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MHC 2013 20 2 HLA,LCT XM Lymphocyte cytotoxicity,crossmatch test. CDC Complement dependent cytotoxicity,XM 2 AHG LCT XM Anti human immunoglobulin. FCXM IgG Flow cytometry lympho,cyte crossmatch IgG test. B 1 LCT XM,B LCT XM HLA,T B 1994 HLA,150 nm 1 l 1 l 1 37 C 60. 2 2 25 C 120,37 C 30 ASHI Laboratory Manual 4th Edition 1.
20 25 C 30 2 20 25 C 60,T 99 47 B 99 51,HLA MHC 2013 20 2. 4 AHG LCT XM,AHG anti human immunoglobulin HLA,allotype 4. IgM DTT dithiothreitol,AHG LCT XM 1970, 2ME 2 mercaptoethanol IgM ASHI Laboratory Manual 4th Edition L chain Type. 1 4 C 20 25 C,IgG subclass IgG1 65 37 C 30 60 2 20 25 C 60 90. IgG2 25 IgG3 7 IgG4 3,IgG L chain Type,IgG1 IgG3 IgG2 Type 2.
IgG4 Fc Fc RII CD32,IgG4 Fc RIII CD16 L chain,AHG IgG L chain. HLA Fc 2 3 FCXM IgG,IgG 2 2 200 000 100 l,IgM 1 10 100 l 25 C 30 Goat. 2 AHG LCT XM F ab 2 anti human IgG FITC fluorescein isothiocyanate. LCT XM CD19 PE Phycoerythrin CD3 PerCP Peridinin Chloro. AHG anti human phyll Protein Complex 4 C 30,immunoglobulin L chain Type L chain Type 3. MHC 2013 20 2 HLA,5 FCXM IgG,6 protease Fcg FcgRII CD32 FcgRIII CD16. B Fcg FcgRII CD32 IgG,B Fcg FcgRII,ASHI Laboratory Manual 4th Edition CD32 IgG.
500 000 30 l 30 l 6,LCT XM B FCXM IgG anti human,protease type XIV 2 B. HLA MHC 2013 20 2,B CD19 anti human IgG B CD19 B,CD27 anti human IgD. B IgG IgA IgE L chain IgM IgA,7 B CD19 MESF Mole, anti human IgG B cules of equivalent soluble uorochrome. CD27 anti human IgD,anti human IgG CD19 20 16 anti human 5. IgD CD27 21 39 anti human IgG,B B 1 Rituximab 2,IgG Thymoglobulin.
IgD CD27 60 B IgD CD27,10 IgD CD27 30,B B HLA Rituximab FCXM IgG. 1 Rituximab CD20,B B DSA CD20 Pro B,2 F ab 2 anti human IgG 2 Thymoglobulin. NK B Thymoglobulin T CD2 CD3,MHC 2013 20 2 HLA,8 MESF Molecules of equivalent soluble uorochrome. CD4 CD5 CD7 CD8 CD25 TCRab 2 anti human,CD11a IgG FITC. 6 HLA HLA HLA,HLA HLA HLA,1 Flow PRA Flow cytometry panel reactive anti 2.
body 2 Luminex 3 ELISA Enzyme linked immuno HLA,sorbent assay 4 Cell tray 2. 1 Flow PRA,Flow PRA HLA HLA,Specific Single Antigen 3. HLA HLA HLA, 25 C 30 Goat F ab 2 anti human IgG Flow PRA Specific. FITC 25 C 30 HLA Class I Class II 1,anti human IgG FITC FlowPRA Single Antigen. HLA Class I Class II 1,Flow PRA Screening 8,HLA Class I Class II 30 2 Luminex.
HLA Luminex HLA HLA, Class I unlabeled Class II PE PRA Single Antigen 3. HLA MHC 2013 20 2,9 Flow PRA,10 Luminex, NC beads 1 Trimmed Mean 100 PC beads 2 Trimmed Mean 10 000. Luminex APD anti human IgG PE,Luminex NC beads 1 Trimmed Mean. 5 6 mm 100 100 PC beads 2 Trimmed Mean 10 000,suspension array. technology PC beads IgG,HLA HLA 2 anti human IgG,25 C 30 anti human IgG Trimmed Mean.
Goat F ab 2 anti human IgG PE 25 C,30 Luminex,MHC 2013 20 2 HLA. LABScreen Mixed,HLA Class I Class II 1 7 HLA, HLA ICFA Immunocomplex capture uorescence analysis. LABScreen PRA Luminex antigen capture,HLA Class I Class II 1. LABScreen Single Antigen HLA Class I Class II,HLA Class I Class II 1 Goat anti human. HLA IgG PE Luminex,HLA HLA Terasaki 8 HLA,tray 25 C 30.
Alkaline phosphatase anti human IgG 25 C HLA,30 HLA HLA. tray reader OD Optical density,DTT Dithiothreitol 5 mM. 100 mg mL ATG FBS Fetal Bovine Serum EDTA,Alkaline phosphatase 50 mM Adsorb Out. anti human IgG Antibody Diluent 10, 2004 2007 2008 2011 http jshi umin ac jp certification ktext. 4 Cell tray,Cell tray LCT XM 2, Class I T Class II B http www asas or jp jst pdf info 20130115 pdf.
Terasaki tray 3,42 1499 1504 1984,25 C 30 25 C 60,4 Complement Dependent. Cytotoxic Crossmatch Flow cytometric crossmatch,48 33 41 2013. 5 ASHI Laboratory Manual 4th Edition,HLA MHC 2013 20 2. HLA Antibody Detection in Organ Transplantation,Tsutomu Ishizuka1. Division of Transplant Immunology Central Clinical Laboratories Tokyo Women s Medical University. Various methods have been proposed for the testing of HLA antibodies in organ transplantation These methods include cross. matching using donor lymphocytes and panel reactive antibody PRA tests using synthetic beads coated with purified HLA. molecules or extracted HLA antigens However currently depending on the testing method the results can be difficult to. determine due to differences in detection sensitivity differences in the classes subclasses of immunoglobulin composing the. donor specific alloantibodies DSA and instances where non HLA antibodies such as natural antibodies or autoantibodies. react In this lecture I will introduce the testing and analysis methods that are routinely used for HLA antibody testing at our. institution, Key Words Human leucocyte antigen HLA Donor specific alloantibody DSA Panel reactive antibody PRA.
mhc 2013 20 2 hla 122 3 hla t b

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