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4 Introduction,PART 1 T HE BAS IC S,6 A Timeline of the Coronavirus. 15 From Flattening the Curve to Social Distancing,A Coronavirus Glossary. 21 How to Prepare for the Coronavirus, 26 Coronavirus Is Very Different From the Spanish Flu. of 1918 Here s How,30 What Are the Symptoms Is There a Cure. and Other Coronavirus Questions,36 What Does the Coronavirus Do to the Body.
43 Surfaces Sneezes Sex How the Coronavirus,Can and Cannot Spread. 48 Your Nose Itches Is It Allergies Flu or the Coronavirus. 52 Can I Boost My Immune System,58 How Exercise May Affect Your Immunity. 62 How to Stop Touching Your Face,65 How to Clean Your Phone. 67 Pregnant and Worried About Coronavirus,Experts Weigh In. 75 How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus, 2 A N SW E R S TO YO U R C O R O N AV I R U S Q U EST I O N S.
80 5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety,About the Coronavirus. 84 As Coronavirus Spreads How You Can Protect,a Family Member in a Nursing Home. PART 2 STAY I NG IN,91 How to Self Quarantine,97 Working From Home How Coronavirus Could. Affect the Workplace,103 Stocking Your Pantry the Smart Way. 107 9 Shows for Social Distancing,PART 3 TRAVEL MON EY AN D OTH E R CONC ERNS.
114 Travel and the Coronavirus,Answers to Your Top Questions. 126 How Not to Get Sick While Traveling, 130 Freaked Out by the Stock Market Take a Deep Breath. 135 Your Money and the Coronavirus,You Asked Experts Answered. 141 Should I Stop Making 401 k Contributions,143 Investors Nervous About Coronavirus Ask. Should I Put My 401 k in Bonds,146 Learning to Live With the Coronavirus.
Copyright 2020 The New York Times Company All rights reserved. Introduction,The New York Times has hundreds of reporters and. editors working around the clock and on multiple, continents to understand and explain the coronavirus. outbreak and its effects In this book we have collected. more than two dozen pieces of journalism that we, hope will be helpful as you and your family navigate. this highly fluid situation For the latest information. go to nytimes com coronavirus or connect with us on. our social media channels And let us know what other. questions we can answer,CAROLINE QUE THE NEW YORK TIMES MARCH 17 2020. 4 A N SW E R S TO YO U R C O R O N AV I R U S Q U EST I O N S. The Basics,A Timeline of the Coronavirus,The outbreak of the virus which began in Wuhan.
China has left tens of thousands sickened,and thousands of people dead Officials have. declared it a pandemic BY DERRICK BRYSON TAYLOR, THE CORONAVIRUS SURFACED in a Chinese seafood and poultry. market in late 2019 Here s a timeline of the outbreak so far. DEC 31 2019,Chinese authorities treated dozens of cases. of pneumonia of unknown cause, On Dec 31 the government in Wuhan China confirmed that. health authorities were treating dozens of cases Days later. researchers in China identified a new virus that had infected. dozens of people in Asia At the time there was no evidence. that the virus was readily spread by humans Health officials. in China said they were monitoring it to prevent the outbreak. from developing into something more severe,JAN 11 2020.
China reported its first death, On Jan 11 Chinese state media reported the first known death. from an illness caused by the virus which had infected doz. ens of people The 61 year old man who died was a regular. customer at the market in Wuhan where the illness is believed. 6 A N SW E R S TO YO U R C O R O N AV I R U S Q U EST I O N S. to have originated and he had previously been found to have. abdominal tumors and chronic liver disease The report of his. death came just before one of China s biggest holidays when. hundreds of millions of people travel across the country. Other countries including the United,States confirmed cases. The first confirmed cases outside mainland China occurred in. Japan South Korea and Thailand according to the World Health. Organization s first situation report The first confirmed case. in the United States came the next day in Washington State. where a man in his 30s developed symptoms after returning. from a trip to Wuhan,Wuhan a city of more than 11 million was. cut off by Chinese authorities, The Chinese authorities closed off Wuhan by canceling planes. and trains leaving the city and suspending buses subways and. ferries within it At this point at least 17 people had died and. more than 570 others had been infected including in Taiwan. Japan Thailand South Korea and the United States,The W H O declared a global health emergency.
Amid thousands of new cases in China a public health emer. gency of international concern was officially declared by the. W H O China s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that it. would continue to work with the W H O and other countries to. T H E B AS I C S 7, protect public health and the U S State Department warned. travelers to avoid China, The Trump administration restricted travel from China. The Trump administration said it would suspend entry into. the United States by any foreign nationals who had traveled. to China in the past 14 days excluding the immediate family. members of American citizens or permanent residents By this. date 213 people had died and nearly 9 800 had been infected. The first coronavirus death was reported outside China. A 44 year old man in the Philippines died after being infected. officials said the first death reported outside China By this. point more than 360 people had died,A cruise ship in Japan quarantined thousands. After a two week trip to Southeast Asia more than 3 600 pas. sengers began a quarantine aboard the Diamond Princess. cruise ship in Yokohama Japan Officials started screening. passengers and the number of people who tested positive. became the largest number of coronavirus cases outside China. By Feb 13 the number stood at 218, A Chinese doctor who tried to raise the alarm died. When Dr Li Wenliang a Chinese doctor died on Feb 7 after. 8 A N SW E R S TO YO U R C O R O N AV I R U S Q U EST I O N S. contracting the coronavirus he was hailed as a hero by many. for trying to ring early alarms that a cluster of infections could. spin out of control, In early January the authorities reprimanded him and he.
was forced to sign a statement denouncing his warning as an. unfounded and illegal rumor Dr Li s death provoked anger. and frustration at how the Chinese government mishandled. the situation by not sharing information earlier and silencing. whistle blowers,The death toll in China surpassed the. number SARS killed worldwide, The death toll in China rose to 908 surpassing the global num. ber of people who died from the SARS epidemic in 2002 3. which killed 774 At this point the number of confirmed cases of. infection in the country had risen to 40 171,There were more than 14 000 new. cases in Hubei Province, Officials added more than 14 840 new cases to the total number. of infected in Hubei Province and the ruling Communist Party. ousted top officials there The new cases set a daily record com. ing after officials in Hubei seemed to be including infections that. were diagnosed by using lung scans of symptomatic patients. France announces the first coronavirus death in Europe. An 80 year old Chinese tourist died on Feb 14 at a hospital in. T H E B AS I C S 9, Paris in what was the first coronavirus death outside Asia the.
authorities said The health minister of France Agn s Buzyn. said the man who was from Hubei Province the center of the. outbreak had arrived in France in mid January and his con. dition had quickly worsened It was the fourth death from the. virus outside mainland China where about 1 500 people had. died most of them in Hubei,Chinese officials draft legislation to curb. the practice of eating wildlife, China said it was reviewing its trade and consumption of. wildlife which has been identified as a probable source of the. outbreak Officials drafted legislation that aims to end the per. nicious habit of eating wildlife a statement from the Standing. Committee of the Congress said,Hundreds leave the quarantined cruise ship. After a two week quarantine 443 passengers began leaving the. Diamond Princess cruise ship It was the first day of a three. day operation to offload people who tested negative for the. virus and did not have symptoms Passengers who shared cab. ins with infected patients remained on the ship A total of 621. people aboard the ship were infected,A secretive church is linked to an. outbreak in South Korea, Shincheonji Church of Jesus a secretive church in South Korea.
10 A N SW E R S TO YO U R C O R O N AV I R U S Q U EST I O N S. was linked to a surge of infections in the country The number. of confirmed cases in the country rose above 200 and more. than 400 other church members reported potential symptoms. health officials said, As a result the government shut down thousands of kinder. gartens nursing homes and community centers and put a stop. to political rallies in the capital Seoul,The virus appears in Iran from an unknown source. On Feb 19 Iran announced two coronavirus cases in the coun. try then hours later said that both patients had died Two days. later Iran announced two additional deaths The source of the. virus in Iran is unknown By Feb 20 the number of global cases. had risen to nearly 76 000 according to the W H O,Italy sees major surge in coronavirus. cases and officials lock down towns, Europe faced its first major outbreak as the number of reported. cases in Italy grew from fewer than five to more than 150 In the. Lombardy region officials locked down 10 towns after a cluster. of cases suddenly emerged in Codogno southeast of Milan As. a result schools closed and sporting and cultural events were. The Trump administration asks Congress for,1 25 billion for coronavirus response.
As the number of coronavirus cases around the globe continued. T H E B AS I C S 11, to climb the Trump administration began preparing for the virus. to arrive in the United States The White House asked Congress. to allocate 1 25 billion in new emergency funds to bolster its. preparedness a significant escalation in the administration s. response At this point the United States where Centers for. Disease Control and Prevention officials warned of an almost. certain outbreak had 35 confirmed cases and no deaths. Iran emerges as a second focus point of the virus, Iran said it had 61 coronavirus cases and 12 deaths more than. any other country but China and public health experts warned. that Iran was a cause for worry its borders are crossed each. year by millions of religious pilgrims migrant workers and. others Cases in Iraq Afghanistan Bahrain Kuwait Oman. Lebanon the United Arab Emirates and one in Canada have. been traced back to Iran,Latin America reports its first coronavirus case. Brazilian health officials said that a 61 year old S o Paulo man. who had returned recently from a business trip to Italy tested. positive for the coronavirus It was the first known case in Latin. America Officials also began tracking down other passengers. on the flight the man took to Brazil and others who had contact. with him in recent days,The number of infections in Europe spike. Italy where 800 people had been infected by Feb 28 remained. 12 A N SW E R S TO YO U R C O R O N AV I R U S Q U EST I O N S. an area of concern Cases in 14 other countries including. Northern Ireland and Wales could be traced back to Italy. Germany had nearly 60 cases by Feb 27 and France reported. 57 more than triple the number from two days earlier Both. England and Switzerland reported additional cases while. Belarus Estonia and Lithuania all reported their first infections. Sub Saharan Africa records its first infection, Nigeria Africa s most populous nation confirmed its first case.
of coronavirus on Feb 28 The patient was an Italian citizen. who had returned to Lagos from Milan,The United States records its first coronavirus. death and announces travel restrictions, A patient near Seattle became the first coronavirus patient to. die in the United States on Feb 28 As the number of global. cases rose to nearly 87 000 the Trump administration issued its. highest level warning known as a do not travel warning for. areas in Italy and South Korea most affected by the virus The. government also banned all travel to Iran and barred entry to. any foreign citizen who had visited Iran in the previous 14 days. U S officials approve widespread coronavirus testing. The C D C lifted all federal restrictions on testing for the coro. navirus on March 3 according to Vice President Mike Pence. The news came after the C D C s first attempt to produce a. diagnostic test kit fell flat By this point the coronavirus had. T H E B AS I C S 13, infected more than 90 000 around the globe and killed about. 3 000 according to the W H O,President Trump blocks most visitors. from Continental Europe, In a prime time address from the Oval Office Mr Trump said.
he would halt travelers from European countries other than. Britain for 30 days as the World Health Organization declared. the coronavirus a pandemic and stock markets plunged further. President Trump declares a national emergency, Mr Trump officially declared a national emergency and said he. The New York Times has hundreds of reporters and editors working around the clock and on multiple continents to understand and explain the coronavirus outbreak and its effects In this book we have collected more than two dozen pieces of journalism that we hope will be helpful as you and your family navigate this highly fluid situation For the latest information go to nytimes com

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