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001 Dewey Decimal Classification 001,2 Scholarship and learning. Intellectual activity directed toward increase of knowledge. Class methods of study and teaching in 371 3 Class a specific branch of. scholarship and learning with the branch e g scholarship in the humanities. 001 3 in history 900,For research see 001 4,See Manual at 500 vs 001. 3 Humanities, Including relative value of science versus the humanities. Class here government policy on humanities,4 Research. Including research methods qualitative research quantitative research. scientific method descriptive and experimental methods support of and. incentives for research awards bursaries certificates competitions contests. fellowships and scholarships financial support grants honors medals prizes. Class here action research evaluation research works discussing what research. Class operations research computer modeling and simulation in 003 class. student finance in higher education in 378 3 Class research in a specific subject. with the subject plus notation 072 from Table 1 e g research in linguistics. 410 72 class results of research in a specific subject with the subject without. notation 072 from Table 1 e g results of research in linguistics 410 not. 410 72 class support of and incentives for research in a specific subject with. the subject plus notation 079 from Table 1 e g research awards in mechanical. engineering 621 079, See Manual at 500 vs 001 also at 519 5 T1 01 vs 001 4 T1 072.
Interdisciplinary works on historical research relocated to 907 2. 9 Controversial knowledge, Including well established phenomena for which explanations are controversial. the end of the world deceptions and hoaxes errors delusions superstitions. Class here interdisciplinary works on controversial knowledge parapsychology. Class a hoax that influenced history with the hoax in 900 e g False Dmitri 947. For parapsychology and occultism see 130 For controversial knowledge. concerning a specific subject see the subject e g paranatural and. legendary phenomena as subjects of folklore 398 Piltdown man hoax 569 9. controversial medical remedies 615 8 an alleged conspiracy to assassinate. John F Kennedy 973 922,See Manual at 001 9 and 130. 001 Computer science information general works 001. 94 Mysteries, Reported phenomena not explained not fully verified. Including Atlantis Bermuda Triangle pyramid power, Class here nonastronomical extraterrestrial influences on earth. See also 900 for Atlantis as a subject of archaeology. 942 Unidentified flying objects UFOs,Variant name flying saucers.
Class here human alien encounters,944 Monsters and related phenomena. Including abominable snowman Loch Ness monster, See also 590 for animals whose reality is not controversial. 002 The book, Including interdisciplinary works on chapbooks formerly 398. Class here historical bibliography interdisciplinary works on the book. Class comprehensive works on historical and analytical bibliography in 010. For book publishing see 070 5 for rare books see 090 for social aspects of. the book see 302 23 for book arts see 686 For chapbooks with content limited. to a specific subject see the subject e g murder 364 152 anonymous jokes. from oral tradition 398 18th century English fiction 823. 02 Miscellany, Do not use for lists inventories catalogs class in 010. 029 Commercial miscellany, Do not use for trade catalogs and directories class in 010.
07 Education research related topics,074 Museums collections exhibits. Class catalogs and lists in 010,003 Dewey Decimal Classification 003. 003 Systems, Including system identification forecasting and forecasts interdisciplinary. works on forecasting computer modeling and simulation computer applications. in systems computer implementation of mathematical models of systems. interdisciplinary works on computer modeling and simulation theory of. communication and control cybernetics interdisciplinary works on control and. stability of systems kinds of systems systems distinguished in relation to time. Class here operations research systems theory analysis design optimization. models simulations applied to real world systems, Class computer vision in 006 3 class psychology of human perception in 153 7. class simulation in education in 371 39 class perception in animals in 573 8. class information theory in communications engineering in 621 382 without. using notation 01 from Table 1 class coding for purpose of limiting access to. information cryptography in 652 class use of systems analysis and operations. research in management in 658 4 class social aspects of and interdisciplinary. works on communication in systems in 302 2 Class systems in a specific subject. with the subject plus notation 01 from Table 1 e g systems theory in the social. sciences 300 1 class information theory in communications engineering of a. specific kind of communications with the kind without using notation 01 from. Table 1 e g radio 621 384 class information theory in any other specific subject. with the subject plus notation 01 from Table 1 e g information theory in. economics 330 01, For artificial intelligence see 006 3 for forecasting by parapsychological.
and occult means see 133 3 for social forecasting forecasting and forecasts. for specific areas see 303 49 for purely mathematical treatment of networks. without reference to real world systems see 511 for control theory in. automation engineering see 629 8 For computer modeling and simulation. applied to a specific subject see the subject plus notation 01 from Table 1 e g. computer modeling in economics 330 01 for control and stability of systems in. a specific subject see the subject plus notation 01 from Table 1 e g control. and stability of systems in general engineering 620 001. See also 004 2 for analysis and design of computer based systems also 511. for mathematical models not applied to real world systems also 519 7 for. mathematical programming not applied to real world systems. 028 5 Computer applications,Do not use class in 003. 004 006 Computer science computer programming,programs data special computer methods. Unless other instructions are given class a subject with aspects in two or more. subdivisions of 004 006 in the number coming last e g external storage for. personal computers 004 5 not 004 16 data security in client server computing. 005 8 not 004 natural language processing in full text database management. systems 006 3 not 005 75,Class comprehensive works in 004. 004 Computer science information general works 004. 004 Computer science, Including processing modes computers processors computer systems. distinguished by their processing modes centralized processing nonelectronic data. processing, Class here data processing selection and use of computer hardware electronic.
computers electronic digital computers computer systems computers their. peripheral devices their operating systems cyberinfrastructure central processing. units computer reliability interactive online processing mobile computing. comprehensive works on hardware and programs in electronic data processing. Class computer modeling and simulation in 003 class programming for. multiprocessor computers in 005 2 class web services in 006 7 class. comprehensive works on analog computers in 004 1 class comprehensive works. on associative processing and memory in 004 5 class comprehensive works on. multiprogramming on time sharing in 005 4 Class computer applications in a. specific subject with the subject plus notation 0285 from Table 1 e g computer. applications in banking 332 10285, For computer programming programs data see 005 for special computer. methods see 006 for engineering manufacture repair of computers see. 621 39 For a specific aspect of mobile computing see the aspect e g. handheld computing devices 004 167 wireless communications 004 6 mobile. operating systems for handheld computing devices 005 4. See also 025 04 for automated information storage and retrieval also. 303 48 for computers as a cause of social change also 343 09 for computer. law also 364 16 for financial and business computer crimes also 371 33. for computer assisted instruction CAI also 658 for data processing in. management also 794 8 for computer games, See Manual at 004 006 vs 621 39 also at 004 vs 005. 01 Philosophy and theory, Including human computer interaction human factors usability. Apply notation 01 from Table 1 as modified here throughout 004 006 e g. usability in software engineering 005 101,02 Miscellany. 028 Auxiliary techniques and procedures apparatus equipment. Do not use for testing and measurement class in 004 2. 004 Dewey Decimal Classification 004,1 General works on specific types of computers.
Including digital computers e g supercomputers mainframe computers. midrange computers hybrid and analog computers, Class here specific types of processors computer systems based on specific. types of computers, Class specific types of computers processors computer systems distinguished. by their processing modes massively parallel supercomputers nonelectronic. analog computers in 004 class programmable calculators in 510 285 class. comprehensive works on midrange and personal computers in 004 16. See Manual at 004 1,Embedded computer systems relocated to 006 2. 16 Personal computers,Former heading Microcomputers. Class here specific types of personal computers comprehensive works on. midrange and personal computers,Class midrange computers in 004 1.
165 Specific personal computers, Arrange alphabetically by name of computer or processor e g Apple. See Manual at 004 165, Specific handheld computing devices relocated to 004 1675. 167 Handheld computing devices, Class here specific types of handheld computing devices. 167 5 Specific handheld computing devices formerly 004 165. Arrange alphabetically by name of computer or processor e g. BlackBerry, Use notation 01 from Table 1 as modified at 004 01. 004 Computer science information general works 004. 2 Systems analysis and design computer architecture performance. evaluation, Including analysis of a user s problem preparatory to developing a computer.
system to solve it performance measurement and evaluation to aid in designing. or improving the performance of a computer system systems analysis and. design computer architecture performance evaluation of specific types of. electronic computers, Class systems analysis and design computer architecture performance. evaluation of specific types of computers distinguished by processing mode. in 004 class communications network design and architecture in 004 6 Class. performance evaluation as a consideration in purchasing a specific item with the. item in 004 plus notation 029 from Table 1 e g evaluating personal computers. for purchase 004 16029, For software systems analysis and design see 005 1 for database design. and architecture see 005 74, Including hardware aspects of virtual memory comprehensive works on. associative content addressable memory and associative processing internal. storage main memory external storage auxiliary memory. Class associative processing in 004 class comprehensive works on virtual. memory in 005 4,6 Interfacing and communications, Standard subdivisions are added for either or both topics in heading. Including interfacing and communications for specific types of electronic. computers e g digital computers computers distinguished by processing. modes hybrid and analog computers interfacing and communications. protocols kinds of hardware communications network architecture data. transmission modes and data switching methods local area networks. Class here data communications internetworking interoperability wired. communications wireless communications interdisciplinary works on. computer communications, Class client server computing in 004 class data programs programming in.
interfacing and communications in 005 7 class security measures in interfacing. and communications in 005 8 Class peripheral control units controlling a. specific kind of peripheral with the peripheral e g printer controllers 004 7. class protocols for specific aspects of interfacing and communications with the. aspect e g protocols for error correcting codes 005 7. For social aspects of computer communications see 302 23 for economic. and related aspects of providing computer communications to the public see. 384 3 for interdisciplinary works on telecommunication see 384. See also 004 for distributed processing, See Manual at 004 6 vs 005 7 also at 004 6 vs 384 3 also at 004 6 vs. 621 382 621 39, Use notation 01 from Table 1 as modified at 004 01. 004 Dewey Decimal Classification 004,602 Miscellany. Do not use for standards class in 004 6,67 Wide area networks. Including Internet World Wide Web,Class here metropolitan area networks.
For Internet World Wide Web as information systems see 025 042 For. a specific aspect of cloud computing see the aspect e g grid computing. 004 web services 006 7,See Manual at 004 67 vs 006 7 025 042 384 3. 670 917 3 Socioeconomic regions by concentration of population. Do not use for metropolitan area networks class in 004 67. 69 Specific kinds of computer communications,Including Internet telephony. Class computer communications in multimedia systems with the system. 000 000 Computer science information general works SUMMARY 001 006 Knowledge the book systems computer science 010 Bibliography 020 Library and information sciences 030 General encyclopedic works 050 General serial publications 060 General organizations and museology 070 Documentary media educational media news media journalism publishing 080 General collections 001 Knowledge090

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