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1 WHEREAS 50 316 Code of Ordinances of the County of Volusia sets. 2 minimum standards for environmental protection that require rain sensor devices and. 3 establish general restrictions on water use for conservation purposes and. 5 WHEREAS the County of Volusia recognizes the need for further protection of. 6 water as a natural resource through water wise irrigation practices and the application of. 7 Florida Friendly landscape practices and, 9 WHEREAS water wise irrigation and Florida Friendly landscapes promote water. 10 conservation by efficient watering methods that generally result in a long term reduction. 11 of irrigation fertilizer pesticide requirements costs energy and maintenance and. 13 WHEREAS water wise irrigation practices are designed to save significant. 14 amounts of water to preserve local water supplies. 16 NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNTY COUNCIL OF THE. 17 COUNTY OF VOLUSIA FLORIDA as follows, 21 SECTION I Chapter 50 of the Code of Ordinances of the County of Volusia Article 111. 22 Minimum Standards for Environmental Protection Section 50 71 Definitions is. 23 amended by adding the following definitions, 24 As Built Sketch means a drawing or diagram of an irrigation system as it exists at. 25 the time of irrigation system completion prepared by or at the direction of the person. 26 installing the system This drawing must be in substantially the same form and contain. 27 the information as the sample sketch on file with the Volusia County Health Department. 28 Best Management Practices BMPs for water wise landscape irrigation means a. 29 practice or combination of practices based on research field testing and expert review. 30 and including economic and technological considerations determined to be the most. 31 effective practicable on location means for improving water quality conserving water. 32 supplies and protecting natural resources, 33 Director means Director of the Environmental Management Division of the. 34 County of Volusia or authorized designee,LZB tm 29th draft 2.
1 Distribution Equipment means water emitters on irrigation systems including but. 2 not limited to sprinklers rotors spray heads and microirrigation devices. 3 Expansion of Irrigation System means any addition to an irrigation system. 4 beyond the extent of the original permitted installation. 5 Filter means a device in an irrigation system that separates sediment or other. 6 foreign matter, 7 Florida Friendly means practices materials or actions that enhance the. 8 preservation of Florida s natural resources and protection of the environment. 9 Florida Friendly Landscape means a landscape that incorporates the BMPs and. 10 philosophies promoted by programs such as Florida Yards and. 11 Neighborhoods Environmental Landscape Management The programs promote quality. 12 landscapes that conserve water utilize water wise principles protect the environment. 13 are adaptable to local conditions and are drought tolerant. 14 Ground Cover means low growing plants other than turfgrass used to cover the. 15 soil and form a continuous low mass of foliage, 16 Hardscape means areas such as patios decks driveways paths and sidewalks. 17 that do not require irrigation, 18 High Volume Irrigation Area means a portion of landscaped area of any property. 19 that utilizes rotors pop up sprays or sprinkler heads that irrigate more than five gallons. 20 per minute per outlet, 21 Irrigation Contractor means a licensed Volusia County Health Department. 22 Certified Pump and Irrigation Contractor a licensed Florida Water Well Contractor a. LZB tm 29th draft 3, 1 Florida State Registered Plumbing Contractor or a Florida State Certified Plumbing.
2 Contractor, 3 Irrigation System means a device or combination of devices having a hose pipe. 4 or other conduit connected directly to any source of ground or surface water through. 5 which water or a mixture of water and chemicals is drawn and applied for residential. 6 commercial or agricultural purposes, 7 Irrigation Zone means a grouping of rotors sprinkler heads pop up sprays. 8 microirrigation emitters or other irrigation equipment operated simultaneously by the. 9 control of one valve, 10 Landscape means any combination of living plants such as turfgrass ground. 11 cover shrubs vines hedges or trees and non living landscape material such as. 12 rocks pebbles sand mulch walls fences or decorative paving materials. 13 Landscaped Area means any parcel excluding the building footprint driveways. 14 sidewalks hardscapes such as decks and patios and non porous areas Water. 15 features are included in the calculation of the landscaped area This area includes. 16 Xeriscape as defined in 373 185 1 b F S, 17 Low Volume Irrigation Area means a portion of landscaped area of any property. 18 that uses exclusively microirrigation, 19 Medium Volume Irrigation Area means a portion of landscaped area of any.
20 property that utilizes pop up sprays or sprinkler heads that irrigate at a rate of one half. 21 to five gallons per minute per outlet, 22 Microirrigation means the application of small quantities of water directly on or. 23 below the soil surface usually as discrete drops or tiny streams through emitters placed. LZB tm 29th draft 4, 1 along the water delivery pipes laterals Microirrigation encompasses a number of. 2 methods or concepts including drip subsurface bubbler low volume or low flow. 3 irrigation all of which emit less than 2 gallons of water per hour gph per outlet. 4 Mulch means non living organic or synthetic materials customarily used in. 5 landscape design to retard erosion and retain moisture. 6 Native Vegetation means an area which contains fifty percent 50 or more. 7 plant species with a geographic distribution indigenous to all or part of the State of. 8 Florida as identified in Wunderlin R P 1998 Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida. 9 University Press of Florida Gainesville For the purposes herein native vegetation. 1O does not include areas converted for agricultural use. 1l New Irrigation System Installation means an irrigation system permitted after the. 12 effective date of this ordinance, 13 Owner Contractor means a person who installs an irrigation system on his or her. 14 own primary residence, 15 Permitting Authority means the Volusia County Health Department VCHD or the. 16 municipal designee, 17 Pop up Sprays means spray heads usually hidden in the landscape that pop up.
18 due to water pressure when activated and provide a continuous spray pattern. 19 throughout a given arc of operation, 20 Portable Sprinklers means any type of water sprinkler attached to the end of a. 21 hose including but not limited to impact sprinklers oscillating arm sprinklers and. 22 stationary fan sprinklers,LZB tm 29th draft 5, 1 Pressure Regulating Head means a device that maintains a constant flow and. 2 pressure for increased efficiency of irrigation systems. 3 Rain Sensor Device means an operational electrical or mechanical component. 4 placed in the circuitry of an irrigation system that is designed to override a sprinkler. 5 controller when precipitation has reached a pre set quantity. 6 Runoff means water from rainfall irrigation or other sources that is not. 7 absorbed by the soil or landscape and flows from the area often contaminated with. 8 pesticides fertilizers and other pollutants, 9 Substantial Irrigation System Modification means any modification to existing. 10 irrigation systems such that fifty percent 50 or more of the irrigation system is. 11 impacted replaced or altered, 12 Turfgrass means a mat layer of monocotyledonous plants such as Bahia. 13 Bermuda Centipede Paspalum St Augustine and Zoysia. 14 Valve means a device used to control the flow of water in an irrigation system. 15 Water Wise Irrigation means irrigation design installation and maintenance that. 16 incorporates water efficient strategies and components such as pressure regulating. 17 heads rain sensor devices and BMPs, 18 Water Wise Principles means appropriate planning and design proper choice of.
19 plants soil analysis that may include the use of solid waste compost efficient irrigation. 20 practical use of turf appropriate u e of mulches and proper maintenance as set forth in. 21 373 185 F S,LZB tm 29th draft 6, t SECTION II Chapter 50 of the Code of Ordinances of the County of Volusia Article 111. 2 Minimum Standards for Environmental Protection is amended by adding a new. 3 Division 10 Water Wise Landscape Irrigation which contains new Sections 50 370. 4 through 50 390 as set forth herein,6 Sec 50 370 Purpose and Intent. 7 a The purpose and intent of this division is to promote water wise practices by. 8 establishing standards for the development installation and maintenance of. 9 landscape irrigation systems without inhibiting creative landscape design. 10 construction and management, 11 b The water wise irrigation standards set forth herein are designed to conserve. 12 local water supplies and minimize adverse effects on Florida s natural systems. 13 c The quality of Florida s surface and ground water is adversely affected by. 14 irrigation runoff and leachate Improper landscape irrigation design construction. 15 and management contributes to nonpoint source pollution that affects ground and. 16 surface water quality, 17 d This division establishes water wise landscape irrigation standards and. 18 encourages the use of Florida Friendly landscaping practices Water wise. 19 landscape irrigation standards promote efficient water use minimize polluted. 20 runoff and utilize water conservation components and equipment The Florida. 21 Friendly landscape concept is based on the principles of the Florida Yarris and. 22 Neighborhoods FYN and Env ronmental Landscape Management ELM. 23 programs operated by the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service. LZB tm 29th draft 7, 1 the Xeriscape programs of the State s Water Management Districts and.
2 practices identified in the Green Industries Best Management Practices for. 3 Protection of Water Resources in Florida 2002 as amended. 5 Sec 50 371 Authority and applicability, 6 a This division is adopted by the County of Volusia under its police power and. 7 charter authority to adopt minimum standards for environmental protection. 8 b These provisions shall be the minimum standards for irrigation systems. 9 applicable to landscape irrigation systems within the unincorporated and. 10 incorporated areas of the county,e se p ro v is i. s a p p ly t o n e w ir,ri ga t io n sy sa ate m i n. st a ll at io n sa o n in d iv i d ua la aPa aa r ce. 12 and within entire subdivisions head replacement on existing irrigation systems. 13 expansion of irrigation systems and substantial irrigation system modification. 15 Sec 50 372 Exemptions, 16 The following are exempted from the provisions of this division. 17 a H a n d w a t e ri ng a n d p o rt a b le s,p r in k le r s.
18 b B on a f id e a g r ic u lt ur a 1 u se,19 c a G o lf co u r s e p l a y a r e a. s a n daa s p e, c ia liz e d a th l e tic aa a f ie ld s P r o v id e d h ow e. 20 remainder of any such property shall comply with the requirements of this. 21 division,LZB tm 29th draft 8, 1 Sec 50 373 Requirements for efficient irrigation. 2 a System Design, 3 Irrigation systems shall be designed constructed and permitted to include. 4 1 Automatic irrigation controllers when utilized shall contain a functional. 5 rain sensor device capable of being set to one minute run times and. 6 battery backup capability to retain programming in the event of a power. 8 2 A rain sensor placed on a stationary structure free and clear of any. 9 overhead obstructions and above the height of the sprinkler coverage. 10 3 Equipment with check valves used in low lying areas to prevent low head. 11 drainage, 12 4 Backflow prevention methods and other provisions prescribed in section.
14 5 Irrigation design with the appropriate uniformity for the type of plant being. 15 grown and for the type of soil, 16 6 Irrigation system equipment installed as designed. 17 7 Irrigation zones divided according to available flow rate vegetated. 18 groupings i e turf shrubs native plants etc sprinkler types i e. 19 sprinklers with matching precipitation rates and soil characteristics. 20 8 Spray heads and rotors not mixed in same zone. 21 9 Distribution equipment in a given zone having matched precipitation. LZB tm 29th draft 9, 1 10 Application rates that avoid runoff and permit uniform water infiltration into. 2 the soil considering land slope soil hydraulic properties vegetative. 3 ground cover and prevailing winds, 4 11 A minimum separation of four 4 inches between distribution equipment. 5 and pavement, 6 12 A minimum separation of twelve 12 inches between distribution. 7 equipment and buildings and other vertical structures. 8 13 No direct spray onto walkways buildings roadways and drives. 9 14 Lawn spray patterns providing head to head coverage. 10 15 Water conveyance systems with a flow velocity of five 5 feet per second. 11 or less, 12 16 Pipelines designed to provide the system with the appropriate pressure.
13 required for maximum irrigation uniformity,14 17 Pressure regulating heads and. 15 18 A maintenance checklist provided to the property owner by the irrigation. 16 contractor accompanied by a recommended maintenance schedule. 17 proper irrigation system settings according to season recommendations. 10 conservation by efficient watering methods that generally result in a long term reduction 11 of irrigation fertilizer pesticide requirements costs energy and maintenance and 12 13 WHEREAS water wise irrigation practices are designed to save significant 14 amounts of water to preserve local water supplies 15 16

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