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Cupboard containing test models for the Casal Balaguer project in Palma de. Mallorca Flores Prats Studio Barcelona,Photograph Adri Goula. or felt in terms of gravity of massiveness of visual continuity Therefore it could not be more disconcerting than to sud. denly discover that everything is all held up on a thin plank and a few rough trestles The Michelangelo church consid. ered and felt I repeat as a type of tectonic celebration nevertheless lacks foundations and not even any ground on. which to rest there it is sitting atop an enormous tray l evitating in the air This tragicomic contrast says much retroactively. about the necessary uselessness of Michelangelo s efforts at once a titan gymnast and funambulist but that is not the. topic of our current discussion We are only concerned with the evidence that between the model and the mechanism used. to exhibit that rustic table a cut is produced a cruel metaphor of another one the apparently uncrossable divide between. the plan and its materialization And so the legs upon which Casal Balaguer s model sits which I have described above as. props and which are in fact an interpretation of a workshop trestle like the one we can see in Lemercier s engraving. those props I repeat tell us the exact opposite They refer to the perfect continuity which in the work of Flores Prats. exists between the project let s call it a process and the material world Apart from the continuity of materials techniques. concepts the way in which these props are splayed is reminiscent of an intricate branch like arrangement The model. therefore evokes the highest order of dreams in every sense of the word living the tree house Far up above dangers. among the birds and the fruit near the sky swayed by the wind this house a cabin that is both secured and in flight at the. same time is the symbol of a safe house happily nested in the branches The fact that amid the tangle of legs cum foliage. Flores Prats and their collaborators have placed a small bracket upon which another smaller scale model of the same. buildings is placed not only highlights the imaginative powers of the miniature but shows us through the growth of the. branches the expansion of the project itself the fruits at their different stages of maturation in a demonstration of the mas. tery that again refers to the specific making as an almost organic process far removed from any utopian ideal The humor. ous effect of these small growing houses which remind me of Duchamp s dollhouses full of authentic miniature works of. art ultimately does away with any ostentation despite the fact that what is on display here is by no means small Indeed. boxes have been built for these models in such a way that they can travel by boat or by plane in the case of Casal. Balaguer to the site where the boxes open up and the models rise up and unfold as if in a practical demonstration of the. true scale related problems of the true perception of relative size of the large and small of the near and far At other times. all of the project s models have been gathered together into a kind of time capsule the opening of which means seeing the. whole process again only this time influenced by a specific item locks buckles straps hinges The capsule now refers. back to its own simple and perfect mechanisms and to the hands that manipulate it The model in the capsule the capsule. in the studio the making finally ends up expressing itself in the perfect continuity of that which containing itself succes. sively contains everything at the same time each time. All of these issues have a long history In fact Flores Prats s oldest work published in their book contains them all Eva. Prats received the commission to transform a small roof top construction on top of a former laundry building in Barcelona s. Ensanche district into a mini apartment to be a pied terre in Barcelona for its owners from the island of Mallorca a single. room without outside views lit up through a skylight with aquarium lighting and containing two wooden boxes From the. entrance to the apartment a raised platform you immediately sense in the small space dominating it from above the. relative size of the two boxes the smaller of the two in front of us the larger one to the left and in a stereoscopic exercise. we imagine the possibility of one fitting inside the other could this not be finally the last step Or the last pase The mini. apartment in fact does have something of magical box about it lids and doors that open up and slide across furniture. coming out of furniture pull out beds Everything is articulated around the concrete security offered by the miniature and. the resource something I have already mentioned on multiple occasions But there is more this type of rejoicing of the. box s precision which we open up with the certainty of finding something familiar within it this intuition of the inalienable. in the hiding place is a reaction to the conviction that architecture is capable of generating the most essential feelings of. security the feeling of possession intimacy interior The work of Flores Prats has this deep feeling of decorum architec. ture s mission faithful to the touch displaying itself with the need full of certainty is to provide this sense of security This. mini apartment this simple pied terre is akin to the essential cabin It is the refuge that has everything the living nucleus. Flores Prats compare this room with one of those old travel cases those by Innovation Le Corbusier s favorite or even. better those made by Louis Vuitton their great inventor It is clear that opening one of these trunks and seeing coat hangers. and rails fan out little drawers of every conceivable size for all kinds of clothes one within the other the highest for hats and. 00 Flores Prats ingles indd 14 15 03 09 14 14 10, The garden is the transformation of a section of land lifted 20 meters into the air This displacement causes it to lose weight and Roof Gardens in the Ensanche District Barcelona 1992. gain air The new ground is a wooden surface and the amount of soil carried up there is only that needed to fill containers and The project proposes the reuse of a vacant space with a dual purpose firstly to construct a garden and its structure of planters. plant pots A metal structure supports this new ground level resting on the partition walls and evening out the small differences and walkways across the rooftops in order to be able to walk around the full breadth of the city block as if in a cloister secondly. in height between roof terraces for the leisure activities of local residents and the practice of the horticultural college students who will look after the garden. 00 Flores Prats ingles indd 2 3 03 09 14 14 10,Acknowledgements Thought By Hand Director. The Architecture of Flores Prats Miquel Adri,First edition 2014. We would like to thank the Yutes company in Barcelona and the Vitali. company in Milan without whom this book would not have been possi Editorial Director. ble Their faith in our studio to design their headquarters continues with 2014 Arquine S A de C V Isabel Garc s. their support for publication of this book Culiac n 123 Anexo. Colonia Hip dromo, Our thanks also to the photographers we have worked with over the M xico D F 06170 Concept and Original Design.
years who have generously allowed us to use their images Giovanni ISBN 978 607 7784 74 6 Flores Prats Arquitectes. Zanzi Esther Rovira Hisao Suzuki Duccio Malagamba Adri Goula. C sar Lucadamo Jos Hevia lex Garc a and Filippo Romano Cover. Cabinet for fountain pens Editorial Coordination, To Oriol Valls for having prepared this book with such care and to the Benedikte Mikkelsen Selene Patlan Arquine. Arquine editorial team for treating it with such understanding and pro Oriol Valls Flores Prats. fessionalism, And to Miquel Adri per aquest primer vol Miquel Adri Design Setting. Manuel Arguijo Samuel Morales,Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats Toni Casares. Ricardo Flores,Adri Goula Translations and Copy Editing. Juan Jos Lahuerta Fionn Petch,Eva Prats Quentin Pope.
Manuel de Sol Morales,Soraya Smithson www arquine com. THOUGHT BY HAND,Thought by Hand Visual material, The Architecture of Flores Prats The drawings models photographs of works and collages that appear in this book are. documents produced and archived in the studio of Flores Prats Arquitectes. Printed in September 2014 by Everbest Printing Co Ltd China. Texts were set using the Swiss typeface family 2 000 copies were printed No part of this publication may be reproduced copied or transmitted in any form or by any. means graphic electronic or mechanical including photocopying taping or information. storage and retrieval systems without the written permission of the copyright holders and. THE ARCHITECTURE OF FLORES PRATS,the publishers, The characteristics of Barcelona s rooftops are suitable for a garden Up there the order of the city becomes a broad near horizon. there is a vast quantity of surface area available plenty of sun the city s noise is diminished. The garden organizes the use of a forgotten site building the possibility of a new community the size of a city block in the E. district This shared space created on the rooftops puts each home in contact with a larger number of neighbors with the intention. of building an intermediate community between that of the home and that of the city as a whole. The concerns of this graduation project have reappeared in the work of the studio reading in the possibilities of today s city. what its future might be the intensification of what already exists rather than creating something wholly new the concern with TEXTS BY. recycling introducing greenery into a dense solidified city with elevated landscapes on pergolas or roof terraces identifying a. community and helping with its construction,Miquel Adri. Juan Jos Lahuerta,RICARDO FLORES EVA PRATS,Adri goula.
Joan Enric Prats Cesc Segura YUTES,Manuel de Sol Morales. MANUEL ARGUIJO,Carlota Coloma Adri Lahuerta 15 L Films. SORAYA SMITHSON,Toni Casares, Reference points for this project included the Ramblas of the city a promenade between ever renewed planters of flowers the. city s cloisters with their tranquil circulation and the Ciudadela fountain a walkway with changing heights in relation to the trees. 00 Flores Prats ingles indd 4 5 03 09 14 14 10,CONTENTS 3 Roof Gardens in the Ensanche District. Barcelona 1992,An Extraordinary Case 9,Miquel Adri.
Anti Icons 11,On the Work of Flores Prats,Juan Jos Lahuerta. Process In Full View 28,Ricardo Flores Eva Prats,34 Affinities. 42 Fabra Coats Gardens,Sant Andreu Barcelona 1997 1999. 72 Museum of the Mills,Es Jonquet Palma de Mallorca 1998 2002. Not Drawing on Site 81,Liquid Light 86,97 Casal Balaguer.
Palma de Mallorca 1996 2014,Drawing without Erasing 138. A Photographic Feast 140,Adri Goula,143 Providencia House. 176 Badalona Barcelona 2002 2008,The Discipline of the Existing 146. 166 Through the Canvas,Sydney Australia 2004,De Hooch s Rooms 169. In Front and Behind 172,The Value of the Studio 174.
Participation 184,185 Plaza Pio XII,Sant Adri del Bes s Barcelona 2002 2005. Mi plaza y yo 186,Anatxu Zabalbeascoa,227 Campus Microsoft Italia. Peschiera Borromeo Milan 2007 2011,252 Bornholms Museum Competition. R nne Denmark 2003,266 Yutes Warehouse,Sant Just Desvern Barcelona 2000 2005. Yutes Warehouse 272,Joan Enric Prats Francesc Segura.
Pliegues y dobleces 282,Inteview for SAM Basel,287 Mireia Jewelry Cabinet. Barcelona Summer 2004,Flores Prats Capa ingles indd 6 03 09 14 16 55. 303 Mueble Joyero Mireia,292 Portable Memories Exhibition. Sala Vin on Barcelona 2013,293 Graduation Project,Universidad Internacional de Catalu a 2010 2012. 304 House in a Suitcase,Barcelona 1994,311 Building 111.
355 Terrassa Barcelona 2004 2011,The Social Dimension of Housing 345. 350 Plaza Nicaragua,Montcada i Reixac Barcelona 2005 2006. Torresana Project in Terrassa 364,Manuel de Sol Morales. The Static of 111 375,Manuel Arguijo,379 Crossed Gazes 111 Building Exhibition. COAC Barcelona 2011,384 Meeting at the Building Exhibition.
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen 2013,388 Post occupation Workshop. 21st Century Housing Master s Program at UPC Barcelona 2012. Seguir en contacto despu s de la obra 390,Interview in Clar n newspaper. 391 Meeting at the Building Film, Carlota Coloma Adri Lahuerta 15 L Films Edificio 111 Terrassa Barcelona 2012. 392 Catalogue for a Double Exhibition,Copenhagen 2013. Danish Pastries 393,Soraya Smithson,394 Ingredients Cakes Exhibition.
Leth Gori Copenhagen 2013,A Storefront 395,Soraya Smithson. Edible Architecture with Escrib 398,402 Crossed Gazes 111 Building Debate. COAC Barcelona 2011,Fiesta Anual Ritual 404,Miralda FoodCultura. Reading of an Extract from a Play 405,Toni Casares Sala Beckett. Toni Casares 406 New Sala Beckett,Poblenou Barcelona 2011.
436 List of Projects,438 Website www floresprats com. Flores Prats Barcelona 2006,440 Archive,449 Biography. Flores Prats Capa ingles indd 7 03 09 14 16 55, Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexico Miniature Mexican altar fixed to a door of the Flores Prats studio. Photograph Adri Goula,An Extraordinary Case,Miquel Adri. For Flores Prats everything is more Every element has an effect setting . Flores amp Prats Arquitectes Editorial Coordination Selene Patlan Arquine Oriol Valls Flores amp Prats Design Setting Samuel Morales Translations and Copy Editing Fionn Petch Quentin Pope www arquine com Thought by Hand The Architecture of Flores amp Prats Printed in September 2014 by Everbest Printing Co Ltd China

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