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trl ps2 final qxd 3 9 06 2 41 PM Page ii, WARNING READ BEFORE USING YOUR PLAYSTATION 2 COMPUTER. ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM CONTENTS, A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when. exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights Exposure to certain patterns. GETTING STARTED 2, or backgrounds on a television screen or while playing video games including. games played on the PlayStation 2 console may induce an epileptic seizure in these. CONTROLLER 3, individuals Certain conditions may induce previously undetected epileptic symptoms. even in persons who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy If you or anyone LARA 4. in your family has an epileptic condition consult your physician prior to playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms while playing a video game MAIN MENU 5. dizziness altered vision eye or muscle twitches loss of awareness disorientation. any involuntary movement or convulsions IMMEDIATELY discontinue use DIFFICULTY LEVELS SCREEN MODES 7. and consult your physician before resuming play,SAVING AND LOADING THE GAME 8.
WARNING TO OWNERS OF PROJECTION TELEVISIONS, Do not connect your PlayStation 2 console to a projection TV without first consulting CONTROLLING LARA 9. the user manual for your projection TV unless it is of the LCD type Otherwise it. may permanently damage your TV screen,Movement Controls 9. Swimming Controls 9,USE OF UNAUTHORIZED PRODUCT, The use of software or peripherals not authorized by Sony Computer Combat and Item Controls 10. Entertainment America may damage your console and or invalidate Driving Controls 10. your warranty Only official or licensed peripherals should be. used in the controller ports or memory card slots COMBAT 11. HANDLING YOUR PLAYSTATION 2 FORMAT DISC Combat Strategies 11. This disc is intended for use only with PlayStation 2. consoles with the NTSC U C designation Aiming and Firing Controls 11. Do not bend it crush it or submerge it Melee Attacks 11. in liquids,Defensive Combat Controls 12,Do not leave it in direct sunlight or near. a radiator or other source of heat Targeting 12,Be sure to take an occasional rest.
break during extended play HUD Head s Up Display 13. Keep this disc clean Always hold,the disc by the edges and keep it PDA 14. in its protective case when not,in use Clean the disc with EQUIPMENT 14. a lint free soft dry cloth,wiping in straight lines REWARDS 16. from center to outer edge,Never use solvents CREDITS 17. or abrasive cleaners,trl ps2 final qxd 3 9 06 2 41 PM Page 2.
GETTING STARTED CONTROLLER,open button,DUALSHOCK 2 ANALOG CONTROLLER CONFIGURATIONS. memory card slot 2 disc cover,memory card slot 1,on standby L2 button R2 button. reset button,L1 button R1 button,IR receiver,USB connectors. controller port 1 directional,controller port 2, Set up your PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system according left analog stick button. to the instructions in its Instruction Manual Make sure the MAIN POWER L3 button when pushed down. switch located on the back of the console is turned ON Press the RESET SELECT button button. button When the power indicator lights up press the OPEN button ANALOG mode button button. START button, and the disc tray will open Place the TOMB RAIDER LEGEND disc right analog stick.
on the disc tray with the label side facing up Press the OPEN button R3 button when pushed down. again and the disc tray will close Attach game controllers and other. peripherals as appropriate Follow on screen instructions and refer. to this manual for information on using the software. Connect the DUALSHOCK 2 analog controller to controller port 1 before. MEMORY CARD 8MB for PlayStation 2 starting play When the vibration function is ON the controller will vibrate. in response to game events You can reconfigure the controls and toggle. To save game settings and progress insert a memory card 8MB for the vibration function ON OFF in Options mode page 6. PlayStation 2 into MEMORY CARD slot 1 before powering on the system. At least 155KB of free space on the memory card is required to save NOTE All controls used in this manual are the default controls. This game supports saving and loading of game data in MEMORY CARD MENU CONTROLS. slot 1 only You can load saved game data from the same memory card. or from any memory card containing previously saved TOMB RAIDER You can select and adjust options from the Main Menu and from. the in game Pause menu press the w button during play to pause. LEGEND games, Use the directional buttons to view and cycle through the game options. Press the x button to select an option change a current option. confirm any changes made or progress to the next screen. Press the t button in a submenu to return to the previous screen. NOTE See pages 5 7 for a list of game options,trl ps2 final qxd 3 9 06 2 41 PM Page 4. LARA MAIN MENU,At the age of nine Lara survived a plane. crash in the Himalayan mountains that led to START GAME. the death of her mother After miraculously Start a new game If saved data is present on your memory card this. surviving a ten day solo trek from the crash option changes to RESUME GAME and resumes play from the last save. site to Kathmandu she spent the rest of her,childhood under the close tutelage of her LOAD. archeologist father the late Earl NEW GAME Start a new game. of Abbingdon Richard Croft, LOAD GAME Displays a list of saved games Select a save.
At the age of 18 after the death of her and press the x button to load it. father Lara inherited the Croft estates, and became Countess of Abbingdon LOAD LEVEL Displays a list of completed levels present in the loaded. Since then she has been credited save Replay these levels to collect rewards play. with the discovery of some 16 archeological in different difficulty modes or attempt a Time Trial. sites of international significance,Lara Croft has been hailed both as an CROFT MANOR. Archeological Wunderkind and a glorified You can visit Lara s expansive manor via the Main Menu throughout. Treasure Hunter depending on whom the game However to gain full access you must have a saved game. you listen to There are thousands containing at least one completed mission Only then will all the Manor s. of rumors surrounding Lara s secrets become approachable for you to discover. exploits invariably involving,the unexplained or outright OPTIONS. unbelievable Lady Croft herself, is rarely available for comment Press the left analog stick or directional buttons to select an option. which further adds to the fog and to change the setting Press the x button to confirm your. of mystery that surrounds Options changes or press the t button to return to the Main Menu. her life and work without change, Consequently Lara Croft SOUND Adjust the volume of MUSIC SFX and VOICE VOLUME.
continues to be the focus DISPLAY Use the Display Menu to adjust the following options. of wild speculation and, intense debate Idealized SUBTITLES Set subtitles ON OFF or to your. and vilified in equal preferred language, measure she is perhaps SCREEN POSITION U D Use the slide bar to adjust the screen. one of the most fascinating position up down, and enigmatic figures SCREEN POSITION L R Use the slide bar to adjust the screen. of our times position left right,WIDESCREEN Turn ON OFF Selecting ON enables. a widescreen 16 9 aspect ratio image, PROGRESSIVE SCAN MODE Turn ON OFF Selecting ON switches.
to a 525p image Progressive scan offers,higher quality pictures but requires. a screen that supports this feature,trl ps2 final qxd 3 9 06 2 41 PM Page 6. OPTIONS continued DIFFICULTY LEVELS SCREEN MODES, CAMERA Set the following camera options to YES or NO When you start a new game you ll be prompted to select a difficulty level. INVERT X AXIS and set two screen options, INVERT Y AXIS DIFFICULTY Choose EXPLORER easy ADVENTURER medium. AIM BINOCS INVERT X AXIS or TOMB RAIDER hard, AIM BINOCS INVERT Y AXIS WIDESCREEN Turn ON OFF Selecting ON enables a widescreen.
16 9 aspect ratio image,CONTROL Set the following control option. PROGRESSIVE SCAN Turn ON OFF Selecting ON switches to a 525p. CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION Select DEFAULT ALTERNATIVE 1 image Progressive scan offers higher quality. ALTERNATIVE 2 or ALTERNATIVE 3,pictures than does interlaced scan but requires. Then choose from the following for any control option a screen that supports this feature. COMBAT MODE Select STANDARD ADVANCED HOLD NOTE Once you make your screen mode selections you will not be prompted. or ADVANCED TOGGLE again unless you start a New Game However you can change these options. VIBRATION Select ON or OFF at any time from the Pause Menu Options Menu press the w button. CALIBRATION Press the left analog stick to adjust to pause the game and select OPTIONS. the screen BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST, Access information and bonus content within TOMB RAIDER LEGEND. By completing levels and collecting rewards along the way you will unlock. items that you can then select and view here,trl ps2 final qxd 3 9 06 2 42 PM Page 8. SAVING AND LOADING THE GAME CONTROLLING LARA, Press the w button during play to display the Pause Menu from here you The controls shown in this section are default You can view all the.
can save your progress and rewards and load a saved game CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION settings page 6 in the Options Menu. SAVING YOUR PROGRESS MOVEMENT CONTROLS, Every game level has several checkpoints to pass The word CHECKPOINT. will appear in the bottom right of the screen to inform you when Lara left analog stick Movement Sneak Walk. has passed a checkpoint This is a good place to save your progress and Run. Press the w button to access the Pause Menu and select SAVE c button Crouch Roll. From here you can choose to create a new save game or overwrite. t button Interact Action while standing,an existing save. next to objects or vehicles, You can also save between checkpoints but Lara will always appear Pick up new weapon when. at the most recently saved checkpoint when a save is loaded again standing over weapon. NOTE There is no automatic save when you leave the game However Safety Grab prevent Lara. if Lara dies during a game she automatically restarts at the last checkpoint from falling from ledges. passed regardless of whether or not you saved there If you quit the game x button Jump Hold button to jump. without saving you lose all progress since the last saved checkpoint farther. right analog stick Rotate camera,SAVING REWARDS,button Reset camera angle and view. When you replay a previously completed level you will have the option to. HUD page 13, select SAVE REWARDS to save any collected rewards to your current game.
LOADING A SAVED GAME,SWIMMING CONTROLS, You can load any saved game on your memory card from the Main Menu. or from the in game Pause Menu Select LOAD then choose a save from left analog stick Swim left right forward. one of the four save slots If data is present details of the save will be. shown at screen right Press the x button to load and resume that game c button Dive Hold button. to dive deeper, If you have a save that was created at the end of the game you cannot t button Interact Action Pick up. load it during gameplay Instead you can revisit any part of the game via rewards. the LOAD LEVEL option page 5 in the Main Menu,Fast Stroke. NOTE If you re using save files that were copied from one memory card x button Swim toward the surface. to another the save file MOST RECENTLY copied becomes your current Surface. save and will be selected when you choose RESUME GAME even if this save. data does not represent the most up to date game progress right analog stick Rotate camera. NOTE When Lara is swimming underwater her air meter slowly drains. If it runs out Lara will start to take damage to her standard health. bar page 13 If Lara does not surface for air in time she will drown. trl ps2 final qxd 3 9 06 2 42 PM Page 10,COMBAT AND ITEM CONTROLS COMBAT. r button Fire COMBAT STRATEGIES, d button Throw grenade flare In combat always remember these two key elements.
f button Accurate Aim Mode toggle KEEP MOVING, l button Combat Mode lock on Keeping Lara moving is the most important factor in combat her. continually changing position slows the enemy s advance A moving target is. button Realign camera behind Lara much harder to hit than a static one. s button Throw grapple,MANIPULATE THE ENVIRONMENT, t button Pull grapple Interact Constantly check for objects in the environment that Lara can manipulate. with environmental targets to her advantage For example she can thwart enemies by blocking paths. explosive barrels etc collapsing structures detonating nearby explosives and releasing obstacles. directional pad Use health pack,Switch weapons AIMING AND FIRING CONTROLS. Personal Light Source l button Lock on target,PLS on off. r button Fire weapon,Binoculars Activate the, RAD page 15 by pressing the right analog stick Change target Flick during.
t button in Binocular view lock on,l button hold d button Throw grenade at target. d button Grenade free throw hold button,DRIVING CONTROLS for distance. left analog stick Steer,x button Accelerate MELEE ATTACKS. s button Brake Reverse SLIDE ATTACK Target enemies while running toward them then press. r button Fire weapon the c button to slide Lara slides into enemies knocking. and the disc tray will open Place the TOMB RAIDER LEGEND disc on the disc tray with the label side facing up Press the OPEN button again and the disc tray will close Attach game controllers and other peripherals as appropriate Follow on screen instructions and refer to this manual for information on using the software

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