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Animaladies Program at a Glance Thursday December 13th. 9 45 Acknowledgment of Country Welcome Fiona Probyn Rapsey. Keynote Lecture pattrice jones, 10 00 Derangement and Resistance Reflections from Under the Glare of an Angry Emu. Chair Melissa Boyde,11 00 Morning Tea, Session A Chair Jordan McKenzie Session B Chair Alison Moore Rm 19 2103. Chloe Taylor Of gimps gastropods and Sharri Lembryk Animaladies of knowledge The. grief epistemic echo chamber,Charlie Jackson Martin Sanctuary Life. 11 30 Guy Scotton Geographies of animal fear,Utopias and dystopias from the inside. Darren Chang Farmed animal sanctuaries on,Zoei Sutton Critical companions.
stolen land De weaponizing and re subjectifying,challenging the role of pets through. domesticated animals as part of anti colonial,relationships. 1 00 Lunch Film Screening The Breeder by Demelza Kooij. Keynote Lecture Elan Abrell,2 00 Zoonotic Care Helping Sanctuary Go Viral. Chair Yvette Watt,Session C Session D, Chair Katie Gillespie Chair Nekeisha Alayna Alexis Rm 19 2103. Danielle Celermajer Reading with Sanna Karhu Toward a feminist critique of. Katie killing Sight regulation and the politics of the. slaughterhouse, Clare Archer Lean Knots of distraction and Jan Dutkiewicz a moment of silence The.
action Animal representation in Charlotte nonviolent slaughterhouse and Temple. Wood s fiction Grandin s politics of reform and sacrifice. Hayley Singer F is for failure forgetting Kathrin Herrmann The 3Rs principles of animal. filiations fleischgeist experimentation actions and distractions. 4 40 Afternoon tea,Keynote Lecture Nekeisha Alayna Alexis. 5 00 Writing Captives,Chair Esther Alloun,6 00 SLAM 5 min each Chair Siobhan O Sullivan. Teya Brooks Pribac and Jason Grossman Libert galit tranget. Anne Melano There will be no rescue Jean Hegland s Into the Forest. Esther Alloun Going to the dogs in Occupied Palestine Animaladies and settler colonial. 6 20 pm Champagne and Vegan Pizza, 7 00 pm BOOK LAUNCH Animaladies Eds Lori Gruen Fiona Probyn Rapsey Bloomsbury 2018. close To be launched by Melissa Boyde, 2 Animaladies II Dec 13 14 University of Wollongong. Friday December 14th,Invited Speaker Session,Chair Lori Gruen.
lynn mowson bloodlines tracing paths from bodies to biotechnologies. Yamini Narayanan Cow is a mother mothers can do anything for their children. Gaushalas as landscapes of anthropatriarchy and hindu patriarchy. Yvette Watt Unfair Game animal abuse and gender in the visual arts. 11 00 Morning Tea,Session E Session F,Chair pattrice jones Chair Elan Abrell Rm 19 2103. Rowena Lennox Women who,Tracey Nicholls Precarious Grief. won t shut up,Jordan McKenzie Emotion and morality A. Susan Pyke Snake Church after, 11 30 leaving the sanctuary of ignorance sociological perspective on moral judgements of. animal cruelty,Mehmet Emin Boyacioglu White,Alex Lockwood An insomniac call to bear witness.
middle class privilege and toxic,How the malady of an ethical sleeplessness. masculinity An ethnographic case,complicates and contests the hidden practices of. study of grassroots animal activism in,industrial nonhuman slaughter. 1 00 Lunch AASA AGM 1 2 00pm,Chair lynn mowson, Alison Moore Feminist resonances across lives in the dairy industry. Iselin Gambert and Tobias Linne SoyBoy Race gender and tropes of plant milk masculinity. Katie Gillespie Scent of the spectral Sensory witnessing beyond sight. Afternoon tea, BOOK LAUNCH The Flight of Birds by Joshua Lobb Sydney University Press Animal Publics.
series 2018,To be launched by Melissa Boyde,Keynote Lecture Lori Gruen. 4 00 Calculating Care The Maladies of Effective Altruism. Chair Yamini Narayanan,5 00 Closing Remarks, 5 15 Organising Committee Melissa Boyde Fiona Probyn Rapsey Esther Alloun and Alison Moore. 3 Animaladies II Dec 13 14 University of Wollongong. Panels Abstracts and Contributor Biographies,Thursday 13 December 9 45am start 7pm finish. Keynote Lecture,Derangement and Resistance Reflections. from Under the Glare of an Angry Emu,pattrice jones VINE Sanctuary.
The situations of emus illuminate the maladies,of human societies From the colonialism that. led Europeans to tamper with Australian,ecosystems through the militarism that. mandated Great Emu War of 1932 to the,consumer capitalism that sparked a global. market for exotic emus and their products, habits of belief and behavior that hurt humans have wreaked havoc on emus. Literally de ranged emus abroad today endure all of the estrangements of emigres in addition to. the frustrations and sorrows of captivity In Australia free emus struggle to survive as. climate change parches already diminished and polluted habitats We have shot them with. machine guns and plowed them down with motor cars We have parched and polluted their. landscapes But still they stride Queer in every sense of the word emus can remind us of the. resilience of eros, Bipeds who stand at about the height of humans emus view the world from a vantage point that.
is simultaneously like and unlike our own So let us ask How do emus themselves see. their circumstances How do they see us How have they coped with both madness and mad. ness Let s learn what we can from the living dinosaurs who dodge bullets jump fences know. very well how dangerous humans can be and have not yet conceded defeat. pattrice jones is a cofounder of VINE Sanctuary an LGBTQ run farmed animal sanctuary that. works within an ecofeminist understanding of the intersection of oppressions VINE was the. first sanctuary to develop a method for rehabilitating roosters used in cockfighting and jones has. written and spoken extensively about the uses of roosters and other animals in the social. construction of injurious ideas about gender VINE also has taken the lead in queering animal. liberation organizing dozens of events and publications on the intersections between speciesism. and homophobia dating back to 2002 Located in a predominantly white rural region devoted to. dairying VINE includes antiracist efforts in its local campaigns while actively promoting a plant. based agricultural economy, Prior to founding the sanctuary jones was a social change activist using a wide variety of tactics. in a wide range of movements As a teen gay liberation activist in the 1970s jones was among. the first to test strategies now used widely by campus LGBTQ organizations Working within. AIDS housing and disability rights organizations in the 1980s and 1990s jones organized kiss. 4 Animaladies II Dec 13 14 University of Wollongong. ins rent strikes and a coalition against racist policing that led one city to change its practices As. a staff member at a university center for anti racist education in the 1990s jones helped activist. organizations and academic departments devise strategies for fostering inclusivity and. undermining structural bias Since cofounding the sanctuary in 2000 jones has used her. standpoint to encourage the vegan and animal advocacy movements to do the same. jones has taught college and university courses on the theory and praxis of social change activism. as well as in the fields of psychology gender studies and LGBTQ studies VINE works. frequently with scholars and has made it a priority to bridge the gap between academia and. activism jones has authored two books The Oxen at the Intersection Lantern 2014. and Aftershock Confronting Trauma in a Violent World Lantern 2007 and has published essays. in numerous anthologies including Animal Oppression and Capitalism Praeger. 2017 Ecofeminism Bloomsbury 2014 Confronting Animal Exploitation McFarland 2013 Sister. Species University of Illinois Press 2011 Sistah Vegan Lantern 2010 Minding the Animal. Psyche Spring Journal 2010 Contemporary Anarchist Studies Routledge 2009 Igniting a. Revolution AK Press 2006 and Terrorists or Freedom Fighters Lantern 2004. PARALLEL SESSION A Research Hub,Of Gimps gastropods and grief. Chlo Taylor University of Alberta, In her 2010 memoir The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating Elisabeth Tova Bailey describes her sudden. contraction of a chronic illness that leaves her extremely weak and nearly immobile for years on. end To roll over in bed becomes an enormous and painstakingly slow effort for the author and. caring for her own needs is impossible As a result Bailey is required to leave her beloved. country home to live in an apartment in the city where she can receive care and she spends her. days lying in bed visited less and less often by her busy friends until her only regular visitor is. the nurse who drops by briefly to give Bailey her meals One day a friend brings Bailey a potted. violet as a gift and on a whim adds a live snail from the woods to the pot Bailey spends. months lying in bed watching the wild snail s activities which are as painstakingly slow as her. own and yet she soon discovers are rich varied and fascinating despite the fact that the snail. like Bailey has been displaced from their home and kin. Bailey begins caring for the snail improving the snail s environment and researching the lives of. gastropods in order to understand the snail s needs and better accommodate them Although. arguably she should have set the snail free Bailey accommodates the snail in a way that she is not. herself being accommodated and as a result the snail flourishes in a way that Bailey does not As. her research and observations of the snail teach Bailey however one s life can be important and. intense even if one moves very small distances and does so very slowly In the passage that gives. the book its title Bailey discovers that in her stillness and quiet she can hear the wild snail. eating a captivating sound that she would never have known but for her illness Although. disability is overwhelmingly described negatively in this memoir as a tragedy that befell the. author and from which she desperately hopes to be cured it is also a source of vivid experiences. and powerful philosophical insights The book also raises questions about the extent to which. the sadness of Bailey s experience is exacerbated by her isolation and by her lack of a care and. 5 Animaladies II Dec 13 14 University of Wollongong. crip community in particular in one passage Bailey imagines all the other people who are lying. alone and still in rooms like her but whom she will never know. I read this book in a period of depression and grief when I like Bailey moved very little and. very slowly and found my life solitary and bleak For months I could do very little and it was an. effort to get from my bed to the couch where I passed my days reading thanks to which I. discovered Bailey s memoir Like Bailey in her horizontal state I became engrossed by the life of. a gastropod and much as Bailey discovered the richness of her own life through parallels with. her snail s life I also found insight and strength in my experience through this memoir In. writing this however I am wary of the dangers of inspiration or inspiration porn as these. have been extensively described in the disability studies literature and so Bailey s memoir raises. ethical issues for me about the ways she was inspired by the snail and that I was inspired by. Finally Bailey s memoir raises ethical questions about the ways animals are used as therapy tools. In this case the snail is kept in captivity for the length of Bailey s first intense bout of illness and. is a constant source of wonder and interest for her in this period While Bailey s human friends. on their increasingly rare visits ultimately exhaust and depress her the snail proves to be a. perfect companion Once Bailey recovers at least temporarily however she loses patience for. the snail s slow pace and hence loses interest in the snail as well and she sets the snail free in. their original environment Although the snail has flourished in captivity reproducing. prolifically for example which Bailey s research tells us gastropods only do when they are in a. safe and amenable environment for bearing young and is ultimately released along with all their. baby snails to lead a wild existence again the story raises questions about and arguably. encapsulates the treatment of therapy animals more generally who are elevated in status so long. as they are of use to their humans but whose interests remain subordinated to those of the. humans who use them, Chlo Taylor is Associate Professor of Women s and Gender Studies at the University of. Alberta and she also teaches a weekly Philosophy Club at the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional. Centre in Alberta She has a Ph D in Philosophy from the University of Toronto and was a. postdoctoral fellow in the Philosophy department at McGill University Her research interests. include twentieth century French philosophy philosophy of gender and sexuality animal and. environmental ethics and critical prison studies She is the author of The Culture of Confession from. Augustine to Foucault Routledge 2008 The Routledge Guidebook to Foucault s The History of. Sexuality Routledge 2016 Foucault Feminism and Sex Crimes An Anti Carceral Analysis Routledge. forthcoming and the co editor of Asian Perspectives on Animal Ethics Routledge 2014. and Feminist Philosophies of Life McGill Queens University Press 2016 She has also published. articles in journals such as Hypatia Feminist Studies Foucault Studies Philosophy Today and the Journal. for Critical Animal Studies and is co editing two volumes for Brill Press s Critical Animal Studies. Aftershock Confronting Trauma in a Violent World Lantern 2007 and has published essays in numerous anthologies including Animal Oppression and Capitalism Praeger 2017 Ecofeminism Bloomsbury 2014 Confronting Animal Exploitation McFarland 2013 S ister Species University of Illinois Press 2011 Sistah Vegan Lantern 2010 Minding the Animal Psyche Spring Journal

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