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Student Handbook 2018 2019,ADMINISTRATION,Shelby Ainsworth Principal. ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS,Amanda Green Curriculum and Instruction. Robyn Pierce Discipline and Attendance 9th Grade, Cody Lewis Discipline and Attendance 10th 12th A G. Dan Lane Discipline and Attendance 10th 12th H O, James Remedies Discipline and Attendance 10th 12th P Z. COORDINATORS,Jerry Arledge Athletic Director,Kanzadia Brothers Alternative Program Coordinator.
Richie Grant Administrative Coordinator Attendance. Charlene Hibbard Cafeteria Manager,Jason Howze Maintenance Supervisor. Corie Williams Testing and Curriculum Coordinator,COUNSELORS. Monya Martin 9th Grade,Nancy McCollough 10th 12th A D. Jimmie Ann Grant 10th 12th E K,Barbara Gray 10th 12th L R. Vanessa Tolar 10th 12th S Z,SECRETARIES,Miriam Counts Athletics.
Katie Kahmann Principal s Office,Vicky Lambert Itinerant. Caitlin May Check in Check out,Stella Ramsey Guidance Office. Alicia Rodgers Student Services,Aletha Thompson Main Office. Lisa Tolar Bookkeeper,ACCREDITATION, West Monroe High School is a school within the Ouachita Parish School System and Louisiana Department of. Education West Monroe has met the requirements established by AdvancEd Accreditation Commission and Board. of Trustees and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Accreditation. and School Improvement,NON DISCRIMINATION, West Monroe High School does not discriminate on the basis of race color national origin age religion gender.
sexual orientation or disability in the educational programs or activities which it operates. West Monroe High School,BELL SCHEDULES,I Regular Schedule. Period 1 7 55 8 48,Period 2 8 53 9 53,Period 3 9 58 10 51. Period 4 10 56 11 49,1st Lunch 11 49 12 14 Period 5 11 54 12 47. Period 5 12 19 1 12 2nd Lunch 12 47 1 12,Period 6 1 17 2 10. Period 7 2 15 3 08,II Pep Rally Schedule,Period 1 7 55 8 40.
2nd Period Roll Call 8 45 8 50,Dismissal 8 50 9 10. Pep Rally 9 10 9 40,Period 2 9 50 10 35,Period 3 10 40 11 25. Period 4 11 30 12 15,1st Lunch 12 15 12 40 Period 5 12 20 1 05. Period 5 12 45 1 30 2nd Lunch 1 05 1 30,Period 6 1 35 2 20. Period 7 2 25 3 10,III Advisory Schedule,Period 1 7 55 8 45.
Period 2 8 50 9 40,Advisory Period 9 45 10 05,Period 3 10 10 11 00. Period 4 11 05 11 55,1st Lunch 11 55 12 20 Period 5 12 00 12 50. Period 5 12 25 1 15 2nd Lunch 12 50 1 15,Period 6 1 20 2 10. Period 7 2 15 3 05, III A Half Day Schedule 1 2 3 4 III B Half Day Schedule 1 5 6 7. Period 1 7 55 8 41 Period 1 7 55 8 41,Period 2 8 45 9 31 Period 5 8 45 9 31.
Period 3 9 35 10 21 Period 6 9 35 10 21,Period 4 10 25 11 11 Period 7 10 25 11 11. Lunch 11 11 11 30 Lunch 11 11 11 30, Students will not be supervised on campus before 7 10 a m Upon arrival to campus. students must report to the designated areas,Student Handbook 2018 2019. ADMISSIONS, New student registration hours are 7 30 10 00 a m Monday Friday in the Guidance Office. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY A 30 00 ENROLLMENT FEE EACH YEAR SENIORS. ARE REQUIRED TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL 10 00 GRADUATION FEE. Any student who was not in attendance at WMHS Good Hope West Ridge or Riser Middle School in. April of the preceding school year must provide the following information in order to enroll at West. Monroe High School,1 Birth Certificate Copy,2 Social Security Card Copy.
3 Immunization Health Record Copy, 4 Legal Proof of Guardianship and or Custody Papers if applicable. 5 Special Education 504 Records if applicable, 6 Affidavit of Residence Signed by Parent or Guardian. 7 Proof of Residence Check registration packet for specific requirements. 8 Proof of passage of LEAP 21 from the 8th grade, 9 Withdrawal Record from previous school which includes the following. a Drop Slip,b Most Recent Report Card or Transcript. c Grading Scale,d Numerical average of previous grading periods.
e Numerical average of current grading period or at time of withdrawal. f Indication that student withdrew in good standing and is free of all obligations to the. school including books debts uniforms etc This includes WMHS students who drop. and re enter without attending another school, 10 The 30 00 enrollment fee covers handbooks identification cards parking permits postage. and correspondence,WITHDRAWALS, If a student is withdrawing from WMHS it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the assistant. principal The future education of the student should be verified before beginning the withdrawal. process The assistant principal issues the withdrawal form and outlines the procedure for the student to. follow Records will not be cleared or forwarded to any source until the student has cleared obligations. and returned books uniforms and or equipment to WMHS. DEBTS AND OBLIGATIONS, Students with outstanding debts and obligations to WMHS are encouraged to pay all debts as soon as. possible WMHS may hold transcripts and or records of any student owing debts at WMHS Report cards. are not withheld for outstanding debts of any kind Students will not be allowed to go on school. sponsored trips or other school functions until all of their school expenses are cleared. CLOSED CAMPUS, WMHS is a closed campus All visitors must sign in with Check in Check out Students are not allowed. to leave without checking out through Check in Check out Students are not allowed to have deliveries. from outsiders at any time,West Monroe High School.
AFTER SCHOOL EXTRACURRICULAR EVENTS, All school rules and regulations apply to any activity held on campus or sponsored off campus by any. school sponsor or organization,TELEPHONE USE MESSAGES DELIVERIES. Under no circumstance will the delivery of flowers gifts balloons or food be made to a student by. anyone A student is not allowed to use school phones unless he she has reported to Student Services or. Check In Out with a pass from a teacher indicating that he or she needs to call home Students should not. ask nor teachers should allow a student to leave the classroom to make a phone call Personal phone calls. should be made before or after school Students cannot receive deliveries of any type during the school. day All books materials money etc should be brought when the student comes to school If an. emergency occurs and the parent student has made arrangements prior to the beginning of the school day. a parent may leave an item in Check in Check out for a student The office staff assumes no. responsibility in seeing that the delivery is made or that the student is notified. VIRTUAL SCHOOL, The Ouachita Parish School System will implement the Ouachita Bridge Academy OBA on each high. school campus Edgenuity Inc will provide the online courses educational resources and test preparation. for this virtual school The school system currently uses Edgenuity Inc for high school students who need. to recover credits or who want to study a subject not offered at their school Edgenuity s curriculum. allows students to pursue studies at their own pace whether from home or another place with internet. connection Ouachita Parish School Board has two enrollment periods for students wishing to enroll in. OBA To see if your child is eligible to enroll in the Ouachita Bridge Academy or for more information. please contact Amanda Green at 323 3771 extension 237. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS, The Ouachita Parish School Board recognizing the importance of worthwhile organizations in the school. encourages all students to participate in student organizations and club activities Students shall have the. right to form organizations within the school for cultural social athletic and other authorized purposes. which will enrich and extend their education Such groups shall follow administrative regulations and. procedures developed and maintained by the Superintendent and staff governing the creation and. operation of student organizations and clubs in accordance with School Board policy. Student organizations or clubs shall not deny membership to any student because of race color creed. sex national origin or disability, Principals shall be responsible for approving or authorizing any student activity and or organization and.
shall also be responsible for the operation and oversight of all student activities or organizations to assure. compliance with administrative regulations Requests for new club or charters must be submitted to the. school principal on the School Board s Student Organization Charter Application at least one 1. calendar year in advance The principal s decision regarding the request for the new club or charter shall. Student Handbook 2018 2019,STUDENT PROGRESS, 1 Remember that you are seeing your student s progress Often the grades may reflect quizzes. and homework rather than major tests Pay close attention to the number of maximum points. for each assignment Assignments with more points have a more profound effect on the. students grades By simply monitoring your student s progress throughout the entire grading. period you will likely see improvement as he she realizes that you are now seeing more than. just one progress report and a report card,2 Discuss the situation with your student. 3 Contact the teacher via email Keep in mind that the teacher may have already had his her. planning period and it could be 24 36 hours before you will receive a response. 4 If a phone conversation is desired leave a message with the receptionist in the main office. 323 3771 The teacher will return your call at his her earliest convenience which could be. the following day, 5 After completing the previous steps if necessary a conference may be scheduled with the. teacher at a mutually agreed upon time, 6 If the teacher conference is not successful contact your student s counselor for further. The administration counselors and teachers at WMHS are available for the parent and the student. Students should NEVER feel that they couldn t see the counselor The student may not be able to leave a. class but he she has free access to the guidance office during their lunch shift. CREDIT RECOVERY, Credit recovery is an instructional program for students who have failed courses taken previously The.
program is self paced competency based aligned with Louisiana s content standards aligned with. Louisiana s grade level expectations and is facilitated by a certified teacher. To qualify for participation in an available credit recovery course students must have taken and failed. one or both semesters of a course and met attendance requirements for the course previously taken no. excessive absences or F6, In order to earn Carnegie credit in a credit recovery course students must successfully complete EACH. failed semester using a computer based credit recovery program approved by the Louisiana Department. of Education DOE and pass a comprehensive final exam approved by the Louisiana DOE. WORK PERMIT, If you plan to seek employment while enrolled in school you must have a work permit Work permits. may be obtained in the Main Office of West Monroe High School during the hours of 8 00 10 30 a m. and 1 00 2 30 p m Monday through Friday Call Mrs Aletha Thompson at 323 3771 for more. information,West Monroe High School,ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY. All rules of eligibility as set forth by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association LHSAA are. adhered to as well as additional rules considered appropriate by the administration at WMHS Eligibility. on B or junior varsity squads shall meet the same requirements as varsity teams Support groups for. athletics must also meet the basic requirements of students participating in athletics as well as the. constitution for the individual organization,I General Information. A A student must have enrolled in school not later than the tenth day the opening of the school. B To participate in any athletic event the student must be present for at least three class periods on. the day of the event, C A student becomes ineligible if he has reached his nineteenth 19th birthday before September 1.
If a student becomes nineteen on or after September 1 he she is eligible for the entire year. D A birth certificate shall be required of all who take part in varsity athletics to be filed with the. LHSAA Commissioner before any student can participate. E A student participating in athletics must not have attended high school for more than eight 8. F A senior student athlete is required to take at least 4 subjects per semester and they must pass. all four subjects If a senior takes only 5 subjects they must pass 5 subjects If a senior takes only. six subjects they must pass 6 subjects If a senior takes 7 subjects they must pass 6 subjects. II Scholastic Requirements, A Failure to pass six 6 subjects with a 1 5 GPA at the end of each semester makes a student. ineligible for the next semester, B Incomplete grades are considered as non passing until made up. C Students may work toward eligibility in summer school. D Students desiring to compete in college athletic programs should file a NCAA Clearinghouse. Form spring of junior year Additionally ACT scores should be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse. by marking code 9999 on the registration form or by securing an Additional Score Report Form. from the Guidance Department, E Transfer students will not be allowed to participate in any athletic event until a full official. for each assignment Assignments with more points have a more profound effect on the students grades By simply monitoring your student s progress throughout the entire grading period you will likely see improvement as he she realizes that you are now seeing more than just one progress report and a report card 2

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