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Informatica Multidomain MDM Services Integration Framework Guide. September 2018,Copyright Informatica LLC 1998 2019. This software and documentation are provided only under a separate license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure No part of this document may be. reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic photocopying recording or otherwise without prior consent of Informatica LLC. U S GOVERNMENT RIGHTS Programs software databases and related documentation and technical data delivered to U S Government customers are commercial. computer software or commercial technical data pursuant to the applicable Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency specific supplemental regulations As such. the use duplication disclosure modification and adaptation is subject to the restrictions and license terms set forth in the applicable Government contract and to the. extent applicable by the terms of the Government contract the additional rights set forth in FAR 52 227 19 Commercial Computer Software License. Informatica and the Informatica logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Informatica LLC in the United States and many jurisdictions throughout the world A. current list of Informatica trademarks is available on the web at https www informatica com trademarks html Other company and product names may be trade. names or trademarks of their respective owners, Portions of this software and or documentation are subject to copyright held by third parties Required third party notices are included with the product. The information in this documentation is subject to change without notice If you find any problems in this documentation report them to us at. infa documentation informatica com, Informatica products are warranted according to the terms and conditions of the agreements under which they are provided INFORMATICA PROVIDES THE. INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF. MERCHANTABILITY FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF NON INFRINGEMENT. Publication Date 2019 12 19,Table of Contents,Informatica Resources 8. Informatica Network 8,Informatica Knowledge Base 8.
Informatica Documentation 8,Informatica Product Availability Matrices 9. Informatica Velocity 9,Informatica Marketplace 9,Informatica Global Customer Support 9. Chapter 1 Introduction to Services Integration Framework 10. Services Integration Framework SIF 10,SIF SDK 11,Use Cases for SIF 11. SiperianClient Library Classes 12,Access Protocols 12. Web Services 13,XML Over HTTP 14,Chapter 2 Setting Up the SIF SDK 15.
Before You Begin 15,Installing the SIF SDK 15,SIF API Reference Documentation 16. Setting Up a Sample Eclipse Client 16,Importing the Sample Project File 16. Identifying the Missing Library JAR Files 16,Adding the Missing Library JAR Files 17. Customizing the Properties in the Library Files 18. Sample Code to Retrieve Records 18,Running the Sample Code to Retrieve Records 19. Chapter 3 Request and Response Objects 20,Request and Response Objects Overview 20.
Request Objects 20,SiperianRequest Class 21,Response Objects 21. SiperianResponse Class 22,Sample Java Class Diagram 22. Table of Contents 3,Chapter 4 Transactions and Exception Handling 23. Transactions Overview 23,Business Entity Services 23. Example EJB Transaction for WebLogic and WebSphere 24. Example EJB Transaction for JBoss 24,Exception Handling 25.
Chapter 5 ORS Specific SIF API 27,ORS Specific SIF API Overview 27. Supported Repository Objects 28,ORS Specific SIF API Properties 28. Repository Objects Statuses 29, Generating and Deploying an ORS Specific SIF API 29. Renaming an ORS specific SIF API 30,Downloading an ORS Specific Client JAR File 30. Removing an ORS Specific SIF API 30, Using ORS Specific Client JAR Files with SIF SDK 30.
Archive Table 31,ORS Specific SIF Classes 31,Cleanse Resource Name 31. CleansePut Resource Name 32,Get Resource Name 33,Put Resource Name 34. SearchMatchColumn Resource Name 35,SearchMatchRecord Resource Name 35. SearchQuery Resource Name 36,ORS Specific SIF API Field Parameters 37. Chapter 6 Asynchronous SIF Requests 40,Asynchronous SIF Requests Overview 40.
Architecture of JMS Message Queue for SIF 40,Processing Asynchronous SIF Requests 41. Chapter 7 ORS Specific JMS Event Messages 42,ORS Specific JMS Event Messages Overview 42. Elements in a Response XML Message 43, Sample Response XML Message for an Update Event 44. Chapter 8 Using Security Access Manager 45,Security Access Manager Workbench Overview 45. Using the Security Access Manager Workbench 46,Permissions for SIF Requests 46.
4 Table of Contents,Chapter 9 Using Dynamic Data Masking 50. Dynamic Data Masking Overview 50, Supported SIF Requests for Dynamic Data Masking 51. Chapter 10 SIF API Reference 52,Functional SIF API Listing 52. Reference SIF API Listing 56,AcceptUnmatchedRecordsAsUnique 56. AddRelationship 57,ApplyChangeList 57,AssignUnmergedRecords 58.
Authenticate 60,CanUnmergeRecords 60,CleanTable 60. Cleanse 61,CleansePut 62,ClearAssignedUnmergedRecords 66. CreateChangeList 66,CreateTask 67,DeleteRelationship 71. DescribeSiperianObject 71,ExecuteBatchAutoMatchAndMerge 72. ExecuteBatchAutomerge 73,ExecuteBatchBVTSnapshot 74.
ExecuteBatchDelete 74,ExecuteBatchExternalMatch 75. ExecuteBatchGenerateMatchTokens 76,ExecuteBatchGroup 77. ExecuteBatchKeyMatch 77,ExecuteBatchLoad 78,ExecuteBatchMatch 79. ExecuteBatchMatchAnalyze 79,ExecuteBatchPromote 80. ExecuteBatchRecalculateBo 81,ExecuteBatchRecalculateBvt 82.
ExecuteBatchResetMatchTable 82,ExecuteBatchRevalidate 83. ExecuteBatchStage 84,ExecuteBatchSynchronize 84,Table of Contents 5. ExecuteBatchUnmerge 85,ExecuteBatchValidateFKRelationships 86. FlagForAutomerge 86,GenerateConstraints 87,GetAggregatePeriod 90. GetAssignableUsersForTasks 92,GetAssignedRecords 93.
GetBatchGroupStatus 93,GetEffectivePeriods 95,GetEntityGraph 96. GetLookupValue 97,GetLookupValues 98,GetMatchedRecords 98. GetMergeHistory 99,GetOneHop 99,GetOrsList 100,GetOrsMetadata 101. GetSearchResults 101,GetSiperianObjectCompatibility 103. GetSystemTrustSettings 103,GetTaskLineage 104,GetTasks 107.
GetTrustGraphData 109,GetTrustScore 109,GetUnmergedRecordCount 110. GetXrefForEffectiveDate 110,ListSiperianObjects 112. MultiMerge 114,PreviewBVT 115,PromotePendingXrefs 116. ReassignRecords 123,RegisterCustomIndex 123,RegisterCustomTableObject 124. RegisterUsers 125,RemoveMatchedRecords 126,ResetBatchGroup 126.
Restore 127,6 Table of Contents,SearchHmQuery 128,SearchLookupValues 128. SearchMatch 128,SearchQuery 133,SearchRequestBase 135. SearchResponseBase 136,SetPassword 136,SetRecordState 136. Tokenize 138,Unlink 139,Unmerge 139,UnregisterUsers 141. UpdateMatchRecord 141,UpdateRelationship 142,UpdateTask 143.
ValidateChangeList 145,ValidateMetadata 146,ValidateTasks 147. Chapter 11 Troubleshooting 149,Appendix A Identifiers 150. List of Identifiers 150,SiperianObjectUID 150,RecordKey 154. Appendix B Frequently Asked Questions 155,Table of Contents 7. Use the Services Integration Framework SIF to integrate the Informatica MDM Hub functionality with your. applications The Multidomain MDM Services Integration Framework Guide explains how to access the data. that the MDM Hub provides by using APIs, This guide assumes that you have a working knowledge of MDM Hub and are familiar with Java and APIs.
Informatica Resources, Informatica provides you with a range of product resources through the Informatica Network and other online. portals Use the resources to get the most from your Informatica products and solutions and to learn from. other Informatica users and subject matter experts. Informatica Network, The Informatica Network is the gateway to many resources including the Informatica Knowledge Base and. Informatica Global Customer Support To enter the Informatica Network visit. https network informatica com, As an Informatica Network member you have the following options. Search the Knowledge Base for product resources,View product availability information. Create and review your support cases, Find your local Informatica User Group Network and collaborate with your peers.
Informatica Knowledge Base, Use the Informatica Knowledge Base to search Informatica Network for product resources such as. documentation how to articles best practices and PAMs. To access the Knowledge Base visit https kb informatica com If you have questions comments or ideas. about the Knowledge Base contact the Informatica Knowledge Base team at. KB Feedback informatica com,Informatica Documentation. Use the Informatica Documentation Portal to explore an extensive library of documentation for current and. recent product releases To explore the Documentation Portal visit https docs informatica com. Informatica maintains documentation for many products on the Informatica Knowledge Base in addition to. the Documentation Portal If you cannot find documentation for your product or product version on the. Documentation Portal search the Knowledge Base at https search informatica com. If you have questions comments or ideas about the product documentation contact the Informatica. Documentation team at infa documentation informatica com. Informatica Product Availability Matrices, Product Availability Matrices PAMs indicate the versions of the operating systems databases and types of. data sources and targets that a product release supports You can browse the Informatica PAMs at. https network informatica com community informatica network product availability matrices. Informatica Velocity, Informatica Velocity is a collection of tips and best practices developed by Informatica Professional. Services Developed from the real world experience of hundreds of data management projects Informatica. Velocity represents the collective knowledge of our consultants who have worked with organizations from. around the world to plan develop deploy and maintain successful data management solutions. If you are an Informatica Network member you can access Informatica Velocity resources at. http velocity informatica com, If you have questions comments or ideas about Informatica Velocity contact Informatica Professional.
Services at ips informatica com,Informatica Marketplace. The Informatica Marketplace is a forum where you can find solutions that extend and enhance your. Informatica implementations Leverage any of the hundreds of solutions from Informatica developers and. partners on the Marketplace to improve your productivity and speed up time to implementation on your. projects You can find the Informatica Marketplace at https marketplace informatica com. Informatica Global Customer Support, You can contact a Global Support Center by telephone or through the Informatica Network. To find your local Informatica Global Customer Support telephone number visit the Informatica website at. the following link, https www informatica com services and training customer success services contact us html. To find online support resources on the Informatica Network visit https network informatica com and. select the eSupport option,Introduction to Services. Integration Framework,This chapter includes the following topics.
Services Integration Framework SIF 10,SIF SDK 11,Use Cases for SIF 11. SiperianClient Library Classes 12,Access Protocols 12. Services Integration Framework SIF, Use Services Integration Framework SIF to invoke the MDM Hub operations from external applications in. real time SIF uses service oriented architecture that provides application functionality as services to other. applications, You can configure SIF for the MDM Hub to interface with the client programs SIF serves as the middle tier in. the client server model You can use the SIF access protocols to implement the request and response. interactions, Note Only admin users can access private resources through the SIF requests.
The Services Integration Framework offers the following services and events. Process Services, Process services are integration processes and people to system processes For example in a customer. domain the process services include activities such as verifying customers and approving customers. Business Events, Business events are rule driven events and actions that are based on business logic For example you. might evaluate the impact of a new relationship,Business Services. Business services act on base objects in the data model For example in a customer domain you can. create a Customer base object or retrieve a Customer base object. Data Services, Data services act on records in the tables You can insert a record retrieve a record or update a record. Data Events, Data events are events that affect master data or source data For example a customer last name.
changes in a source record or an address changes in a master record. The SIF requests can directly interact with each other Data services can interact with data events process. services with data services data services with business services and data events with process services. Preface Use the Services Integration Framework SIF to integrate the Informatica MDM Hub functionality with your applications The M u l t i d o m a i n M D M S e r v i c e s I n t e g r a t i o n F r a m e w o r k G u i d e explains how to access the data

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