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General Information 3,On Test Day 11,GRE General Test 3. What to Bring to the Test Administration 11,GRE Subject Tests 3. Identification ID Verification 11,Test Preparation 3. ID Requirements 11, Test Takers with Disabilities or Health related Needs 3. Test Center Procedures and Regulations 12,Contact Information 4.
Canceling Scores 15,Score Reinstatement 15,Test Registration 5. Absence from a Test 15,Registration Checklist 5,Reporting Suspicious Behavior 15. The Name You Use When Registering 5,Creating an ETS Account 5. Score Reporting 16, Registering for the Computer delivered GRE General Test 5. Scores Reported 16,Rescheduling Your Test 6,Getting Your Scores 16.
Canceling Your Test 6,Reporting Your Scores 16, Registering for the Paper delivered GRE General Test or. Ordering Additional Score Reports 17,a GRE Subject Test 6. If Your Name Has Changed 17,Standby Testing 7,Preventing Unauthorized Release of your Scores 17. Rescheduling Your Test 7,Scoring Services 17,Canceling Your Test 7. GRE Diagnostic Service 17,Fees for Tests and Related Services 8.
Question and Answer Review Service New York,Payment Methods 8. test takers only 17,Other Forms of Payment 9,Score Review for the Analytical Writing. Payment Policies 9,Measure 17,GRE Fee Reduction Program 9. Score Review for the Verbal Reasoning and,Refund Policy 9. Quantitative Reasoning Measures 18,Refund Policy for Test Takers in Korea 10.
Score Review for the GRE Subject Tests 18,Retaking a GRE Test 10. Test Takers Background Information Data and,ETS Use of Personal Information 10. Performance Data 18,Data Retention 10,Cancellation of Scores by ETS 18. GRE Search Service 10,Test Dates Registration Deadlines and Score. Reporting Dates for the Paper delivered,General Test and Subject Tests 20.
The Graduate Record Examinations GRE Program is administered by Educational Testing Service under policies determined by the GRE. Board an independent board affiliated with the Association of Graduate Schools AGS and the Council of Graduate Schools CGS The GRE. Board and Educational Testing Service are dedicated to the principle of equal opportunity and their programs services and employment. policies are guided by that principle If state legislation that affects the GRE tests is enacted and becomes effective during the 2017 18 testing. year testing may be curtailed in the states in which the new laws would apply GRE scores are not the property of the test taker even though the. use reporting and cancellation of scores are subject to various rights and restrictions as indicated in this Bulletin The policies and procedures. explained in this Bulletin are effective only for the 2017 18 testing year July 1 2017 through June 30 2018 and supersede previous policies. and procedures The fees terms and conditions contained in this Bulletin are subject to change Visit www ets org gre for the most up to date. information Copyright 2017 by Educational Testing Service All rights reserved ETS the ETS logo MEASURING THE POWER OF. LEARNING GRE POWERPREP and SCORESELECT are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service ETS in the United States. and other countries SCOREITNOW is a trademark of ETS All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. General Information, The GRE General Test and GRE Subject Tests are taken by GRE Subject Tests. individuals applying to graduate programs in natural sciences. engineering social sciences business humanities and arts The GRE Subject Tests measure achievement in specific subject. education and other fields For more than 60 years GRE scores areas and assume undergraduate majors or extensive background. have been used by admissions and fellowship panels at in those disciplines These tests are available in the following. thousands of graduate and business school programs around the disciplines. world to supplement an applicant s undergraduate grades and. other qualifications for graduate study,GRE General Test Literature in English. The GRE General Test measures verbal reasoning quantitative Mathematics. reasoning critical thinking and analytical writing skills skills Physics. that have been developed over a long period of time and are not Psychology. related to a specific field of study but are important for all The. test closely aligns with the types of skills that are required for GRE Subject Tests are paper delivered tests administered. success in today s demanding graduate and business school worldwide up to three times a year in September October and. programs April Testing time is 2 hours and 50 minutes Visit. www ets org mygre to see available test centers and dates For. In most regions of the world the test is administered throughout more information about the content of each of the GRE Subject. the year on computer at Prometric test centers The computer Tests visit www ets org gre subject content. delivered test may also be offered on specific dates at additional. testing locations outside of the Prometric test center network Note the GRE Biochemistry Cell and Molecular Biology Test. Visit www ets org gre centers to see available test centers and was discontinued in the 2016 17 testing year Scores on the test. dates for all computer delivered testing locations will continue to be reported for five years after the testing year. in which you tested July 1 June 30, In areas of the world where the computer delivered test is not. available a paper delivered format of the test is administered up Test Preparation. to three times a year in October November and February Visit. www ets org gre centers to see available test centers and dates GRE General Test. The GRE General Test is composed of Analytical Writing Visit www ets org gre prepare to access test prep materials. Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections Testing many of which are free. time is listed below GRE Subject Tests, Computer delivered Test Visit www ets org gre subject prepare to access free test. Analytical Writing one section with two separately timed preparation material. writing tasks 30 minutes per task,Test Takers with Disabilities or Health.
Verbal Reasoning two 30 minute sections 20 questions related Needs. per section, Testing accommodations are available for test takers with. Quantitative Reasoning two 35 minute sections 20 questions disabilities or health related needs who meet ETS requirements. per section If you are requesting testing accommodations you must have. In addition an unidentified unscored section may be included your accommodations approved prior to testing. and may appear in any order after the Analytical Writing The 2017 18 Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with. section It is not counted as part of your score An identified Disabilities or Health Related Needs contains contact. research section that is not scored may be included in place of information registration procedures and forms The Supplement. the unidentified unscored section The research section will should be used together with this Bulletin and the registration. always appear at the end of the test For more information about forms available at www ets org gre disabilities To download the. the content of the computer delivered GRE General Test visit Supplement visit www ets org gre disabilities or contact ETS. www ets org gre general content Disability Services see page 4. Paper delivered Test To request a large print copy of the GRE Bulletin and the. Analytical Writing two sections each with one writing task Bulletin Supplement contact ETS Disability Services. 30 minutes per section, Verbal Reasoning two 35 minute sections 25 questions. per section, Quantitative Reasoning two 40 minute sections 25 questions. per section, For more information about the content of the paper delivered. GRE General Test visit www ets org gre general content. 2017 18 GRE Bulletin www ets org gre 3,Contact Information.
GRE Services Contact Information for Test Takers,General Inquiries in Korea. Email gre info ets org Email GRESupport4Korea ets org. Phone 1 609 771 7670 or 1 866 473 4373 toll free for test Phone 1 443 455 5415 or 00308131924 toll free for test. takers in the U S U S Territories and Canada takers in Korea. Monday Friday 8 a m 7 45 p m Eastern Time Monday Friday 9 a m to 5 p m Korea Standard. except for U S holidays Time except for local holidays. Recorded information is available 24 hours a day,Test Preparation Material. Mail GRE ETS PO Box 6000, Princeton NJ 08541 6000 U S A For information about all GRE test preparation material offered. visit www ets org gre prepare or, Note DO NOT mail registration forms to this address www ets org gre subject prepare. Overnight Mail Paper back versions of The Official Guide to the GRE General. ETS GRE Test Third Edition Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice. Distribution and Receiving Center Questions Volume 1 Second Edition and Official GRE. 225 Phillips Boulevard Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1 Second. Ewing NJ 08618 1426 U S A Edition are also available by phone or mail. Phone 1 609 771 7243 or 1 800 537 3160 toll free for test. Fax 1 610 290 8975,takers in the U S U S Territories and Canada.
Monday Friday 8 a m 5 p m Eastern Time except, Test Takers with Disabilities or Health for U S holidays. related Needs, To obtain information and registration materials visit the Mail GRE ETS PO Box 6000. www ets org gre disabilities or contact ETS Disability Services Princeton NJ 08541 6000 U S A. Email stassd ets org Test Question Inquiries, Phone 1 609 771 7780 or 1 866 387 8602 toll free for test If you think there is an error in a test question that affects your. takers in the U S U S Territories and Canada response tell the test center administrator as soon as you finish. Monday Friday 8 30 a m 5 p m Eastern Time the test and immediately contact GRE Services In your. except for U S holidays communication state the name and address of the test center the. test date and name of the test the number and content of the. Mail ETS Disability Services question and the section in which it appeared. PO Box 6054, Princeton NJ 08541 6054 U S A Email GRETestQuestionInquiries ets org. Fax 1 609 771 7165,Test Center Complaints, Attn GRE Mail Stop 05 Q Complaints need to be received at ETS no later than seven days.
after your test date, Contact Information for Test Takers in India Computer delivered Tests. Email GRESupport4India ets org Email gre info ets org. Phone 91 1244517127 or 000 800 100 4072 toll free for test Paper delivered Tests. takers in India,Email GRETAS ets org,Monday Friday 9 a m to 5 p m India Standard Time. except for local holidays,2017 18 GRE Bulletin www ets org gre 4. Test Registration, Registration Checklist If your ETS account has already been created confirm that the. name on your ID documents still matches the name that. If you have health related needs that require you to bring appears in your account. equipment beverages or snacks into the testing room or to It is your responsibility to ensure that your ID documents. take extra or extended breaks you need to follow the match the name that appears on your account. accommodations request procedures described in the Bulletin. Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health If Your Name Has Changed. Related Needs which is available at, www ets org gre disabilities If you are registering to take a GRE test and have changed your.
name since you took a previous GRE test and want current and. Review the fees on page 8 and read the reschedule and previous scores reported contact ETS see page 4. cancellation policies on pages 6 7, Read and understand the ID requirements at Creating an ETS Account. www ets org gre idrequirements You are responsible for. bringing valid and acceptable ID when you report to a test You will need to create an ETS Account at www ets org mygre to do. center the following, Decide where and when you would like to take the test Be Register for a GRE test. sure to allow sufficient time for score reporting when Sign up for the free GRE Search Service. scheduling your test so you can meet the admissions deadlines. Order test prep materials,for the schools to which you are applying. View scores, Determine which graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors. you want to receive your scores and which ScoreSelect View change or cancel your registration. option you will choose As part of your test fee you may Order Additional Score Reports. request that scores be sent to as many as four graduate Access the free GRE Diagnostic Service. institutions or fellowship sponsors using the ScoreSelect Choose to receive important notifications concerning your test. option See page 16 and scores through text messages in addition to email. If taking a computer delivered test you will choose. score recipients and your ScoreSelect option on the day Registering for the Computer delivered GRE. of your test General Test, If taking a paper delivered test you will choose score.
recipients and your ScoreSelect option when registering You can register for the computer delivered General Test. Learn about the FREE GRE Search Service on page 10 You online or by phone. will have the option to sign up for the Search Service when If you are testing in Mainland China you must register online. areas and assume undergraduate majors or extensive background in those disciplines These tests are available in the following disciplines

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