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12th International Exhibition 1,of Botanical Art Illustration. 30 September to 20 December 2007,James J White and Lugene B Bruno. Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation,Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania,2 Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. Carnegie Mellon University,5000 Forbes Avenue,Pittsburgh PA 15213 3890.
Telephone 412 268 2434,Email huntinst andrew cmu edu. Web site http huntbot andrew cmu edu, The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation a research division of. Carnegie Mellon University specializes in the history of botany and all. aspects of plant science and serves the international scientific community. through research and documentation To this end the Institute acquires. and maintains authoritative collections of books plant images manuscripts. portraits and data files and provides publications and other modes of. information service The Institute meets the reference needs of botanists. biologists historians conservationists librarians bibliographers and the. public at large especially those concerned with any aspect of the North. American flora, Hunt Institute was dedicated in 1961 as the Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt. Botanical Library an international center for bibliographical research and. service in the interests of botany and horticulture as well as a center for the. study of all aspects of the history of the plant sciences By 1971 the Library s. activities had so diversified that the name was changed to Hunt Institute. for Botanical Documentation Growth in collections and research projects. led to the establishment of four programmatic departments Archives Art. Bibliography and the Library The current collections include approximately. 29 000 books 30 000 portraits 30 000 watercolors drawings and prints and. 2 000 autograph letters and manuscripts Including artworks dating from. the Renaissance the Art Department s collection now focuses on contem. porary botanical art and illustration where the coverage is unmatched The. Art Department organizes and stages exhibitions including the triennial. International Exhibition of Botanical Art Illustration. Printed and bound by Hoechstetter Printing,an RR Donnelley Company Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Reproduction photography by Frank A Reynolds,Designed by Lugene B Bruno.
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation,All Rights Reserved. ISBN 0 913196 82 7,I n t r o d u c t i o n,The Institute. For some this catalogue will serve as an introduction to the Hunt 3. Institute for Botanical Documentation a research division of. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania The. Institute is located on the fifth floor of the Hunt Library building. which also houses part of the University Libraries and was a gift. of the late Mr and Mrs Roy A Hunt Planning for the future of. her rich collections of botanical literature art and archival materi. als Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt was determined that they be. living resources not only preserved but also curated actively and. used productively in the service of science and scholarship Thus she. and her husband dedicated the Hunt Botanical Library in 1961 as an. academic institute that would conduct its own program of collec. tions based research and service and make the collections available. for use by others By 1971 activities had so diversified that the name. was changed to the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation. The Department of Art, The history of botanical illustration from the Renaissance onward is. well represented in the Institute s collection of over 30 000 watercol. ors drawings and original prints holdings that strongly complement. the illustrated books in the Library The nucleus of this collection is. the pre 1850 works acquired by Mrs Hunt With an exhibition of. contemporary botanical art in 1964 the policy was established to. maintain a repository of newer artworks and the collection is now. unmatched anywhere The department solicits and maintains contacts. with contemporary artists and illustrators who have treated plant. subjects at professional levels of achievement Now a major research. facility in the field of botanical art and illustration the Institute in. creasingly receives reference queries from botanists artists and schol. ars regarding its wide assembly of collections and data Artworks from. the 17th century to the present are accessible for study by artists. The Institute s Web site huntbot andrew cmu edu contains. information about our collections programs and publications plus a. link to the American Society of Botanical Artists Web site which we. host Of note to artists is the fact that the database of the art collec. tion at the Institute is available for searching by artist taxon or title. Thumbnail illustrations are being added for artworks that are out of. The Exhibition, 4 The Institute staged the first of its International exhibitions in 1964. followed by successive shows in 1968 1969 1972 1973 1977 1978. 1983 1988 1992 1995 1996 1998 1999 2001 2002 and 2004. 2005 Collectively the catalogues contain the most comprehensive. record available of 20th century botanical artists and illustrators. the number of individuals represented now totals 1 016 In future. Internationals we hope to add as many fine artists and illustrators to. the series as possible For those not yet represented we seek informa. tion regarding their work and contact information for the artists. Selections from the most recent International the artworks that. have been acquired by the Institute are included in a ready to. hang travel show that is circulated at a modest rental fee to museums. schools botanic gardens and other interested institutions in the. continental United States,Botanical Art Resources, The American Society of Botanical Artists ASBA an organization.
dedicated to promoting public awareness of botanical art and to. encouraging the development of this continuing artistic tradition. has accepted the Institute s invitation to host its 13th annual meet. ing at the time of the opening festivities for the 12th International. Exhibition Providing assistance for the annual meeting is the ASBA s. Pittsburgh chapter Allegheny Highlands Botanical Art Society the. second of six chapters, Opportunities to study artistic techniques abound from skilled. botanical artists and teachers such as Anne Marie Evans in. England Jenny Phillips in Melbourne Margaret Saul in Brisbane. classes especially by Katie Lee and Coral Guest organized by. Dr Shirley Sherwood and workshops organized by the Guild of. Natural Science Illustrators Botanical societies flourish in Australia. Canada England Italy Japan and South Africa and many institutions. and botanical gardens offer certificates in botanical art The nearby. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens certificate program for. example arranges for leading botanical artists to conduct workshops. Florilegium societies invite the best artists to contribute works not. only for artistic merit but also as a historical record depicting plants. in their respective gardens Such groups are developing throughout. the world including Chelsea Physic Garden Sheffield Botanical. Gardens Brooklyn Botanic Garden Filoli Woodside California 5. Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney Highgrove and Hampton Court. Indeed the intense activity described above confirms that we are. experiencing a renaissance of botanical art,Acknowledgements. We thank many individuals and organizations for their assistance in. preparing this exhibition and catalogue We especially thank the. artists featured in this catalogue for their gifts and loans of artworks. We are grateful to Alisa and Isaac Sutton who placed their splendid. collection of contemporary botanical artworks at our disposal We. also thank Susan Frei Nathan Fine Works on Paper for lending a. For recommending artists we especially thank Vicki Matthews. London Kazunori Kurokawa The Japan Association of Botanical. Illustration and Honorary Curator of Hunt Institute Tokyo and. Sheila H nigsberg Society of Wood Engravers Oxford We also. thank Beverly Allen Australia Larry Banka California Andrew. Brown London Gill Condy South Africa Carolyn Crawford. Colorado Jean Emmons Washington Anne Marie Evans England. Patricia Kernan New York State Museum Albany Robyn. Macintosh Australia Valerie Oxley England Jenny Phillips Australia. Masako Sasaki Japan Pamela Stagg Canada Cyril Stocks England. and Offer Waterman Co including Mr Waterman Karen,Jakobsen and Jenna Burlingham London. We are grateful to Donna M Connelly and Tina Cooke for. administrative assistance Scarlett T Townsend for assiduous. editorial assistance and research Frank A Reynolds for his splendid. photography and all of the many artists who submitted works for. consideration, Biographical information for the catalogue was provided by the. artists or the lenders and has been edited or supplemented as. necessary Titles of artworks are rendered as given by the artists. Dimensions cited in centimeters are for sheet sizes. T h e A r t w o r k s 7,Above Right,Abe Fusako E Abe Fusako E.
Hemerocallis vesperitina 2005 Lilium formosanum 2005. Watercolor 59 46 cm Watercolor 49 37 cm, Hunt Institute collection gift from the artist Hunt Institute collection gift from the artist. Left Below,acharya milly acharya milly,Alcea rosea 2005 Cleome 2006. Watercolor 48 37 cm Watercolor 57 38 5 cm, Lent by the artist Hunt Institute collection gift from the artist. Bean Deirdre,Aechmea Pink Rocket 2006,Watercolor 56 47 cm. Hunt Institute collection gift from the artist,Bean Deirdre.
Cynara scolymus Globe artichoke 2003,Watercolor 26 18 cm. porary botanical art and illustration where the coverage is unmatched The Art Department organizes and stages exhibitions including the triennial International Exhibition of Botanical Art amp Illustration 3 I n t r o d u c t i o n The Institute For some this catalogue will serve as an introduction to the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation a research division of Carnegie Mellon

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