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Table of Contents Commander s Corner,Col Kenneth T Royar. Brigade Commander, 3 Commander s Corner 22 Returning home from deployment their advantages and disadvantages care. fully weigh all considerations to include, 4 CSM 24 Operation Rising Star The search is on everything from family stability to finan. cial compensation and other benefits like, 5 From Command Chief Warrant Officer 26 Retention health care that are sometimes hard to. quantify Also know that with the removal, 6 Target in sight 27 Legal of troops from Iraq the time between de.
ployments will continue to increase, 8 KY 123rd ARNG celebrates 50 years since 28 A day in the life If your decision is to remain in the Army. last activationxs then of course you must consider the next. 10 Combat 10 Miler 30 A letter from PAO Duffle bag step in your career Is it professionally. enhancing to stay at Fort Campbell Ky, 12 TF Thunder Soldier receives Bronze Star AR 31 EO or is it better to do a permanent change. COM with Valor medals of station Do you have the option to go. 14 Sounds of Thunder 32 Through your eyes,to a non deployable unit or organization. I recommend finding a mentor to discuss, 16 Comms keeps air ground talking 34 Chaplain s Message Reintegration Strong. career options, Bond events In the end decide what is best for you.
and your family Professional careers, 18 Operation Colorful Hope III Placing a painting 35 Powerplant repairers ensure aircraft engine is. in every hospital and clinic in th world safe prior to flight must be balanced with family consid. erations and many times the decisions,20 Weapons Gauging Ensuring combat readiness. are not clear cut Know that the chain,of command is here to help you make an. Decisions Decisions informed decision and then support you. At this point in the deployment many with whatever you decide. Editorial Staff The 159th CAB TF Thunder Enlightening of us are faced with important decisions Regardless of whether your decision is. Brigade Commander This newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the U S Army about our future Should we stay in the ultimately to stay in the Army or get out. Col Kenneth T Royar Content for the 159th CAB TF Thunder are not necessarily the official view Army or end our terms of service or re to stay at Fort Campbell Ky or move on. Brigade Command Sgt Maj, of or endorsed by the U S Government Department of Defense Depart tire If we decide to stay in should we ask thank you for your service As a Soldier. Eric C Thom ment of the Army or Fort Campbell Ky to stay at Fort Campbell Ky or elect to or Family member you have already done. Public Affairs Officer It is published monthly using the 159th CAB Public Affairs Officer services move on to another duty station These what less than one percent of Americans. Sgt 1st Class Stephanie L Carl are all important decisions that need to be have and that is to serve It is an honor to. All editorial content of the 159th CAB TF Thunder is prepared edited serve with each of you. Editor thought through, provided and approved by the Public Affairs Office of the 159th CAB of Fort.
Sgt Shanika L Futrell Campbell Ky In making the decision about whether to. Journalist,stay in or get out of the Army consider. Spc Jennifer Andersson All news items articles and photographs must be submitted to the Public what the Army has to offer in compari. Affairs Office Items may also be e mailed to the editor at 159cabpao son to a civilian career While both have. A word from, Brigade Command Sergeant Major From the Command Chief Warrant Officer. Eric C Thom Joe Roberts, Soldier training such as weapons qualification physical. training tests sexual harassment and assault preven. tion training and medical examinations to include flight. physicals and dental screening, We also must tell the positive story of the great impacts. our warriors have made as members of the unit Nothing. sets a Soldier up for success faster than a positive im. age told by his previous unit team members If you have. nothing positive to say then say nothing For the mes. sage we send is a critical enabler that will help our young. warrant officers as they grow and develop into our future. warrant officer leaders, Speaking of leadership our branch has made the deci.
sion to formalize the position of command chief warrant. officer CCWO as a command team position within, each combat aviation brigade Currently the develop. ment is on going to include the creation of a formal. modified table of equipment position nominative se. lection of candidates for the position at the HRC level. and assignments to coincide with that of the brigade. commander and command sergeant major This means, Hello to all the best we have to offer now they get warrant officers will have an advocate and voice at the. So far October has been a very good the opportunity to prove they are the best brigade level as a full time job However expect the. CCWO s priorities to match that of the brigade com. month for Task Force Thunder 159th of the best mander just as they currently do. We recently had another milestone the Regional Com. Combat Aviation Brigade promotions We must also say congratulations to mand South transfer of authority from the 10th Mountain. were abundant we had over 100 reen Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rick Bebb Division to the 82nd Airborne Division The transition has. been relatively seamless and smooth with little impact to. listments in the first week and the long from TF Wings for his selection as the our formation We welcome the senior staff of the 82nd. hot days of summer are finally starting to Army Aviation Association of America Another month has passed and Task Force Thunder to RC South and look forward to their leadership and. 159th Combat Aviation Brigade continues to keep the wisdom as we move into the fall winter fighting season. cool down AAAA winner of the annual Aircraft pressure on the enemy as we head into the last third of Additionally we certainly welcome the new Chairman of. our deployment the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Martin Dempsey and our. I want to congratulate Sgt Andrew Survivability Equipment Award and I recently returned from rest and recovery and got to new Army Chief of Staff Gen Ray Odierno. Herndon from TF Lift and Spc Revanth Sgt Angel Jordan from TF Palehorse experience the sheer joy of returning to family for a very. enjoyable and memorable couple of weeks For those,What lies ahead for us Although we are two thirds. through the deployment there is still much to be done As. Renduchintala from TF Fighting as they for receiving AAAA s annual Avionics who have yet to go on your R R be sure to enjoy ev the senior brigade staff continues planning for redeploy. ery minute of it it goes quickly ment our war fighters continue to provide outstanding. were the winners of the fourth quarter Award I predict these are just the first It s also great to be back with TF Thunder during this support to our ground force commanders while integrat. fiscal year 2011 NCO and Soldier of the of many individual and unit awards that truly exciting time as we have transitioned to the fall ing our allies and Afghan forces However the time. is passing quickly as we approach the holiday season. season and the weather is cooler, quarter board winners respectively They we will receive I say that with all the The personnel distribution roster is now complete and Halloween will be within a week or so by the time this. we were very successful in fulfilling our warrant officers is published and then about three weeks later there s. will compete Oct 20 until Oct 21 with confidence in the world because I know assignment desires be it a permanent change of station Thanksgiving About four weeks after that we will cel. the other quarter board winners for the the quality of the Soldiers in this brigade or to remain at Fort Campbell Ky We are fortunate to ebrate Christmas followed closely by New Years Day. have a great working relationship with the Human Re Then shortly afterward the relief in place process and. right to be known as the TF Thunder have no equal ANYWHERE sources Command Additionally most of you were able transfer of authority will occur followed immediately by. NCO and Soldier of the Year I wish all As always it is my honor to serve as to realize your goal to obtain skill qualification track redeployment For now though we must keep our eye. training As a result many will be leaving TF Thunder on the ball and our head in the game We do that best by. the participants the best of luck and want your command sergeant major next summer with a heightened anticipation of their next focusing on the basics setting and enforcing high stan. assignment dards living the Army values and providing engaged. them to know that there are over three As leaders it s important that we ask ourselves what we leadership. thousand personnel in this Task Force can do to enhance our warriors transition to their next. assignments For one thing we should be very proactive. and they have already been chosen to be in ensuring all their training and evaluations are up to. date to include flight training and evaluations common. Target in Sight,with Company A 4th Bn 101st Avn,Fenwick is actually a supply special.
ist who served with the unit during its t Sgt Alex Williams a crew. 2009 deployment then volunteered to chief with Company A Task. Aviation gunnery keeps be a door gunner for this deployment. When I went through my first pro,Force Wings 4th Battalion. 101st Aviation Regiment, crews proficient ready gressions at Fort Irwin Calif I told. myself I could get better he said leans out his window to gain. situational awareness of local, to engage the enemy Throughout the past year Fenwick. has learned more about both the weap nationals as he prepares to. on system and the aircraft which has conduct gunnery qualification. Story and Photos by helped him prepare for this gunnery at FOB Wolverine Oct 8. He explained that when he took his ac, Sgt 1st Class Stephanie L Carl ademics test his biggest problem was. FORWARD OPERATING BASE getting the different numbers mixed up. WOLVERINE Afghanistan Target You don t just want to start shooting. in sight Sgt Alex Williams voice at a target he said You want to know. crackled over the headset the different distances you can effec. You re clear to engage when you re tively shoot at when you re in the air. ready came the pilot s response The academics test helps Williams. Moments later Williams began fir and his company standardization in. ing the M 240H machine gun slowly structors find the Soldiers weaknesses. at first as he followed the path of the and retrain them. tracer rounds and watched for dust Overall I was very pleased with the. test results he said About 90 percent,clouds so he could adjust fire as need.
ed Meanwhile the brass casings from, pStaff Sgt Brian Williams the standardization instructor for of our guys scored in the 90 to 100th. Task Force Wings 4th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment sorts percentile But those test results give us. the rounds flew back into the helicopter, and to the ground 7 62mm ammunition during gunnery at FOB Wolverine Oct 8 a clue to what we need to train on. Shooting an area target with a machine which they turn in at nearby bases training starts out on the ground as For some of the more seasoned crew. gun that fires as many as 650 rounds Here we fly over anywhere from 50 to many of the door gunners have no members the training may seem re. per minute might seem like an easy 100 feet to make sure the area is clear background in aviation dundant but that doesn t mean it s not. task but try doing it from a helicopter We constantly monitor who s around They re new to progressing in an air important. up to 200 feet in the air while moving and where they are said Staff Sgt craft he said Plus when they first You don t know what s going to hap. up to 115 knots per hour Brian Williams the standardization in start out as door gunners a lot of them pen it s the unknown said 1st Sgt. This annual requirement for all UH structor for Task Force Wings 4th Bat are scared of the weapon It s a ma Jeff Harstine the Co A first sergeant. 60 Blackhawk crew chiefs and door talion 101st Aviation Regiment They chine gun that fires at a high rate and a crew chief for 18 years The. gunners ensures they are prepared to want our brass so they re running out The M 240B machine gun or M more you do it it becomes muscle. engage the enemy effectively on the there to collect the brass But as long 240H if it s in the helicopter mounted memory and you don t have to think. battlefield and it doesn t go away just as we re conscious of them and where configuration serves as the primary about it If you don t have to think. because a unit is deployed they are we re good It helps with the defense for most UH 60 Blackhawks about it then it works. In fact maintaining this standard be crew coordination which requires the door gunners to Fortunately none of Co A s Soldiers. comes a little more challenging while Throughout September and October completely understand how the weapon have been in a situation this deploy. deployed not just because of ongoing Task Force Thunder s Soldiers have works and to instinctively know how to ment where they ve had to fire their. operations but because of the environ been completing their annual gunnery respond if something goes wrong weapons for anything other than a test. with whatever you decide Regardless of whether your decision is ultimately to stay in the Army or get out to stay at Fort Campbell Ky or move on thank you for your service As a Soldier or Family member you have already done what less than one percent of Americans have and that is to serve It is an honor to serve with each of you

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