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Introduction, Wealth Management WM 1 is one of the most attractive The WM industry is in the midst of significant change. sectors within financial services for at least two reasons a new generation of investors whose expectations and. First WM businesses tend to have greater growth preferences have been shaped by new technologies. prospects lower capital requirements and a higher return and by their living through the last financial crisis have. on equity ROE than most other retail banking businesses brought new standards to the industry in terms of how. hence their appeal to diversified financial services firms at a advice and investment products are being delivered These. time when capital is viewed as more expensive growth is new investors will control an increasing share of US retail. hard to come by and equity returns for the banking industry assets over the next decade Furthermore a challenging. are close to the cost of capital Second WM offerings investment environment characterized by increased levels. are essential to attracting and retaining profitable retail of uncertainty and rising costs of risk to investors and WM. customers For instance based on our experience mass firms alike is making it harder for advisors to generate. affluent customers can typically represent 80 or more of superior investment performance for their clients Shifting. the net income generated by retail banks and they often demographics with the aging of advisors and an upcoming. regard their relationship with a provider of WM services as transfer of wealth from baby boomers to their children. their most important financial relationship As result many will upset many established advisor client relationships and. diversified financial services firms are doubling down on create opportunities for new firms to grow market share at. their WM businesses the extent of incumbent firms Finally increasing regulatory. burdens new business models and new competitive, patterns all come together to further compound the level of. disruption in the WM industry, We define WM as the provision of financial advice and investment services. to retail investors ranging from low income clients to High Net Worth. HNW and Ultra High Net Worth UHNW individuals and families. 10 Disruptive trends in wealth management 2, We have identified 10 principal sources of disruption in the WM industry today Fig 1 the Wheel of Change is Turning. on Our Industry They are not independent of each other but rather tend to build on each other Together they could. profoundly change our industry in the next decade WM firms will need to adapt to these disruptors and find new ways to. create value for their clients, New firms and new business models as well as A new generation of investors think differently.
renewed commitment by incumbent WM firms will about advice bring new attitudes and expectations. drive higher intensity of competition for the same to the WM industry influencing how older. clients and the same assets 1 investors purchase and consume wealth services. 10 With the rise of Robo Advisors new,Competitive Re wired 2. combinations of science and human based, Increasing regulatory burdens and rising Rising Patterns Investor. Costs of Risk Science vs advisory models have emerged. costs of risks pose new challenges to,and Increasing Human based. WM firms and their parent companies,9 Regulatory,Burdens Big data and advanced analytics are on. Macro 10 Disruptors the cusp of transforming the WM industry. This is a challenging macro environment with new ways to engage with new. for investors and their advisors to find,Environment 3 to Wealth Analytics.
Lows and 2 Highs and Big Data clients manage client relationships and. the right return risk combinations Management manage risks. 8 Industry,Holistic 4,of Advisors, Goals based Investors value holistic advice on how. Two demographic trends i Advisors are Upcoming, Transfer of Advice to achieve multiple often conflicting. aging and leaving the industry faster than Democratiza. Wealth Catching goals through a range of investment and. firms are replacing them ii Wealth is about tion of Asset. the Classes funding strategies,to change hands upsetting established 7. Retirement Strategies 5,client advisor relationships Wave. Retail investors are demanding access to the same asset. Longevity concerns increasingly are or should be at the heart of. classes and investment strategies as HNW or institutional. client advisor conversations even years ahead of retirement. 1 The re wired investor, We speak of the Re wired Investor to refer to new thinking Lastly she feels entitled to the same investment products and.
patterns standards and expectations by a new generation strategies available to Ultra High Net Worth UHNW or even. of investors This new generation of investors include Gen institutional investors forcing WM firms to think through. X and Gen Y2 investors but also baby boomers who have new ways to give their retail investors access to alternative. been influenced by their younger peers investments and new asset classes beyond traditional fixed. income and equities as well as active strategies, The Re wired investor thinks about advice differently from. previous generations and expects to interact with her advisors The Re wired Investor is likely here to stay and her. in a different way We have identified 9 new mentalities influence over the rest of the investor class is likely to. and six potential implications for WM firms see Figure 2 For increase Accordingly WM firms and their advisors should. instance investors no longer want to be treated as part of a adjust their offerings and service delivery models to win the. segment but instead as unique individuals Just me with battle for the Re wired Investor the investor of the future. specific goals and preferences Instead they expect to receive. advice tailored to their unique circumstances, Likewise they want to stay in control of their financial. lives and understand the advice they receive and make the. important decisions themselves They are reluctant to buy. discretionary services and they are increasingly comfortable Figure 2 The Re Wired Investor. conducting their own research The Re wired investor is here to stay and his influence over the rest of the US. The Re wired Investor is more skeptical of authority investor class is likely to increase. than previous generations of investors She believes Mentalities of the Re Wired Investor Implications for WM firms. in the wisdom of her peers As a result she is likely to. seek opinions and views from multiple sources of advice Just me. Investment advice and products perceived, simultaneously including but not restricted to experts. to be tailored to individuals one at a time, and financial advisors and often starting with people like Stay in control. her friends and colleagues With her expectations shaped. Multi channel, by her interactions with non financial digital firms e g.
Access to multiple channels and several, Google Facebook Amazon as well as smartphones and Do it yourself advisory models at the same time. other digital devices she expects to be able to access advice. anywhere and at any time through multiple channels and. Multiple sources of advice, devices as part of a cohesive rich digital experience Anywhere anytime. Not just from one advisor but from other, The Re wired Investor has come to view risk through a advisors peers experts social media. different lens she perceives risk as downside rather than Digital Personal. volatility As a result advisors have had to emphasize Rich digital front end. capital markets and hedging strategies that seek downside Expectations formed interacting with non. protection more than traditional portfolio allocations that Wisdom of my tribe FIs must be simple intuitive self directed. seek to manage risk through diversification,Skeptical of authority Risk Management as Hedging. Downside protection and hedging more,Risk defined as downside than diversification.
Democratization of investments, Not a Second Class Investor Access to same high yield assets strategies. Gen X the approximately 45 million Americans born in the once available only to wealthier investors. late 1960s and 1970s and Gen Y the approximately 60 million. Americans born in the 1980s and first half of 1990s. 10 Disruptive trends in wealth management 4,2 Science vs Human based advice. Technology is poised to change the nature and delivery of for investors who are technology savvy and want to have. financial advice in some significant ways much as it has greater control over their financial lives the Re wired. transformed other industries such as tax preparation taxi Investor of the future that we profiled above While. booking and accommodations to mention just a few robo advisors have not had the distribution and access. In the last five years a number of robo advisors have to investors to grow fast so far this may be about to. emerged These firms leverage client survey data into change incumbent WM firms with deep pockets and wide. complex algorithms that produce customized financial distribution capabilities are now either developing in house. plans and asset allocations They also help investors find capabilities or by partnering with some leading robo. relevant research within an ever growing universe of advisors With access to large pools of investors established. studies interviews and market commentaries Some firms and well funded companies could drive rapid adoption. have also pioneered tools and methodologies that generate of new forms of science based advice and create new. real time trade and investment recommendations tailored expectations for the rest of the market. to individual investors history and preferences Once the. However we do not believe science based advice will fully. models and algorithms have been built and tested investing. displace human based advice nor are robo advisors likely to. and trading tools can be made available to customers with. dis intermediate financial advisors in a major way Rather. limited human intervention emphasizing the shift from. we may see a not too distant future where science based. human based person to person advice to science based. advice may draw customers who could not previously afford. model driven advice, a personal advisor or were not comfortable with human. Robo advisors are growing in popularity and have gained based advice potentially expanding the advice market We. traction in the marketplace but still have quite a bit of room could also see winning advisory models combine elements. for growth A survey by consulting firm Corporate Insight of the science and human based advice models into a hybrid. finds that total assets managed by the 11 leading robo model The balance between the two will likely vary across. advisors in the US rose 65 over the past year hitting 19 investor segments see Figure 3 Human vs Science. billion in December 2014 3 While significant this figure based Advice based on investors ability to pay for advice. represents less than 0 1 of the 33 trillion retail investable the complexity of financial needs their self confidence. assets in the US 4 Furthermore with aggressive pricing and financial background etc Furthermore investors are. 0 3 of AUM 5 the potential for the current generation likely to continue to seek personal advice for needs that. of robo advisors to generate meaningful bottom line and reach beyond investment e g tax and estate planning. create a return for the Venture Capital firms behind many of or involve emotional issues e g securing health care for. them is still unproven elderly parents Financial advisors should try to harness. the power of science based advice to effectively outsource. Nevertheless robo advisors present the potential for. some aspects of their work while focusing their time on the. significant market disruption For one their businesses are. elements of advice where they can add most value to their. built on a solid premise some forms of advice especially. clients and differentiate themselves Incumbent WM firms. investment advice such as asset allocation or fund. will need to invest in building the technology platforms and. stock picking can effectively be produced and delivered. tools that will enable this hybrid advisory model, through technology This approach is especially attractive. Notes on Retirement Total AUM Increases for 11 Leading Robo Advisors Mark Miller. Wealth Management com December 22 2014 link Corporate Insights Survey. US Households Control 33 5 Trillion in Investible Assets InsuranceNewsNet. November 12 2014 link Insurancenewsnet com, Fee analysis of leading robo advisors Wealthfront and Betterment.
Figure 3 Science vs Human Based Advice, The winning advisory model will likely be a hybrid model that combines the best elements of science and human. based advice taking into account differences in needs and willingness to pay across the client wealth spectrum. More Complex Needs,e g Tax Estate,Multi Currency Assets. Human Based Liabilities Esoteric,Investments,Nature of Advice. The winning model,is a hybrid model,except at the two. ends of the client,wealth spectrum,More Simple,Needs e g asset.
allocations Mutual Science Based,Fund selection,Client Wealth Spectrum. 10 Disruptive trends in wealth management 4 We speak of the Re wired Investor to refer to new thinking patterns standards and expectations by a new generation of investors This new generation of investors include Gen X and Gen Y2 investors but also baby boomers who have been influenced by their younger peers The Re wired investor thinks about advice differently from previous generations

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