Rules,3 Specifications 12. Controls and Features,5 Performance Specifications 12. 5 Parts Diagram 13,6 Parts List 14,Assembling the Winch.
6 Troubleshooting 15,Mounting the Remote Control 6. Winch Wiring 7,Wiring Diagram 8,Operation 9,General Tips for Safe Operation 9. Self Recovery 9,Winching Techniques A Z 10,ENGLISH 100127. INTRODUCTION,Introduction, Congratulations on your purchase of a Champion Power Equipment product Champion Power. Equipment and Champion Engine Technology designs builds and supports all of our products to strict. specifications and guidelines With proper product knowledge safe use and regular maintenance this. product should bring years of satisfying service, Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information in this.
manual and we reserve the right to change alter and or improve the product and this document at any. time without prior notice, Since CPE CET highly value how our products are designed manufactured operated and are serviced. and also highly value your safety and the safety of others we would like you to take the time to review. this product manual and other product materials thoroughly and be fully aware and knowledgeable. of the assembly operation dangers and maintenance of the product before use Fully familiarize. yourself and make sure others who plan on operating the product fully familiarize themselves too with. the proper safety and operation procedures before each use Please always exercise common sense. and always error on the side of caution when operating the product to ensure no accidents property. damage or injury occurs We want you to continue to use and be satisfied with your CPE CET product. for years to come, Record the model and serial numbers as well as date and place of purchase for future reference Have. this information available when ordering parts and when making technical or warranty inquiries. Champion Power Equipment Support,1 877 338 0999,Model Number. Serial Number,Date of Purchase,Purchase Location,100127 ENGLISH. MANUAL CONVENTIONS, This manual uses the following symbols to help differentiate between different kinds of information.
The safety symbol is used with a key word to alert you to potential hazards in operating and owning. power equipment, Follow all safety messages to avoid or reduce the risk of serious injury or death. DANGER CAUTION, DANGER indicates an imminently hazardous CAUTION used without the safety alert. situation which if not avoided will result in symbol indicates a potentially hazardous. death or serious injury situation which if not avoided may result in. property damage,WARNING indicates a potentially hazardous. situation which if not avoided could result in If you have questions regarding your winch. death or serious injury we can help Please call our help line at. 1 877 338 0999,CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous. situation which if not avoided may result in,minor or moderate injury.
ENGLISH 100127,SAFETY RULES,WARNING WARNING, Read this manual thoroughly before operating Do not use the winch to secure or hold a. your winch Failure to follow instructions could vehicle for a long period of time Do not use. result in serious injury or death the winch to secure a vehicle for transport. WARNING WARNING, Do not exceed the rated capacity Disconnect the remote control and battery. leads when not in use,Do not use this winch for lifting or moving. people or animals Avoid shock loads by using the control. switch intermittently to take up the slack in,the cable Shock loads can far exceed the. DANGER rate capacity for the cable and drum, Keep yourself and others a safe distance to Do not accelerate your vehicle while winching.
the side of the cable when under tension Loss of traction can cause a shock load on. Never step over a cable or near a cable under,load Batteries contain acid and produce explosive. WARNING Keep sparks flames and cigarettes away from. batteries at all times Wear safety glasses and, The cable may break before the motor stalls protect the eyes at all times Do not lean over. For heavy loads at or near rated capacity use the batteries during operation. a pulley block snatch block to reduce the load,on the cable. Do not move the vehicle to pull a load,towing on the winch cable This could result. in cable breakage,Pull only on areas of the vehicle as specified.
by the vehicle manufacturer,100127 ENGLISH,SAFETY RULES. WARNING CAUTION, When re spooling the cable ensure that the Duration of winching pulls should be kept as. cable spools in the under wind position with short as possible. the cable entering the drum from the bottom, not the top If the motor becomes uncomfortably hot to. the touch stop winching immediately and let, To re spool correctly and while wearing it cool down for a few minutes Do not pull for. gloves keep a slight load on the cable while more than one minute at or near the rated load. pushing the remote button to draw in the,cable Walk toward the winch not allowing the.
cable to slide through your hands Do not let,your hands get within 12 in 30 5 cm of the. winch while re spooling Turn off the winch If the motor stalls do not maintain power to. and repeat the procedure until a few feet of the winch. cable are left Disconnect the remote control, and finish spooling by rotating the drum by Electric winches are designed and made for. hand with the clutch disengaged Keep hands intermittent use and should not be used in. clear of the fairlead and drum while the winch constant duty applications. is under power,Never release the free spool clutch when. Do not use as a hoist Do not use for overhead there is a load on the winch. Use hook strap when handling the hook for, Use gloves to protect hands when handling spooling or unspooling the cable. the cable Never let the cable slide through,your hands.
Do not wrap the cable around any object and,hook it back onto itself. Apply blocks to the wheels of the vehicle,when on an incline. ENGLISH 100127,CONTROLS AND FEATURES, Read this owner s manual before operating your winch Familiarize yourself with the location and. function of the controls and features Save this manual for future reference. 1 Remote Control Powers the cable in or 7 Roller Fairlead When using the winch at. out of your winch drum an angle the roller fairlead acts to guide. the cable onto the drum and minimizes,2 Motor 1 0 HP 0 8 kW 12V DC motor. damage to the cable from abrasion on the,provides power to the planetary gear.
winch mount or bumper,8 Wire Cable 5 32 in x 49 ft. 3 Planetary Gear System The reduction,4 mm x 15 m galvanized aircraft cable. gears convert the winch motor power into,designed specifically for load capacity of. extreme pulling forces This system allows,2200 lb 998 kg. high torque while maintaining compact, size and light weight 9 Clevis Hook Provides a means for.
connecting the looped ends of cables to,4 Braking System Braking action is. automatically applied to the winch drum, when the winch motor is stopped and 10 Strap Used to assist cable feed. there is a load on the cable,11 Mount Assembly Flatbed mounting. 5 Winch Drum The winch drum is the channel,cylinder on which the cable is stored It. 12 D Shackle Provides a means for,can feed or wind the cable depending on.
connecting the looped ends of cables,the remote winch switch. straps and snatch blocks,6 Free Spooling Clutch The clutch allows. the operator to manually disengage Out,the spooling drum from the gear train free. spool Engaging the clutch In locks the,winch into the gear system. 100127 ENGLISH,Assembling the Winch Assembling the Winch Cont d.
This CPE 2200 lb 998 kg winch is designed, with a bolt pattern that is standard in this class CAUTION. of winch Many winch mounting kits are available If utilizing a mounting plate ensure that. that utilize this bolt pattern for the most popular the three major sections motor drum and. UTVs and ATVs If you cannot find a kit locally gear housing are properly aligned Proper. contact CPE and we will provide you with the alignment of the winch will allow for even. distribution of the full rated load,name of a dealer. CAUTION NOTE,The type of vehicle to which the winch and. Mounting bolts must be SAE grade 5 or better, and torque to 34 ft lbs mounting channel will be applied will dictate. the type of mounting kit that should be used, 1 Insert M8x20 bolts through the mounting Speed Mount Hitch Adapter Standard.
Mounting Channel or Specialty Mounting Kit,channel hole and attach the roller fairlead. to the mounting channel with the M8,flat washer M8 lock washer and M8 nut. Mounting the Remote control,1 The remote control is usually installed on the. left handlebar,2 Use a piece of electrical tape around the. handlebar to help prevent rotation of the,mount on the handlebar Do NOT tighten over.
any hoses or cables,3 Once the remote control is mounted you can. route the wires back to the battery and winch,4 Make sure the handlebars have full range of. 2 To attach the winch and the mounting motion and then secure the remote control s. channel to a flat surface insert M8x35 bolt cable,through the winch base plate then through. the mounting channel then through a flat,mounting surface Secure the winch and. mounting channel with the M8 flat washer,M8 lock washer and M8 nut provided.
3 Disengage the clutch by pulling and rotating,the clutch knob to the Out position. Release the wire rope and pull through the,roller fairlead. 4 Attach the clevis hook to the cable and then,hand strap to the clevis hook. ENGLISH 100127,Winch Wiring Winch Wiring Cont d,With some applications the motor leads may need. CAUTION to be rotated to avoid interference with other. components,Never route electrical cables across any sharp.
edges through or near moving parts or near,parts that become hot. 1 Mount the winch to your vehicle,2 FOR WINCH TO FULLY FUNCTION CONNECT. ALL LEADS CORRECTLY,3 Connect the battery leads Connect the red. lead to the positive terminal of the Leads default position Leads rotated 90. vehicle s 12 volt battery Connect the black,lead to the negative terminal of the. vehicle s 12 volt battery see wiring diagram,4 Connect the winch leads Connect red.
lead of the winch connection cables to the,positive terminal of the winch motor. Connect the black lead of the winch,connection cables to the negative terminal. of the winch motor see wiring diagram,5 Check for proper drum rotation Pull and. turn the clutch knob to the out position,Free spooling Pull out some cable from the. drum and then turn the clutch knob to the,In position to engage the gears Press the.
cable out button on the handlebar switch If,the drum is turning and releasing more cable. then your connections are accurate If the,drum is turning and collecting more cable. then reverse the leads on the motor Repeat,and check rotation. Battery cables should not be drawn taut,Leave some slack for cable movement. 100127 ENGLISH,Wiring Diagram,Black Negative Positive.
Remote Red,ENGLISH 100127,General Tips for Safe Operation Self Recovery. Your 100127 winch is rated at a 2200 lb Locate a suitable anchor such as a strong tree trunk. 998 kg capacity in first layer max when or boulder Always use a sling as an anchor point. spooling the first cable layer on the drum,Overloads can damage the winch motor and or. cable For loads over 1 100 lb 499 kg we,recommend the use of the pulley block snatch. block to double the cable line This will aid in two. ways A roller fairlead included will help guide the cable. a reduce the number or cable layers on the and to reduce binding on short side pulls Do not. drum as well as winch from an acute angle as the cable will pile up. on one side of the drum causing damage to cable,b reduce the load on the cable by as much as. and the winch,When doubling the line back to the vehicle.
attach to the tow hook frame or other load bearing. part The vehicle engine should be kept running, during operation of the winch to minimize battery RIGHT WRONG. drain and maximize power and speed of the winch,If the winch is used for a considerable time with. the engine off the battery may be drained and too Short pulls from an angle can be used to straighten. weak to restart the engine the vehicle Long pulls should be done with the. Get to know your winch before you actually need to cable at a 90 angle to the winch vehicle. 6 Free Spooling Clutch The clutch allows the operator to manually disengage Out the spooling drum from the gear train free spool Engaging the clutch In locks the winch into the gear system 7 Roller Fairlead When using the winch at an angle the roller fairlead acts to guide the cable onto the drum and minimizes

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