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THE STARCRAFT ECOADVANTAGE IS OUR COMPANY S COMMITMENT TO. PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT Through Starcraft s company wide. sustainability program we re creating better ways to build better RVs using fewer. natural resources Already our initiative has created significant impact As of. December 31 2013 our company has,6832 tons of wood. 1138 tons of scrap metal,1262 tons of cardboard and paper. 8 834 000 gallons of fresh water enough to meet the. daily needs of 11 787 Americans, 30 200 gallons of gas enough for Americans to drive. more than 845 600 miles, Enough electricity to power 2 895 homes for a year. 56 200 mature trees, Enough landfill airspace to meet the annual disposal.
needs of a community of 39 290 people, We re proud of our results and we know those numbers show that a little. initiative can go a long way The Starcraft EcoAdvantage is our way of making. sure endless generations can enjoy the Great Outdoors. AR ONE TRAVEL TRAILERS TABLE OF CONTENTS, WARNING READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS MANUAL AND COMPONENT. MANUFACTURER SUPPLIED INFORMATION BEFORE USING YOUR RV. This manual has been provided by Starcraft Inc for the sole purpose of providing. instructions concerning the operation and maintenance of this vehicle and its. components Nothing in this manual creates any warranty either expressed or. implied The only warranty offered by Starcraft Inc is as set forth in the limited. warranty applicable to this vehicle, The owner s failure to provide required service and or maintenance could result in. the loss of warranty The owner should review Starcraft s limited warranty and the. limited warranties that apply to specific components that are offered with this. Instructions are included in the manual for operating various components which. are optional on some vehicles or may not be available on your particular model. If so equipped does not indicate or imply that the component s or option s were. at any time available or can be retrofitted to your model In addition the owner. should refer to individual manufacturer s operating instructions contained in the. owner s packet,TABLE OF CONTENTS AR ONE TRAVEL TRAILERS. Section 1 W ARRANTY SERVICE,About This Manual 1 1,Customer Relations 1 4.
Customer Responsibility 1 3,Dealer Responsibility 1 3. Manufacturing Process 1 3,Notice To Starcraft Dealers 1 14. Obtaining Emergency Warranty Repair 1 6,Obtaining Service At Starcraft 1 7. Obtaining Service For Separately Warranted Items 1 6. Replacement Parts 1 7,Reporting Safety Defects 1 2. Safety Alerts 1 1,Starcraft Travel Club 1 5,Suggestions For Obtaining Service 1 4.
Towable Limited Warranty 1 8,Towable Limited Tent Warranty 1 12. Update Your Contact Information 1 5,Warranty Packet 1 1. Section 2 OCCUPANT SAFETY,Combination Carbon Monoxide Propane Alarm 2 4. Cold Weather Usage 2 8,Condensation 2 8,Extended Dry Camping 2 7. Fire Extinguisher 2 1,Fire Safety 2 1,Formaldehyde 2 7.
Other Fire Safety Information 2 1, Secondary Means Of Escape Exit Window Hard Side Models Only 2 10. Secondary Means Of Escape Exit Window Tent Models Only 2 9. Smoke Alarm 2 2,SECTION 3 PRE TRAVEL INFORMATION,Brake System 3 1. Hitch Travel Trailer Customer Supplied 3 6,Loading Your RV 3 3. Sway Control Travel Trailer Customer Supplied 3 7,Tow Vehicle 3 1. Vehicle Labels 3 2,Weighing Your Tow Vehicle RV 3 4.
Weight Distributing System Travel Trailer Customer Supplied 3 7. Weight Labels 3 2,SECTION 4 TOWING SET UP,Breakaway Switch Travel Trailer 4 10. Changing the Tire 4 4,Emergency Stopping 4 8,Emergency Towing 4 8. Entrance Door 4 9,Expandable Models 4 12,Hitching Procedure Travel Trailer 4 10. AR ONE TRAVEL TRAILERS TABLE OF CONTENTS,Keys Locks 4 9. Leveling The RV 4 8,Safety Chains Travel Trailer 4 11.
Seasoning The New Tent 4 12,Set Up Travel Trailer 4 11. Setting Up The Front and or Rear Beds If So Equipped 4 13. Spare Tire Carrier If So Equipped 4 5,Stabilizer Jacks 4 8. Tent Maintenance 4 15,Towing 4 1,Towing Behind Your RV 4 11. Wheel Lugs 4 6,Wire Harness Connector Plug 4 1,SECTION 5 SLIDEOUT SYSTEMS. Operating the Slideout 5 1,Slideout Room If So Equipped 5 1.
Troubleshooting the Slideout 5 2,SECTION 6 30 AMP ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. 120 volt Circuit Breakers 6 2,120 volt AC System 6 1. 12 volt DC Outlet If So Equipped 6 5,12 volt DC System 6 3. 12 volt Fuse Panel 6 4,30 AMP System 6 6,Approximate Electrical Load Ratings 6 8. Auxiliary Battery Customer Supplied 6 3, Battery Isolator For Your Tow Vehicle Customer Supplied 6 4.
Calculating Electrical Load 6 8,Converter 6 2,DC Fuse Panel Layout 6 5. Electrical System Maintenance 6 1,GFCI Receptacle Outlet 6 3. In Case Of An Electrical Fire 6 1,Power Cord 6 6,Replacing Light Bulbs 6 5. SECTION 7 PROPANE SYSTEM,Calculating Propane Usage 7 10. Cooking With Propane Gas 7 9,Hoses Pipes Tubes Fittings 7 8.
Installing Propane Cylinder s 7 5,Propane Gas Container 7 2. Propane Gas System 7 1,Propane Leak Test 7 1,Propane Regulator 7 7. Propane Safety Procedures 7 2,Traveling With Propane 7 10. Using The Propane System 7 8,TABLE OF CONTENTS AR ONE TRAVEL TRAILERS. SECTION 8 PLUMBING SYSTEM,12 volt Water Pump Switch 8 3.
Bathroom Shower Or Tub 8 7,Black Grey Tank Drains 8 13. Black Grey Water Holding Tanks 8 13,Black Grey Water System 8 12. Draining the Fresh Water System 8 9,Faucets 8 7,Fresh Water Connections 8 2. Fresh Water Holding Tank 8 2,Fresh Water System 8 1. Hardware Sink or Shower Fixtures 8 8,Monitor Panel If So Equipped 8 1.
Outside Shower 8 7,Plumbing System Maintenance 8 1. Sanitizing the Plumbing System 8 10,Toilet 8 14,Water Heater 8 4. Water Pressure Regulator Customer Supplied 8 3,Water Purification System 8 8. Winterizing the Plumbing System 8 10,SECTION 9 HEATING COOLING. Air Conditioner Roof Mount If So Equipped 9 2,Air Conditioner Wall Mount If So Equipped 9 2.
Attic Fan 9 1,Ducting Return Air 9 1,Fireplace If So Equipped 9 1. Furnace 9 1,Thermostat 9 1,SECTION 10 APPLIANCES,Cooking With Propane 10 2. In Case of Grease Fire 10 1,Kitchen Range Oven If So Equipped 10 2. Microwave If So Equipped 10 1,Oven If So Equipped 10 2. Refrigerator 10 1,SECTION 11 ELECTRONICS,Television Power Supply 11 1.
Television Roof Antenna 11 1,SECTION 12 INTERIOR,ABS Plastics 12 3. Booth Dinette If So Equipped 12 4,Cabinetry Tables 12 2. Cleaning The Interior 12 1,Countertops 12 2,D cor Items 12 1. Flooring 12 2,AR ONE TRAVEL TRAILERS TABLE OF CONTENTS. Furniture Upholstery 12 1,Hide A Bed If So Equipped 12 3.
Jack Knife Sofa If So Equipped 12 3,Paneling 12 1,Pantry If So Equipped 12 3. Sofa If So Equipped 12 4,SECTION 13 EXTERIOR,BBQ Grill If So Equipped 13 1. Cleaning The Exterior 13 1,Exterior Roof Sidewall Vents 13 4. E Z Lube Axle 13 4,Frame 13 4,Patio Awning If So Equipped 13 6. Rear Bumper 13 4,Roof Ladder If So Equipped 13 7,Sealants 13 5.
Windows 13 6,SECTION 14 TRAVEL CAMPING STORAGE CHECKLISTS. Maintenance Checklist 14 4,Ready to Leave Checklist 14 1. RV Start Up 14 1,RV Storage 14 2,SECTION 15 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Featured Components Quick Reference Chart 15 1,Change of Address Ownership Form 15 2. Revision A April 2014,Added Convection Microwave Warning page 10 1.
Revision B June 2014,Removed Keyless Entry Section page 4 9. TABLE OF CONTENTS AR ONE TRAVEL TRAILERS,THIS PAGE IS INTENTIONALLY BLANK. STARCRAFT TOWABLE SECTION 1 WARRANTY SERVICE, Congratulations Thank you for selecting a Starcraft RV We are excited to. welcome you to our growing RV family We are committed to being the most. respected name in RVs We invite you to drop by our manufacturing facility To. book a group tour or check scheduled factory tour times free admission closed. holidays please call 800 945 4787,ABOUT THIS M ANUAL. This manual is a guide to the operation and maintenance of your RV Starcraft. RVs are available in several sizes and models so accessories and components. may differ Some equipment described in this manual may not apply to your RV If. you find the components vary significantly from what is described contact your. dealer to ensure you have the correct information Nothing in this manual creates. any warranty either expressed or implied nor does it cover every possible detail. of equipment standard or option installed on or in your RV. Information illustrations and specifications in this manual reflect the most current. available at the time of publication approval are subject to change and not. intended to indicate actual size,WARRANTY PACKET, The Warranty Packet contains original equipment manufacturer OEM operator.
manuals warranty cards and or registrations It is important you complete and. mail the warranty cards and registrations within the prescribed time limits to avoid. loss of warranty coverage This manual and the Warranty Packet should be. considered a permanent part of the RV If the RV is sold they should remain with. the RV for the next owner,SAFETY ALERTS, Your safety and the safety of others is very important To help you make. informed decisions we have provided operating procedures and other information. on safety labels affixed to your RV and in this manual Please call your dealer or. Starcraft Customer Service if you are unsure how to proceed Always use the. appropriate safety gear when servicing or maintaining your RV. This is the safety alert symbol It is used to alert you to potential personal. injury hazards Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid. possible injury or death, This indicates an imminently hazardous situation that if not avoided will. result in death or serious injury, This indicates a potentially hazardous situation that if not avoided will result. in death or serious injury,SECTION 1 WARRANTY SERVICE STARCRAFT TOWABLE. This indicates a potentially hazardous situation that if not avoided will result. in minor or moderate injury, This indicates a potentially hazardous situation that if not avoided may.
result in property damage,REPORTING SAFETY DEFECTS. In the United States, If you believe that your RV has an alleged defect that could cause a crash or. cause injury or death you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic. Safety Administration NHTSA and Starcraft, If NHTSA receives similar complaints it may open an investigation and if it finds. that a safety defect exists in a group of vehicles it may order a recall and remedy. campaign However NHTSA cannot become involved in individual problems. between you your dealer or Starcraft For additional information please refer to. the NHTSA website at www safercar gov,To contact NHTSA by phone. Call the Department of Transportation DOT Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1 888 327. 4236 and a NHTSA representative will record your complaint information TTY 1. 800 424 9153 or 1 202 484 5238,To contact NHTSA by mail.
Office of Defects Investigations CRD,1200 New Jersey Ave SE. Washington DC 20590, If you believe your RV has an alleged safety defect you should contact Transport. Canada and Starcraft Transport Canada prefers to be called instead of posted. mail or email as it enables their investigators to confirm that your information is. correct and to answer your questions accurately For additional information. please refer to the Transport Canada website at www tc gc ca. To contact Transport Canada by phone, Call 1 800 333 0510 or 1 613 993 9851 if you are calling from the Ottawa region. and ask to speak to a defect investigator,To contact Transport Canada by mail. Road Safety and Motor Vehicle,Regulation Directorate.
Transport Canada,Tower C Place de Ville,330 Sparks Street. Ottawa Ontario K1A 0N5,STARCRAFT TOWABLE SECTION 1 WARRANTY SERVICE. M ANUFACTURING PROCESS, Starcraft recreation vehicles are manufactured for use as temporary. living quarters for recreation camping and travel uses all as. defined by the bylaws of the Recreation Vehicle Industry. Association RVIA, This recreation vehicle is not intended for use as a full time. residence or for commercial use, Commercial use means using the RV as a business asset such as a mobile office.
or using the RV for lease or rental purposes, Starcraft reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or design at. any time without notice and without incurring any obligation whatsoever RV s built. for sale in Canada may differ to conform to Canadian Codes. CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY, It is important you read and understand the information in this manual and your. Warranty Packet using your RV, Familiarize yourself with the applicable warranties You are responsible for. ensuring the procedures for obtaining warranty repair are followed properly It is. your responsibility and obligation to return your RV to your dealer for warranty. service repair, As the owner of the RV you are responsible for regular and proper maintenance. performed in accordance with this manual and the OEM manuals Regular and. proper maintenance will help prevent conditions arising from neglect that are not. covered by warranty,As with your other personal belongings i.
AR ONE TRAVEL TRAILERS TABLE OF CONTENTS I WARNING READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS MANUAL AND COMPONENT MANUFACTURER SUPPLIED INFORMATION BEFORE USING YOUR RV This manual has been provided by Starcraft Inc for the sole purpose of providing instructions concerning the operation and maintenanceof this vehicle and its components Nothing in this manual creates any warranty either expressed or

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