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The information contained in this publication was correct at the time of going to print In the interest of. continuous development we reserve the right to change specifications design or equipment at any time. without notice or obligation No part of this publication may be reproduced transmitted stored in a. retrieval system or translated into any language in any form by any means without our written permission. Errors and omissions excepted,Ford Motor Company 2014. All rights reserved,Part Number 20140808195030,Table of Contents. Introduction Driver Knee Airbag 39,About This Manual 7 Side Curtain Airbags 39. Symbols Glossary 7 Crash Sensors and Airbag Indicator 41. Data Recording 9 Airbag Disposal 41,California Proposition 65 11. Perchlorate 11 Keys and Remote Controls,Ford Credit 11 General Information on Radio.
Frequencies 42,Replacement Parts,Recommendation 11 Remote Control 42. Special Notices 12 Replacing a Lost Key or Remote,Control 46. Mobile Communications,Equipment 12,Export Unique Options 12 MyKey. Principle of Operation 47,Child Safety Creating a MyKey 47. General Information 13 Clearing All MyKeys 48, Installing Child Seats 14 Checking MyKey System Status 49.
Booster Seats 20 Using MyKey With Remote Start,Systems 49. Child Seat Positioning 22,MyKey Troubleshooting 49. Child Safety Locks 24,Safety Belts,Locking and Unlocking 51. Principle of Operation 26,Manual Liftgate 54,Fastening the Safety Belts 27. Keyless Entry 55,Safety Belt Height Adjustment 29,Interior Luggage Compartment.
Safety Belt Warning Lamp and Indicator Release 57,Safety Belt Minder 30. Child Restraint and Safety Belt,Maintenance 32 Passive Anti Theft System 58. Anti Theft Alarm 59,Personal Safety System,Personal Safety System 33 Steering Wheel. Adjusting the Steering Wheel 61,Supplementary Restraints Audio Control 61. System Voice Control 62,Principle of Operation 34 Cruise Control 62.
Driver and Passenger Airbags 35, Front Passenger Sensing System 36 Wipers and Washers. Side Airbags 38 Windshield Wipers 63,Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing. Table of Contents,Windshield Washers 63 Air Vents 95. Rear Window Wiper and Washers 64 Manual Climate Control 96. Automatic Climate Control 97,Lighting Hints on Controlling the Interior. General Information 65 Climate 98, Lighting Control 65 Heated Windows and Mirrors 101.
Autolamps 66 Cabin Air Filter 101,Instrument Lighting Dimmer 67. Headlamp Exit Delay 67 Seats, Daytime Running Lamps 67 Sitting in the Correct Position 103. Front Fog Lamps 67 Head Restraints 103,Direction Indicators 68 Manual Seats 105. Interior Lamps 68 Rear Seats 106,Ambient Lighting 69 Heated Seats 107. Windows and Mirrors Auxiliary Power Points,Power Windows 70 Auxiliary Power Points 109.
Global Opening and Closing 71 Cigar Lighter 109,Exterior Mirrors 72. Interior Mirror 73 Storage Compartments,Moonroof 74 Cup Holders 110. Instrument Cluster Starting and Stopping the,General Information 111. Warning Lamps and Indicators 1 6L,Duratec 16V Ti VCT Sigma 1 0L Ignition Switch 111. EcoBoost 76 Keyless Starting 111, Warning Lamps and Indicators 1 6L Starting a Gasoline Engine 113.
EcoBoost 79,Switching Off the Engine 114,Audible Warnings and Indicators 82. Engine Block Heater 114,Information Displays Fuel and Refueling. General Information 83,Safety Precautions 116,Fuel Quality Gasoline 117. Trip Computer 86,Refueling 117,Personalized Settings 87. Fuel Consumption 119,Information Messages 87,Emission Control System 119.
Climate Control,Principle of Operation 95,Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing. Table of Contents,Transmission Cargo Nets 143, Manual Transmission 1 6L Duratec 16V Luggage Covers 143. Ti VCT Sigma 1 0L EcoBoost 122 Load Limit 143,Manual Transmission 1 6L. EcoBoost 123 Towing, Automatic Transmission 124 Towing a Trailer 1 6L EcoBoost 151. Hill Start Assist 128 Transporting the Vehicle 151. Towing the Vehicle on Four Wheels 151,General Information 130 Driving Hints.
Hints on Driving With Anti Lock Breaking In 154,Brakes 130. Economical Driving 154,Parking Brake 131,Cold Weather Precautions 155. Traction Control Driving Through Water 155,Floor Mats 155. Principle of Operation 132,Using Traction Control 132. Roadside Emergencies,Stability Control Roadside Assistance 157.
Hazard Warning Flashers 158,Principle of Operation 133. Fuel Shutoff 158,Using Stability Control 1 6L Duratec 16V. Ti VCT Sigma 1 0L EcoBoost 134 Jump Starting the Vehicle 159. Using Stability Control 1 6L,EcoBoost 134 Customer Assistance. Getting the Services You Need 162,Parking Aids In California U S Only 163. Principle of Operation 135 The Better Business Bureau BBB Auto. Parking Aid 135 Line Program U S Only 164, Rear View Camera 137 Utilizing the Mediation Arbitration.
Program Canada Only 164, Cruise Control Getting Assistance Outside the U S and. Canada 165, Principle of Operation 139 Ordering Additional Owner s. Using Cruise Control 139 Literature 166,Reporting Safety Defects U S. Driving Aids Only 166,Steering 141 Reporting Safety Defects Canada. Load Carrying,General Information 142,Fuse Specification Chart 168.
Rear Under Floor Storage 142,Changing a Fuse 176,Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing. Table of Contents,Maintenance Vehicle Care,General Information 177 Cleaning Products 210. Opening and Closing the Hood 177 Cleaning the Exterior 210. Under Hood Overview 1 0L Waxing 211,EcoBoost 179 Cleaning the Engine 211. Under Hood Overview 1 6L Duratec 16V Cleaning the Windows and Wiper. Ti VCT Sigma 180 Blades 212, Under Hood Overview 1 6L Cleaning the Interior 212. EcoBoost 181,Cleaning the Instrument Panel and, Engine Oil Dipstick 1 0L Instrument Cluster Lens 212.
EcoBoost 182,Cleaning Leather Seats 213,Engine Oil Dipstick 1 6L Duratec 16V. Ti VCT Sigma 182 Repairing Minor Paint Damage 214, Engine Oil Dipstick 1 6L Cleaning the Alloy Wheels 214. EcoBoost 182 Vehicle Storage 214,Engine Oil Check 182. Oil Change Indicator Reset 183 Wheels and Tires,Engine Coolant Check 183 General Information 217. Automatic Transmission Fluid Tire Care 217,Check 185 Using Winter Tires 232.
Brake Fluid Check 186 Using Snow Chains 232, Power Steering Fluid Check 186 Tire Pressure Monitoring System 232. Washer Fluid Check 186 Changing a Road Wheel 236,Fuel Filter 186 Technical Specifications 240. Changing the 12V Battery 186, Checking the Wiper Blades 186 Capacities and Specific. Changing the Wiper Blades 186 ations, Adjusting the Headlamps 187 Engine Specifications 241. Removing a Headlamp 188 Motorcraft Parts 242, Changing a Bulb 4 Door 189 Vehicle Identification Number 243.
Changing a Bulb 5 Door 194 Vehicle Certification Label 243. Bulb Specification Chart 198 Transmission Code Designation 244. Changing the Engine Air Filter 199,Technical Specifications 1 0L Audio System. EcoBoost 200,General Information 245,Technical Specifications 1 6L. EcoBoost 203 Audio Unit Vehicles With AM FM,Technical Specifications 1 6L. Duratec 16V Ti VCT Sigma 206 Audio Unit Vehicles With SYNC AM. Audio Unit Vehicles With Touchscreen,Display 254,Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing. Table of Contents, Audio Unit Vehicles With Touchscreen Special Operating Conditions Scheduled.
Display Sony Audio System 255 Maintenance 402, Digital Radio 257 Scheduled Maintenance Record 404. Satellite Radio 259,Audio Input Jack 262,USB Port 263. Media Hub 263,Audio Troubleshooting 263,General Information 264. Using Voice Recognition 266,Using SYNC With Your Phone 268. SYNC Applications and Services 279,Using SYNC With Your Media.
Player 286,SYNC Troubleshooting 296,MyFord Touch,General Information 306. Settings 314,Entertainment 327,Information 352,Navigation 362. MyFord Touch Troubleshooting 370,Accessories,Accessories 377. Appendices,End User License Agreement 379,Extended Service Plan. Extended Service Plan ESP 394,Scheduled Maintenance.
General Maintenance Information 396,Normal Scheduled Maintenance 399. Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing,Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing. Introduction,ABOUT THIS MANUAL,Thank you for choosing Ford We. recommend that you take some time to,get to know your vehicle by reading this. manual The more that you know about,it the greater the safety and pleasure you.
will get from driving it,Driving while distracted can result in. loss of vehicle control crash and,injury We strongly recommend that. you use extreme caution when using any A Right hand side. device that may take your focus off the B Left hand side. road Your primary responsibility is the safe,operation of your vehicle We recommend. against the use of any hand held device SYMBOLS GLOSSARY. while driving and encourage the use of, voice operated systems when possible These are some of the symbols you may. Make sure you are aware of all applicable see on your vehicle. local laws that may affect the use of,electronic devices while driving Safety alert.
Note This manual describes product, features and options available throughout See Owner s Manual. the range of available models sometimes,even before they are generally available It. may describe options not fitted to the Air conditioning system. vehicle you have purchased, Note Some of the illustrations in this Anti lock braking system. manual may show features as used in,different models so may appear different. to you on your vehicle,Avoid smoking flames or sparks.
Note Always use and operate your vehicle,in line with all applicable laws and. regulations,Note Pass on this manual when selling,your vehicle It is an integral part of your. vehicle Battery acid,This manual may qualify the location of a. component as left hand side or right hand, side The side is determined when facing Brake fluid non petroleum. forward in the seat based,Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing.
Introduction,Brake system Fasten safety belt,Cabin air filter Front airbag. Check fuel cap Front fog lamps,Child safety door lock or unlock Fuel pump reset. Child seat lower anchor Fuse compartment,Child seat tether anchor Hazard warning flashers. Cruise control Heated rear window,Do not open when hot Heated windshield. Engine air filter Interior luggage compartment,Engine coolant Jack.
Engine coolant temperature Keep out of reach of children. Engine oil Lighting control,Explosive gas Low tire pressure warning. Fan warning Maintain correct fluid level,Note operating instructions. Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing,Introduction, Panic alarm systems In order to properly diagnose and. service your vehicle Ford Motor Company,Ford of Canada and service and repair. Parking aid facilities may access or share among them. vehicle diagnostic information received, E139213 through a direct connection to your vehicle.
when diagnosing or servicing your vehicle, Parking brake Additionally when your vehicle is in for. service or repair Ford Motor Company,Ford of Canada and service and repair. Power steering fluid facilities may access or share among them. data for vehicle improvement purposes,For U S only if equipped if you choose. Power windows front rear to use the SYNC Vehicle Health Report. you consent that certain diagnostic,information may also be accessed. Power window lockout electronically by Ford Motor Company and. Ford authorized service facilities and that,the diagnostic information may be used.
for any purpose See SYNC page 264,Service engine soon. Event Data Recording, Side airbag This vehicle is equipped with an event. data recorder The main purpose of an,event data recorder is to record in. certain crash or near crash like,Shield the eyes situations such as an airbag. deployment or hitting a road obstacle,this data will assist in understanding.
Stability control how a vehicle s systems performed. The event data recorder is designed to,record data related to vehicle dynamics. Windshield wash and wipe and safety systems for a short period. of time typically 30 seconds or less,The event data recorder in this vehicle. is designed to record such data as, DATA RECORDING How various systems in your vehicle. were operating, Service Data Recording Whether or not the driver and. Service data recorders in your vehicle are passenger safety belts were. capable of collecting and storing buckled fastened. diagnostic information about your vehicle How far if at all the driver was. This potentially includes information about depressing the accelerator and or. the performance or status of various the brake pedal and. systems and modules in the vehicle such,as engine throttle steering or brake.
Fiesta CCT enUSA Second Printing,Introduction, How fast the vehicle was traveling Note Including to the extent that any. and law pertaining to Event Data Recorders, Where the driver was positioning applies to SYNC or its features please. the steering wheel note the following Once 911 Assist if. equipped is enabled set ON 911 Assist, This data can help provide a better may through any paired and connected. understanding of the circumstances in cell phone disclose to emergency. 2015 FIESTA Owner s Manual 2015 FIESTA Owner s Manual fordowner com ford ca September 2014 Second Printing Owner s Manual Fiesta Litho in U S A FE8J 19A321 AA The information contained in this publication was correct at the time of going to print In the interest of continuous development we reserve the right to change specifications design or equipment at any time without notice or

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