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Service and Appearance Care 287 Electrical System 380. Service 289 Capacities and Specifications 386,Fuel 291 Maintenance Schedule 389. Checking Things Under the Hood 296,Maintenance Schedule 390. Headlamp Aiming 327, Bulb Replacement 330 Customer Assistance Information 411. Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement 335 Customer Assistance and Information 412. Tires 336 Reporting Safety Defects 428,Appearance Care 370. Vehicle Identification 379 Index 433,This manual describes features that may be.
available in this model but your vehicle may not,have all of them For example more than one. entertainment system may be offered or your,vehicle may have been ordered without a front. passenger or rear seats, Keep this manual in the vehicle so it will be there. GENERAL MOTORS GM the GM Emblem if it is needed while you are on the road If the. CHEVROLET the CHEVROLET Emblem and the vehicle is sold leave this manual in the vehicle. name HHR are registered trademarks of General,Motors Corporation Canadian Owners. This manual includes the latest information at the. A French language copy of this manual can be,time it was printed We reserve the right to.
obtained from your dealer or from,make changes after that time without further. notice For vehicles first sold in Canada substitute Helm Incorporated. the name General Motors of Canada Limited P O Box 07130. for Chevrolet Motor Division whenever it appears Detroit MI 48207. in this manual,Litho in U S A, Part No 15865148 A First Printing 2006 General Motors Corporation All Rights Reserved. How to Use This Manual,Many people read the owner manual from CAUTION. beginning to end when they first receive their new. vehicle If this is done it can help you learn These mean there is something that could. about the features and controls for the vehicle hurt you or other people. Pictures and words work together in the,owner manual to explain things. In the caution area we tell you what the hazard is. Then we tell you what to do to help avoid or, Index reduce the hazard Please read these cautions If.
A good place to quickly locate information about you do not you or others could be hurt. the vehicle is the Index in the back of the manual. It is an alphabetical list of what is in the manual You will also find a. and the page number where it can be found circle with a slash. through it in this book,This safety symbol,Safety Warnings and Symbols means Do Not Do. There are a number of safety cautions in this Not do this or Do Not. book We use a box and the word CAUTION to let this happen. tell about things that could hurt you if you were to. ignore the warning,Vehicle Damage Warnings Vehicle Symbols. Also in this manual you will find these notices The vehicle has components and labels that use. symbols instead of text Symbols are shown along, Notice These mean there is something with the text describing the operation or information. that could damage your vehicle relating to a specific component control message. A notice tells about something that can damage gage or indicator. the vehicle Many times this damage would not be, If you need help figuring out a specific name of a. covered by your vehicle s warranty and it could component gage or indicator reference the. be costly But the notice will tell what to do to help following topics. avoid the damage,Seats and Restraint Systems in Section 1.
When you read other manuals you might see, CAUTION and NOTICE warnings in different colors Features and Controls in Section 2. or in different words Instrument Panel Overview in Section 3. There are also warning labels on the vehicle They Climate Controls in Section 3. use the same words CAUTION or NOTICE Warning Lights Gages and Indicators in. Audio System s in Section 3,Engine Compartment Overview in Section 5. These are some examples of symbols that may be found on the vehicle. Section 1 Seats and Restraint Systems,Front Seats 8 Child Restraints 43. Manual Seats 8 Older Children 43, Driver Seat Height Adjuster 9 Infants and Young Children 46. Power Seat 9 Child Restraint Systems 49,Power Lumbar 10 Where to Put the Restraint 53.
Heated Seats 10 Lower Anchors and Tethers for,Reclining Seatbacks 11 Children LATCH 56. Head Restraints 13 Securing a Child Restraint in a. Passenger Folding Seatback 14 Rear Seat Position 63. Rear Seats 17 Securing a Child Restraint in the, Split Folding Rear Seat 17 Right Front Seat Position 66. Safety Belts 20 Airbag System 71, Safety Belts They Are for Everyone 20 Where Are the Airbags 74. Questions and Answers About Safety Belts 24 When Should an Airbag Inflate 77. How to Wear Safety Belts Properly 25 What Makes an Airbag Inflate 79. Driver Position 26 How Does an Airbag Restrain 79, Shoulder Belt Height Adjustment 34 What Will You See After an Airbag Inflates 80. Safety Belt Use During Pregnancy 35 Passenger Sensing System 82. Right Front Passenger Position 35 Servicing Your Airbag Equipped Vehicle 88. Rear Seat Passengers 36 Adding Equipment to Your, Rear Safety Belt Comfort Guides 39 Airbag Equipped Vehicle 89.
Safety Belt Pretensioners 42 Restraint System Check 90. Safety Belt Extender 42 Checking the Restraint Systems 90. Replacing Restraint System Parts,After a Crash 91,Front Seats. Manual Seats,You can lose control of the vehicle if you. try to adjust a manual driver s seat while,the vehicle is moving The sudden. movement could startle and confuse you,or make you push a pedal when you do. not want to Adjust the driver s seat only Lift the bar located under the front of the seat to. when the vehicle is not moving unlock it Slide the seat to where you want it. and release the bar Try to move the seat with your. body to be sure the seat is locked in place,Driver Seat Height Adjuster Power Seat.
Driver s Seat with Power Seat Control and, If your vehicle has this feature the driver s seat Power Lumbar shown. height adjuster is located on the outboard If the vehicle has a power seat the control used. side of the seat to operate it is located on the outboard side of the. To raise the seat move the lever upward driver s seat To adjust the seat do any of the. repeatedly until the seat is at the desired height following. To lower the seat move the lever downward Move the seat forward or rearward by sliding. repeatedly until the seat is at the desired height the control forward or rearward. Raise or lower the front part of the seat cushion,by holding the front of the control up or down. Raise or lower the entire seat by holding the,rear of the control up or down. Power Lumbar Heated Seats,If your vehicle has this. feature the driver s and,passenger s heated,seat buttons are located.
on the climate control,panel below the,fan switch,Driver s side button. shown Passenger s,side button similar,If your vehicle has this feature the control is. located on the outboard side of the driver s seat Press the button once to turn the heated seat to. cushion the high setting Both lights below the heated seat. symbol will come on Press the button a second, To increase support press and hold the front of time and the heated seat will go to the low setting. the control To decrease support press and The bottom light will come on to indicate that. hold the rear of the control Keep in mind that as the setting is on low Press the button a third time. your seating position changes as it may during to turn the heated seat off. long trips so should the position of your lumbar, support Adjust the seat as needed The heated seat feature will need to be turned on. each time the ignition is turned off and back on,Reclining Seatbacks.
You can lose control of the vehicle if you,try to adjust a manual driver s seat while. the vehicle is moving The sudden,movement could startle and confuse you. or make you push a pedal when you do,not want to Adjust the driver s seat only. when the vehicle is not moving,Passenger s Side Reclining Lever shown. Driver s Side similar,The seats have reclining seatbacks The lever.
CAUTION used to operate them is located on the outboard. side of the seats Lift the lever to release the, If the seatback is not locked it could seatback Move the seatback to where you want it. move forward in a sudden stop or crash and release the lever to lock the seatback in. That could cause injury to the person place Press rearward on the seatback to be sure. sitting there Always push and pull on the it is locked into place. seatback to be sure it is locked,Sitting in a reclined position when your. vehicle is in motion can be dangerous,Even if you buckle up your safety belts. cannot do their job when you are reclined,The shoulder belt cannot do its job. because it will not be against your body,Instead it will be in front of you In a.
crash you could go into it receiving neck,or other injuries. The lap belt cannot do its job either In a,crash the belt could go up over your. abdomen The belt forces would be there,not at your pelvic bones This could cause. serious internal injuries,For proper protection when the vehicle is. in motion have the seatback upright,Then sit well back in the seat and wear.
your safety belt properly, Do not have a seatback reclined if your vehicle is. Head Restraints Pull the head restraint up,to raise it To lower the. head restraint press the,button located on the,top of the seatback and. push the restraint down,Only the front head,restraints are adjustable. Both the front and rear head restraints can be,removed Press the button located on the top of.
the seatback and pull the restraint out from,the seatback Do not remove the head restraint if. someone will be sitting in that seat while the,vehicle is moving. Adjust the head restraint so that the top of the,restraint is at the same height as the occupant s. head This position reduces the chance of a,neck injury in a crash. Passenger Folding Seatback, Your vehicle has a front passenger seat that CAUTION.
folds flat,Things you put on this seatback can,strike and injure people in a sudden stop. CAUTION or turn or in a crash Remove or secure,all items before driving. If you fold the seatback forward to carry,longer objects such as skis be sure any. To fold the seatback do the following,such cargo is not near an airbag In a. crash an inflating airbag might force that 1 Move the front passenger seat rearward to. object toward a person This could cause ensure there is enough room to fold the. seatback forward See Manual Seats on,severe injury or even death Secure objects.
page 8 for more information The head, away from the area in which an airbag restraint may need to be removed if the seat. would inflate For more information see is not able to be moved fully rearward If. Where Are the Airbags on page 74 and removing the head restraint store it so that it. Loading Your Vehicle on page 269 will not move while the vehicle is in motion. 2 Make sure that the seatback is in an upright,position Use the recliner lever located on the. outboard side of the seat to move the,seatback to the upright position. 3 Use one of two levers to fold the seat flat 4 Continue to fold the seat forward until it locks. The levers are located on the rear of the in the folded position Pull up on the seatback. seat near the bottom of either side of the seat to be sure it is locked. Pull up on either lever and fold the seat,forward until the seatback disengages This. Keep this manual in the vehicle so it will be there if it is needed while you are on the road If the vehicle is sold leave this manual in the vehicle Canadian Owners A French language copy of this manual can be obtained from your dealer or from Helm Incorporated P O Box 07130 Detroit MI 48207 Litho in U S A

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