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It s okay to stare Its very design is magnetic iconic It s the Volkswagen It s the soul of the brand It s the Famous profile. and utterly unique That gorgeous arcing profile and face that launched a global company It s the shape. Iconic headlight design,Same soul Different everything else. famous front end are recognizable around the world of things to come And now we are pleased to. and there are dozens of nicknames to prove it To say introduce the latest evolution in Volkswagen history Signature front wheel well. that it s a Volkswagen is actually an understatement The all new 2012 Beetle New sporty look. Available Bi Xenon headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights. Beetle Turbo with Sunroof Sound and Navigation shown in Tornado Red Beetle 2 5L in Tornado Red. dedby 1964 2012, Dynamic Agile And certainly sportier It s not the without picturing yourself inside it sweeping. Museum quality first Beetle to be featured in a museum and it won t. be the last Those crisp clean curved lines hark,around bends on a never ending road What color. would you drive in your adventure Tornado Red, back to the original with a completely modern and Reef Blue Deep Black It s like a canvas waiting. streamlined twist on the classic It s hard to look to be painted that perfect shade of fun and fast. Beetle Turbo with Sunroof and Sound with 19 Tornado accessory wheels shown in Candy White Beetle Turbo with Sunroof Sound and Navigation shown in Reflex Silver Metallic. Performance I,Still turns heads Just faster, One look at the curves on the all new Beetle and you can see that it s meant.
to be driven In fact it looks fast even standing still That s because the available. 200 hp turbocharged engine with 207 lbs ft of torque paired with either a. six speed manual or six speed automatic DSG transmission with Tiptronic make. this the fastest production turbocharged Beetle ever Imagine the powerful hum. of the engine as you accelerate around a curve Or a fantastically curvy parking. structure When the Beetle first entered the market it redefined the entire notion. of transportation And we just redefined it again, Beetle Turbo with Sunroof and Sound with 19 wheels and Bi Xenon headlights package shown in Reflex Silver Metallic Beetle Turbo with Sunroof and Sound shown in Reflex Silver Metallic. Performance I,More curve on the curves,The only way to completely understand German. engineering is to experience it Climb into the all new. Beetle and find a stretch of winding road Then, picture yourself effortlessly cresting a hill Or cruising. down a scenic straightaway and just letting the,road guide you That nimble and precise handling. you re experiencing That s the gutsy 2 5L 170 hp, in line five cylinder engine with 177 lbs ft of torque.
boasting an impressive 29 highway mpg Also, known as German engineering at its finest Beetle 2 5L with Sunroof and 18 Silver Helix wheels shown in Saturn Yellow. 2012 2 5L automatic transmission 22 city 29 highway mpg EPA estimate Your mileage will vary. Modernized K ferfach glovebox Color matched dashboard Cool then cool now. Heritage 2012 Maybe you should get some gloves I,dedby 2012 take on classic rims. Glimpse the future in the,rearview mirror,When we set out to design the all new 2012 Beetle. we looked backwards for inspiration All the way, back to the original Beetle in fact Its one of a kind. features deserved a second life especially when,we could take them for a turbocharged spin into.
the present Like the K ferfach glovebox cleverly,integrated into the color matched dash On the. original it was the only one but on the 2012 Beetle. you have two different gloveboxes for double the, Beetle 2 5L with Sunroof shown in Black Beetle 2 5L with Sunroof and 17 Heritage wheels shown in Black. stash Close your eyes and picture the wheels, those beautiful curved discs with graceful vents to. let in the breeze They re too iconic to forget right. Now open your eyes and see how cool they look, taking us into the future Just remember to hold onto. the band hanging next to the door if the nostalgia. gets too intense, Original K ferfach glovebox Color matched dashboard Black car black dash.
K fer means Bug in German Iconic wheels Always in style. Technology I,Smooth operator,That s right the all new 2012 Beetle comes with a. streamlined set of buttons you can push and more,bells and whistles than ever Take the available. touchscreen navigation system We almost dare you, to try and get lost With fancy Bluetooth technology. in the mix you can make calls just by pressing,a button and saying someone s name and answer. them just as easily But perhaps the most important. button is the push button start that comes with, the available keyless access Leave your keys in your.
pocket grip the driver s door handle to unlock your. Beetle and push the button to start the ignition Go. Ever wonder what customizable colored lighting,would look like inside your car The mystery has. been solved in a style that has Beetle written all. Keyless access with push button start,over it With the ambient lighting feature you can. switch between red white and blue lighting Let Three colors of customizable ambient lighting. the party begin Touchscreen navigation system,Bluetooth technology. Feature available on select models Requires compatible phone. Beetle Turbo with Sunroof and Sound shown in Black Blue Sport Cloth. Sound investment,One icon deserves another And in the case of. Beetle and Fender that s a combination destined,to become a classic Nothing could be better.
than an available Fender Premium Audio System, filling your Beetle with sound that evokes the raw. emotion of a live performance Its 400 watt amp,subwoofer and eight speakers make any genre. of music sound good So sit back and enjoy the,marriage of German engineering and the brand. that s known for starting the rock n roll revolution. And feel free to blast your music as you cruise the. streets in style,On the available touchscreen stereo you ve got an. in dash six CD changer AM FM radio with crystal,clear HD Radio technology and a three month.
trial subscription to SiriusXM radio all playing, tunes through eight speakers Plus all of that music. entertainment and more can be easily navigated,Fender Premium Audio System. using the intuitive touchscreen interface right in the. dash of your Beetle Touchscreen sound system,MDI with iPod cable. Feature available on select models iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc All rights. reserved iPod is not included, Beetle Turbo with Sunroof and Sound shown in Reflex Silver Metallic. Beetle Turbo with Sunroof and Sound shown in Reef Blue Metallic. Hugs corners,And passengers, From the leatherette and available leather seating.
surfaces wrapped around bolstered sport seats to,the available tilting sliding panoramic sunroof. the allure of the all new 2012 Beetle is hard to resist. Not only are the seats sporty but they also come with. lumbar support and three available heat settings,so you and your passengers can easily find your. happy place And that panoramic sunroof It s 80, larger than before and reflects 99 of UV radiation. 92 of heat and 90 of light When it s closed, that is Open it s a big window to the sky during the. day and a front seat to the stars at night,Seats four Comfortably We know normally cars.
this sporty don t even have backseats or if they do Heated front seats. they re more like a nod to the idea of a backseat,Panoramic sunroof. rather than a real one But in the all new 2012 Beetle. you can have your sport and seat four too Leather seating surfaces. Beetle Turbo with Sunroof Sound and Navigation shown in Black Red leather seating surfaces. Feature available on select models,A stealth of storage. When we said we completely redesigned the all new,Beetle we meant it It s longer wider and sleeker. than the previous models Which means it looks like And now we present to you the 50 50 split Seats four. a sports car on the outside and it has serious Comfortably. That means you have three different options for folding down the rear. room on the inside We re not kidding when we say Yes really. seats to take that already spacious trunk to a whole new level So you. it seats four adults And the rear seats fold down, can put a few suitcases and a set of golf clubs in back Or a stylish. one at a time to hold even more So if you re looking. modern chair Or your guitar and an amp Then you can close the. for a sporty little number that can stow your stuff. hatch and take your show on the road, and still packs a punch you should get this one s digits.
Beetle 2 5L with Sunroof Sound and Navigation shown in Reflex Silver Metallic. Engine Braking Assist EBA Anti Slip Regulation ASR Crash optimized front end Collapsible steering column. Safety Hydraulic Brake Assist HBA Electronic Differential Lock EDL I. dedPressure, by sensors for side airbags Anti intrusion side door beams. Active Passive, Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Signal mirrors Combined side and curtain airbag system Crash optimized pedal controls. It s safe to say we ve got you covered There s safe And then there s Volkswagen safe. When you buy a Volkswagen Beetle you re driving safety features that can help you prevent a collision why they re called active safety features Because Every Beetle is built to the highest standards all part of our comprehensive system of passive when they re needed most to help keep you safe. home more than just a car You re taking home such as headlights turn signals mirrors brakes they re actively working to help you stay safe Volkswagen standards Which is why it has four safety features that help protect you during an Because we believe that once you ve achieved a. total peace of mind You don t even have to think steering and traction control Because every Beetle airbags standing guard And a crash optimized accident They include safety belts airbags steel certain level of excellence there s no going back. about how its doors thunk solidly into place is designed to help you maintain control in a variety front end that helps absorb energy on impact and reinforced seating a safety cage and crumple That s why we call it a standard. Or how it has a comprehensive system of active of situations and assist in avoiding collisions That s protect you in the event of a collision Those are zones just to name a few And they work together. Electronic Stability Control Intelligent Crash Response System. You know when you have to swerve around something You may have heard or experienced how time. unexpectedly Well ESC helps prevent oversteer or seems to slow down when you re in a collision It s. understeer during an evasive maneuver by applying an overwhelming experience Which is why your. corrective forces to each of the wheels And that Beetle is designed to do all the thinking for you in. helps you intuitively engage in proper counter steering your time of need After the airbags have been. thereby working with your Beetle to correct the deployed the ICRS automatically unlocks all doors. problem As for the thing that made you swerve here s disables the fuel pump and turns on the hazard. to that happening only once in a blue moon lights That s why we call it intelligent. ABS Safety cage,Beneath all that sheet metal every Beetle has a. specially reinforced safety cage complete with, anti intrusion side beams and heat formed B pillars. Anti lock Braking System ABS Surrounding the cage are crumple zones that. ABS serves two purposes when it comes to safety provide space and material to help cushion and. It helps keep the brakes from locking up during absorb the impact while the cage helps insulate. sudden stops and it helps you retain control over you So even if you never see them coming we ve. Airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age The. the steering in the event of emergency braking Intelligent Crash Response System ICRS will only activate in a collision where the airbags deploy or safety belt pretensioners activate Not all collisions cause airbags to deploy or safety belt pretensioners to activate got you covered. Carefree Maintenance I,Wellness for,your wheels,At Volkswagen we believe in our products.
so much that we give you three years or,36 000 miles of Carefree Maintenance. for no extra charge Come by for a,courtesy vehicle check within the first 90. days or 6 000 miles and ask us any,questions you have while we give your. Beetle a basic checkup Then come,by every year or 10 000 miles for your. remaining scheduled maintenance,checks It s that simple So relax and enjoy.
every carefree mile in your new VW,That s what it s there for And because it s. a Volkswagen it ll keep that new car,feeling for many years to come. No charge scheduled Carefree Maintenance,3 or 36 000. Years Miles, The Volkswagen Carefree Maintenance Program covers the vehicle s scheduled maintenance. for three years or 36 000 miles whichever comes first Coverage during the term of the new. vehicle limited warranty at no additional charge Some limitations apply See dealer or vehicle. maintenance program booklet for details, Beetle Turbo with Sunroof and Sound with 19 Tornado accessory wheels shown in Reef Blue Metallic.
that it s a Volkswagen is actually an understatement It s the Volkswagen It s the soul of the brand It s the face that launched a global company It s the shape of things to come And now we are pleased to introduce the latest evolution in Volkswagen history The all new 2012 Beetle Famous profile Iconic headlight design

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