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birregurra neighbourhood character study,acknowledgements. Study team,David Barnes Project Director and Planner. Emily Hillebrand Project Urban Designer and Planner. Ben Dohrmann Project Manager and Planner,Goksel Karpat Urban Designer and Graphics. The assistance of the following officers at Colac Otway Shire City Council is gratefully acknowledged. Doug McNeill,Daniel Pech,Steering Committee, Cr Brian Cook Councillor Colac Otway Shire City Council. Greg Fletcher Manager Health and Community Services Colac Otway Shire City Council. Paula Gardiner Manager Capital Works Colac Otway Shire City Council. Mick Cosgriff Economic Development Officer Colac Otway Shire City Council. Ian Seuren Manager Recreation Arts and Culture Colac Otway Shire City Council. Doug McNeill Manager Planning and Building Colac Otway Shire Council. Don Lewis Senior Strategic Planner Colac Otway Shire City Council. Daniel Pech Strategic Planner Colac Otway Shire City Council. Greg Hayes Regional Planner Department of Planning Community Development. Community Reference Group,Ian Court Gary Battye,Geoff Downard Sarah Handscomb.
Phillip Kennon Peter Falkiner,Ian Fox Vickery Jeffrey. George Johnson Fiona Brandschild,Christine West,Birregurra Community. A thank you is extended to the community members who attended the consultation events and. stakeholders who gave their time generously to provide input to the study. birregurra neighbourhood character study,table of contents. 1 overview 1,1 1 introduction 1,1 2 what is neighbourhood character 1. 1 3 core study objectives 2,1 4 study focus 2,1 5 study area 2.
2 summary of issues analysis paper 4,2 1 impact from reticulated sewerage 4. 2 2 controls over buildings 4,2 3 vegetation protection 4. 2 4 streetscape elements 5,2 5 township entries 5,3 existing character 6. 3 1 consultation 6,3 2 fieldwork 7,3 3 existing character sheets 7. 4 preferred character areas 15,4 1 rationale behind the different areas 15.
4 2 preferred character area a 19,4 3 preferred character area b 22. 4 4 preferred character area c 25,4 5 preferred character area d 28. 4 6 preferred character area e 30,4 7 general requirements 30. 5 greenfield subdivision 33,5 1 guidelines for subdivision 33. 6 public realm character issues 35,7 planning scheme implementation 37.
7 1 potential mechanisms 37,7 2 recommendations 39. 7 2 1 modifications to the municipal strategic statement 39. 7 2 2 introduction of a design and development overlay 39. 7 2 3 introduction of a vegetation protection overlay 40. 7 2 4 introduction of the study as a reference document 41. birregurra neighbourhood character study,table of figures. figure 1 study area 3,figure 2 existing character areas 9. figure 3 preferred character areas 17,appendices,appendix 1 fieldwork data collection sheet. birregurra neighbourhood character study,1 overview.
1 1 introduction, Colac Otway Shire Council commissioned Hansen Partnership to undertake the Birregurra. Neighbourhood Character Study in June 2011, The rationale for the study is the need to plan for the future development of Birregurra given the recent. connection to reticulated sewerage by Barwon Water Therefore the primary focus of the study is to. establish a planning framework to appropriately manage the impact of new development on the existing. neighbourhood character and to assist in determining the design form and quality of housing to be. developed The current draft Birregurra Structure Plan project has been extended to ensure the findings. of the Neighbourhood Character Study are taken into account before the Structure Plan is finalised. State planning policy seeks to encourage planning for regional areas that develops and reinforces the. distinctive roles and character of each township Colac Otway Shire Council recognises that townships. have their own distinctive character with tree lined avenues and turn of the century streetscapes. houses commercial and public buildings and their surrounding rural and landscape settings. Development pressures high costs of accommodation for tourists and workers and an increase in tourist. numbers in Lorne and other coastal communities has seen more people exploring nearby towns such as. Birregurra for accommodation and recreation, The appeal of townships such as Birregurra requires careful consideration of how residential. development can provide a balance between old and new Hence this study provides the guidelines as. to how new development should be managed in Birregurra to respect and enhance the valued. characteristics of the township and to reinforce its distinctive role and character of the place. 1 2 what is neighbourhood character, The Department of Planning and Community Development Practice Note on Using the Neighbourhood. Character Provisions in Planning Schemes defines neighbourhood character as. The combination of the public and private realms Every property public place or piece of. infrastructure makes a contribution whether great or small It is the cumulative impact of all. these contributions that establishes neighbourhood character. Respecting character does not mean preventing change In simple terms respect for the character of an. area means that development should be designed in response to its context Depending on an area. there are several broad approaches to respecting character. Respecting the bulk and form of surrounding development. Respecting the architectural style of surrounding development and. Responding to other items such as vegetation street characteristics lot sizes etc. Respecting neighbourhood character does not mean mimicry or pattern book design or limiting the. scope of design interpretation and innovation Instead it means designing development in response to. the features and characteristics identified in the neighbourhood. birregurra neighbourhood character study,1 3 core study objectives.
The core objectives of the study are, To develop character objectives and design guidelines for new residential development within. existing areas in order to respond to the valued character of these areas. To develop character objectives and design guidelines that can be applied to new residential growth. areas where these are identified in any Structure Plan prepared for Birregurra in order to respect. the rural town character of Birregurra and, To provide recommendations on the statutory implementation of the study including consideration. of the range of tools available in the Victoria Planning Provisions VPPs. 1 4 study focus, The purpose of the Neighbourhood Character Study is to review the character of residential areas within. Birregurra with a view to recommending appropriate planning tools from the VPPs to effectively address. and appropriately manage future development, The Neighbourhood Character Study involves a three stage process incorporating. Stage 1 Issues Analysis Paper,Stage 2 Existing Character Statements and.
Stage 3 Future Preferred Character Areas and Design Guidelines. The role of the Issues and Analysis Paper was to build on the basic understanding of the place through. a more detailed background assessment and consultation process that provides a clear summary of the. key issues that should be addressed The Birregurra Neighbourhood Character Study this document. provides further information on existing and future character precincts and subsequent design guidelines. For any recommendations following on from this study it will be necessary to pursue a planning scheme. amendment to implement such changes within the Colac Otway Planning Scheme. 1 5 study area, The study area for the purpose of the Neighbourhood Character Study includes all land defined by. Figure 1 which includes the following areas,The existing township boundary which includes. Land within the Township Zone and Low Density Residential Zone refer to Figure 2 on. The golf course and football oval sporting facilities. The railway station and Industrial 1 Zone to the north of town. The investigation area to the north west of town defined in the draft Birregurra Structure Plan. All other areas outside the study area are zoned for farming and hence cannot be developed for urban. residential purposes Therefore those areas are not considered as part of the study. birregurra,neighbourhood,character study,industrial areaa. figure 1 study area,existing township boundary,railway station. place of importance,investigation area scouller,gur street.
investigation area t,ennis stre,dunlops ro und,Project Ref 11 199. Dwg No UDD 002,Scale 1 500 A1,Date 05 10 11,Revision A. hansen partnership pty ltd,melbourne vietnam,level 4 136 exhibition st. melbourne vic 3000,t 61 3 9654 8844 f 61 3 9654 8088. e info hansen online com au,w hansen online com au.
birregurra neighbourhood character study,2 summary of issues analysis paper. 2 1 impact from reticulated sewerage, Until recently Birregurra has not been connected to a reticulated sewerage system which means that. properties have remained relatively large to accommodate on site wastewater treatment systems In the. absence of reticulated sewerage each lot must be large enough so that it is capable of treating and. retaining all wastewater on site in accordance with the State Environment Protection Policy Waters of. Victoria under the Environment Protection Act 1970. The connection to reticulated sewerage by Barwon Water will unlock the potential for smaller lot. subdivision and multi unit development within the town as there is currently no restriction on minimum lot. size within the Colac Otway Planning Scheme Clause 56 of the Planning Scheme provides standards. for subdivision however potentially landowners could apply for lots down to 600 sqm or even 300 sqm. as part of a multi unit permit application, The Neighbourhood Character Study will need to investigate the appropriateness of planning controls or. guidelines regarding the size of lots and medium density development within Birregurra. 2 2 controls over buildings, Where a planning permit is not required there is generally no control over the design and layout of. buildings other than for the basic setback requirements etc provided in the building regulations similar. to the requirements of Clause 54 of the planning scheme for detached houses Under the existing. planning controls that apply to the urban areas within Birregurra a planning permit is not required for a. single dwelling on a lot unless the lot is less than 300 sqm However all multi unit development is. subject to a planning permit and the provisions of Clause 55 apply which do trigger the possibility of. taking into account neighbourhood character considerations for multi unit developments. Overlay controls refer to Page 9 to 11 may trigger the need for a planning permit in relation to other. objectives such as flooding or erosion management However these permit triggers do not provide. control over the scale siting and form of buildings excluding land within a Heritage Overlay which. controls demolition and also requires a planning permit for all new buildings. The Neighbourhood Character Study will establish existing character precincts for areas which exhibit. different character elements It will then formulate future character precincts that will either correspond. with the existing precincts or look at new precincts that outline preferred future character Each precinct. may encompass different controls over such things as building height setbacks front fence treatment. etc These can be controlled in the Planning Scheme through the use of either a Design and. Development Overlay or a Neighbourhood Character Overlay amongst other things. 2 3 vegetation protection, There are currently no specific Planning Scheme Overlays that require a planning permit for removal of.
vegetation in Birregurra such as the Vegetation Protection Overlay or Significant Landscape Overlay. birregurra neighbourhood character study, The removal of native vegetation in Birregurra is controlled to some degree by Clause 52 17 Native. Vegetation but that clause only applies when a site area is 0 4 hectares or more Therefore vegetation. on many lots within Birregurra could be removed without the need for a planning permit. The contribution of exotic and native vegetation to the character of Birregurra is considerable It is likely. that the recommendations of the Neighbourhood Character Study may encourage the retention of. vegetation and the planting of new vegetation on development sites However the removal of vegetation. can only be effectively regulated if an overlay control such as a Vegetation Protection Overlay VPO or. Significant Landscape Overlay SLO is applied to the town. The Great Ocean Road Region Landscape Assessment Study in 2003 did not recommend the. application of such overlays to Birregurra but was part of a broader region wide analysis of state. significant landscapes It should also be noted the VPO and SLO can be worded to include exemptions. for vegetation removal so that not every tree requires a planning permit for removal. 2 4 streetscape elements, Neighbourhood character is the combination of not just buildings and vegetation on private land but also. the appearance of the streets the public realm The elements that make up the publi. key issues that should be addressed The Birregurra Neighbourhood Character Study this document provides further information on existing and future character precincts and subsequent design guidelines For any recommendations following on from this study it will be necessary to pursue a planning scheme

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