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0 D75PAL E cover 11 06 03 18 48 Page 2,M Sample images 141. Important Usage Instructions Magnifying the image 90 Sand Snow mode 62. Maintenance 159 Screen displays 152,WARNING Manual focus 81 SD Memory Card 108 140. E TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE COVER OR E. Memory card 108 140 Search select 93, BACK NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE REFER SERVICING TO Menus 42 Self timer 73. QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL,Microphone 75 80 Shutter Priority Tv Mode 62 85. WARNING Microphone attenuator 75 Shutter speed 85, TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT EXPOSE THIS MIC terminal 75 Slide show 126.
PRODUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE Movie playback mode 125 SP mode 55. Movie size 110 Speaker 37,CAUTION MultiMediaCard 108 140 Spotlight mode 62. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK AND TO REDUCE ANNOYING Multi image screen 70 Still image playback mode 124. INTERFERENCE USE THE RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES ONLY,Still image quality 109. Introduction,My Camera settings 51,CAUTION Still image size 109. DISCONNECT THE MAINS PLUG FROM THE SUPPLY SOCKET WHEN NOT IN USE N Stitch Assist mode 120. NETWORK Mode 151 Super Night mode 63, CA 570 identification plate is located on the bottom Night mode 62. Use of CV 150F CV 250F DV cable is necessary to comply with the technical requirement. of EMC Directive O Tally lamp 53,Operating Mode 6 Tape protection 21.
Output channel 41 Telephoto 28,Time code 153,P Time zone 23. Photo search 93 Tripod 34,Playback Memory card 124 Troubleshooting 163. Playback Tape 35 TV Screen 38 152,Playback pause 36. Power adapter 14 15 U,Print order 129 150 USB terminal 138. Program AE 61,Protect 127 V,Video heads 160,R Video light 77 78.
Record pause mode 26 Videocassettes 20,Record review 33 Viewfinder 18 160. Record search 33,Recording Movies memory card 122 W. Recording Movies tape 26 White balance 88,Recording programs 61 Wide screen 53. Recording Still Images memory card Wind screen 76,112 Wireless controller 12 22 50. Recording Still Images tape 56,Recording to a VCR 95 Z.
Information,Additional,Remote sensor 50 Zebra Pattern 84. Rewind 35 Zero set memory 94,Zooming 28,2 S1 video terminal 39 173. 1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 3,Reference Guide. The following manuals are supplied with the camcorder. Digital Video Camcorder MVX3i Instruction Manual, This manual explains the camcorder operations from basic video recording to the. use of the full range of features,Digital Video Software Instruction Manual.
This manual explains how to download images from the memory card to a. computer using the supplied USB cable You can add sample images for Card Mix. Introduction, and My Camera settings from the supplied DIGITAL VIDEO SOLUTION DISK. Windows XP Users Only,DV Network Software Instruction Manual. This manual explains how to connect the camcorder to a computer and use the. following software, DV Messenger Version 2 USB or IEEE1394 This software operates with Windows. Messenger and allows you to perform videoconference and file transfer over the. Internet or to remotely access the camcorder at home. AV C Camera Storage Subunit WIA Driver IEEE1394 Allows you to. download upload images to from the computer and use the camcorder as a card. reader writer,Trademark Acknowledgements, Canon and Bubble Jet are registered trademarks of Canon Inc. D is a trademark,logo is a trademark, Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in.
the United States and or other countries, Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc registered in the United States and. other countries, Other names and products not mentioned above may be registered trademarks or. trademarks of their respective companies, MPEG 4 Visual Consumer Recorded Video Decoders and or Encoders. USE OF THIS PRODUCT IN ANY MANNER THAT COMPLIES WITH THE MPEG 4. VISUAL STANDARD IS PROHIBITED EXCEPT FOR USE BY A CONSUMER ENGAGING. IN PERSONAL AND NON COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES,1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 4. Table of Contents,Introduction,E Reference Guide 3.
Thank You for Choosing a Canon 7,Introducing the MVX3i 8. Components Guide 9,Mastering the Basics,Preparations. Using a Household Power Source 13,Attaching and Charging the Battery Pack 14. Installing the Backup Battery 17,Introduction,Preparing the Camcorder 18. Loading a Cassette 20,Using the Wireless Controller 22.
Setting the Time Zone Date and Time 23,Basic Recording. Recording Movies on a Tape 26,Zooming 28,Using the LCD Screen 30. Searching and Reviewing when Recording 33,Tips for Making Better Videos 34. Basic Playback,Playing Back a Tape 35,Playing Back on a TV Screen 38. Using the Full Range of Features,Menus and Settings 42.
Changing the Remote Sensor Mode 50,Customizing the Camcorder 51. Using the Custom Key 52,Other Camcorder Settings 53. Changing the Recording Mode SP LP 55,Recording Still Images on the Tape 56. Using the Built in Flash 58,Using the Recording Programs 61. Using Digital Effects 64,Using the Multi Image Screen 70.
Turning Off the Image Stabilizer 72,Recording With the Self Timer 73. Audio Recording 74,Using the VL 3 Video Light Optional 77. Using the VFL 1 Video Flash Light Optional 78,Using the DM 50 Microphone Optional 80. Manual Adjustments,Adjusting the Focus Manually 81. 4 Adjusting Exposure Manually 83,1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 5.
Using the Zebra Pattern 84,Backlight Compensation 84. Setting the Shutter Speed Mode 85,Setting the Aperture Mode 87. Setting the White Balance 88 E,Magnifying the Image 90. Displaying the Data Code 91,Photo Search Date Search 93. Returning to a Pre marked Position 94,Recording to a VCR or Digital Video Device 95.
Recording from Analog Video Devices VCR TV or Camcorder 97. Introduction, Recording from Digital Video Devices DV Dubbing 98. Converting Analog Signals into Digital Signals Analog Digital Converter 100. Replacing Existing Scenes AV Insert 102,Audio Dubbing 104. Connecting to a Computer Using a DV IEEE1394 Cable 107. Using a Memory Card,Inserting and Removing the Memory Card 108. Selecting the Image Quality Size 109,Recording Still Images on a Memory Card 112. Selecting the Focusing Point 116,Selecting the Drive Mode 118.
Recording Panoramic Images Stitch Assist Mode 120,Recording MPEG 4 Movies on a Memory Card 122. Playing Back a Memory Card 124,Protecting Images 127. Erasing Images 128, Selecting Still Images for Printing Print Order 129. Combining Images Card Mix 131,Copying Still Images 135. Formatting a Memory Card 137,Connecting to a Computer Using a USB Cable 138.
Memory Card Information 140,Direct Printing,Printing Still Images Direct Printing 143. Selecting the Print Settings Style Paper Settings 146. Printing with Print Order Settings 150,Additional Information. About the NETWORK Mode 151,Screen Displays 152,List of Messages 156. Maintenance 159,Troubleshooting 163,System Diagram 166. Optional Accessories 167,Specifications 170,Index 172 5.
1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 6,Conventions Used in This Manual. Operating Modes,E Position of the Position of the,Operating Mode. POWER Switch TAPE CARD Switch,CAMERA CAMERA b TAPE. PLAY VCR PLAY VCR b TAPE,CARD CAMERA CAMERA CARD,CARD PLAY VCR PLAY VCR CARD. Available functions depend upon the operating mode It is indicated as follows. Introduction,CAMERA Function can be used in this mode.
CAMERA Function cannot be used in this mode,Other Symbols and References. Reference page number, Functions to be operated on the body of the camcorder. Functions to be operated on the wireless controller. Additional topics that complement the basic operating procedures. Precautions related to the camcorder operation, Capital letters are used to refer to buttons on the camcorder or the wireless. controller, are used to refer to menu items displayed on the screen. Screen refers to the LCD and the viewfinder screen. 1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 7,Thank You for Choosing a Canon.
The Canon MVX3i provides a full range of options and functions We recommend. reading this manual thoroughly before you use the camcorder It will help you to. become more familiar with your camcorder and learn how to operate it properly. We suggest that you master the basic operations of the camcorder first before. moving on to its full range of features,Checking Supplied Accessories. WL D81 Wireless Two AA Batteries Lens Hood Lens Cap and Lens. Introduction,Controller Cap Cord, SS 600 Shoulder Strap Lithium Button BP 512 Battery Pack CA 570 Compact. Battery CR2025 Power Adapter,incl power cord, STV 250N Stereo S 150 S video Cable PC A10 SCART IFC 300PCU USB Cable. Video Cable Adapter,Europe and Asia, SDC 8M SD Memory Case for SD Memory Ferrite Core DIGITAL VIDEO. Card containing Card SOLUTION DISK,sample images For Windows.
For Macintosh,1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 8. Introducing the MVX3i,E 2 Megapixel CCD Advanced Accessory Shoe. The MVX3i incorporates a 2 megapixel Simply slide Canon s VFL 1 Video Flash. CCD allowing recording of high Light DM 50 Directional Stereo. resolution still images on a memory card Microphone or VL 3 Video Light into the. Tape 1 77 megapixels accessory shoe the camcorder provides. power and connections,10 Optical and,Digital Effects. 200 Digital Zoom,Card 9 Optical and 36 Digital Zoom. Memory Card,Introduction, Optical Image Stabilizer You can record still images and MPEG 4.
movies on a SD Memory Card or, Canon s optical technology stabilizes MultiMediaCard Images recorded in. your recording even in long telephoto Stitch Assist mode can be merged into. shots one panoramic scene with the supplied,Night and Super Night Mode. You can keep on shooting in dark places Direct Print. with the Night and Super Night mode In You can print still images by connecting. the Super Night mode the assist lamp to a Canon printer with Direct Print. white LED lights up to illuminate the function or to a PictBridge compliant. subject printer,Still Images USB Terminal, Just press the photo button to capture Allows transfer of memory card data to. still images like photographs a computer with built in USB port You. can organise and edit images on your, Built in Flash computer using the supplied software. The MVX3i has a built in pop up flash,IEEE1394 DV Terminal.
for recording still images,The DV terminal allows high quality. Custom Key transfer with virtually no deterioration in. You can assign functions to the custom quality of images You can edit images. key by connecting the camcorder to a PC,with IEEE1394 terminal. Manual Audio Recording Level,DV Messenger Windows XP only. Adjustment,Windows XP users can use the supplied, Analog Line in Recording software to perform videoconference. Audio Dubbing AV Insert Editing and file transfer over the Internet by. connecting the camcorder to a computer,using a USB or DV IEEE1394 cable.
8 Windows Messenger 4 5 4 6 or 4 7 required,1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 9. Components Guide,REC SEARCH button p 33 flash button p 58. record review button p 33 play pause button p 35,rewind button p 35. CARD button p 124,stop button p 35,self timer button p 73. REC PAUSE LINE IN button p 97 98,REC SEARCH button p 33.
CARD STILL MOVIE button fast forward button p 35,p 125 CARD button p 124. Introduction,CARD MIX button p 133 TAPE CARD switch p 6. SLIDE SHOW button p 126,stitch assist button p 120. b Using a tape,Using a memory card,BATT battery release. LCD screen button p 14,Mode dial p 61,Battery attachment unit.
Backup battery p 14 Serial number,compartment p 17. LCD panel Memory card slot p 108,OPEN button MENU button p 42. p 30 AUDIO LEVEL button p 74,P SET controller p 90 144. Strap mount p 19,Card access indicator p 112,Selector dial p 37 42. FOCUS A M button p 81,Data Code p 91,CSTM KEY p 52.
D EFFECTS ON OFF button,D EFFECTS SELECT button p 67. EXP dial p 83,1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 10. Diopter adjustment lever,Viewfinder protect cover,Advanced accessory shoe p 77. Accessory Shoe Cover p 19,Introduction,Zoom lever p 28. Viewfinder p 18,Built in speaker,PHOTO button p 37.
POWER indicator,Start stop button Grip belt p 19,POWER switch p 6 Strap mount p 19. phones terminal,Cassette compartment,cover p 20,Cassette compartment. The NETWORK mode is for use with DV,Messenger Windows XP users only Press the. small button below the POWER switch when,switching to NETWORK 151. 1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 11,Assist lamp White LED.
p 63 Remote sensor,USB terminal p 138,Introduction. Terminal cover,Stereo microphone,Built in Flash p 58. DV IN OUT terminal Focus ring p 81,S video IN OUT terminal. Tally lamp p 53,DC IN terminal p 13,AV IN OUT terminal. MIC terminal p 75,CHARGE indicator,p 14 Bottom view.
Tripod socket p 34,OPEN EJECT switch p 20,1 D75PAL E 02 12 11 06 03 18 52 Page 12. WL D81 Wireless Controller,t SEARCH SELECT SELF T 3. Instruction Manual English PAL CANON INC Canon Europa N V P O Box 2262 1180 EG Amstelveen the Netherlands Canon UK Ltd CCI Service Centre Unit 130 Centennial Park Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 3SE England Telephone 0870 241 2161 Canon Australia Pty Ltd 1 Thomas Holt Drive North Ryde N S W 2113 Australia Telephone 805 2000 Fax 887 4484 Canon New Zealand Ltd Akoranga Business

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