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Syllabus Why is Asterix,so popular in,Lancelot and. Table Knights,French people,are still so fond,of a 19 years old. come from heroin, Seminar 1 From The End of the Roman Empire to the end of the. Middle Ages 476 1453 Legacy of the Roman Empire Crusades. Architecture Joan of Arc Religious arts Poetry,What do we see when. watching a cathedral Is this really Notre,What castle is.
Part 1 The pre Romanesque and Romanesque period from this. 975 to 1223,Basilica of V zelay, 2nd Part The Gothic period and the Apogee of France from. 1200 to 1453,Les Tr s riches heures du Duc de Berry Ca 1410. How did Mona Why is this castle, Lisa come to so famous and Seminar 2 The Renaissance period and the religious wars 1480 1610 Relations. France And did mysterious, between France and Italy Religions Francis the 1st Henry the 4th Rabelais Leonardo. the French stole,Da Vinci Montaigne, Part 1 Francis the 1st Fran ois 1er and the boom of Italian Renaissance arts.
What was Paris like,in the Renaissance,Ch teau de Chambord La Joconde Leonardo Da Vinci. Part 2 Times of crisis and religious wars 1570 1610. How France Massacre de la St Barth l my Fran ois Dubois Lausanne. was split into,Why is a conformist person,called a Panurge s sheep. in French language, HEC Centre de Langue Fran aise CCIP French Culture Lucie Chauveau 2018 2. Who were the 3 Musketeers entertained,and did they really exist Versailles. refused to, Seminar 3 The Classic period and absolute monarchy.
1610 1789 Louis the 13th The 3 Musketeers Louis the 14th Who wrote. Versailles La Fontaine Moli re Racine Lulli The philosophers Cinderella. Voltaire Diderot Rousseau and who did Why did Louis 14th the. The Beauty Sun King decided to,and the build Versailles. How did the philosophers and the, Part 1 Louis the 14th r 1661 1715 writers influence the French Revolution. The building of Versailles video Why was Marie Antoinette. La Fontaine so unpopular at her time,and why is she so popular. Part 2 The End of the Kings 1710 1789, Beaumarchais and the Marriage of Figaro Why is there a balloon flying. over Versailles,Why did the French Who was Lafayette.
and what part did he What were the different, Revolution happened How did Bonaparte became Napoleon and why do French people say. play in it steps of the French,It is a Berezina when a catastrophy occurs. Revolution and why do we,remember mainly the most,terrible one. Seminar 4 The Revolution and the beginning of Modern. times 1789 1830 The French Revolution Napoleon the. 1st the Romantics Balzac The People s spring,Part 1 The 1st Empire. Le sacre de Napol on 1er by Jacques Louis,David 1748 1825.
What is a Romantic,Part 2 The return of the Kings and Romanticism. La Libert guidant le people by Delacroix,How did Balzac and mus e du Louvre. Stendhal shaped, HEC Centre de Langue Fran aise CCIP French Culture Lucie Chauveau 2018 French novel 3. Syllabus What was Victor,How much did Haussmann change. Seminar 5 The second half of the 19th century What did. Jules Verne,2d Empire Impressionists Industrialization write.
Urbanization French capitalism Jules Verne Emile about How the World s 1st department. Zola store was opened in Paris and who,Why How the youngest wrote about it. Impressionists What were the and most popular,Impressionists values French poet. Part 1 Second Empire 1852 1870 and messages stopped writing at. How Haussmann reconstructed Paris the age of 20,Part 2 The 3rd Republic 1870 1900. The Impressionists Monet Sisley Why was Eiffel the builder. Renoir Pissaro Degas Impression of the Tower and what. soleil levant Claude Monet 1872 else did he do,How the Cinema was. invented in France and Gris Modigliani Picasso Brancusi. what happened during Chagall Zadkine Soutine Fujita who. made the School of Paris, Why are the watches Seminar 6 Contemporary arts 1914 2010 The School of Paris La.
the 1st projection melting according to Boh me Surrealism Cubism Architecture and design centre Georges. Dali Pompidou street art, Part 1 A Les ann es folles Dada and the Surrealism 1922 1939. Marcel Duchamp 1887 1968 Fountain 1917,Salvador Dali Persistance de la m moire 1931. What is the relation,between The Little, Prince and Charles de Who are the Part 1 B 2nd WW and the Resistance. Gaulle contemporain, Magnum French movie Charles de Gaulle Antoine de St Exup ry Albert Camus. makers Who is,Part 2 Post 2nd WW 1945 2012, St Germain des Pr s Juliette Gr co Il n y a plus d apr s.
Henri Cartier Bresson 1908 2004 photograph of Parisians. Christo JR, HEC Centre de Langue Fran aise CCIP French Culture Lucie Chauveau 2018 4. Assessment,Attendance to the course 40,Final exam 60. Multiple choice questions 60 questions 40 minutes,Date last course. HEC Centre de Langue Fran aise CCIP French Culture Lucie Chauveau 2018 5. After each seminar you will receive by email,its summary see extracts here under. resources Internet links articles videos in English in order to prepare the next course. and a complementary bibliography to prepare your personal essay. Sculpture of D Artagnan here represented as the hero of Alexandre Dumas novel The 3 D Artagnan was a true musketeer of the King Louis 14th close enough to the king for being in. musketeers charge of the arrest of Nicolas Fouquet This episode as well as his death has been depicted by. Dumas in the last of the 3 Musketeers adventures Le Vicomte de Bragelonne. Despite the very glamorous picture Dumas gave of his actions he was mainly an ordinary military. officer who conquered a high rank in the Musketeers and died in Maastricht during the war. against the Dutch 1673,Early romantic paintings, Le Radeau de la M duse 1817 1818 by G ricault Mus e du Louvre Th odore G ricault 1791 1824 was a profoundly influential artist painter and lithographer known for.
The Raft of the Medusa and other paintings, Although he died young he became one of the pioneers of the Romantic movement. The Raft of the Medusa 1818 1819 which depicted the aftermath of a contemporary French shipwreck. Meduse in which the captain had left the crew and passengers to die The incident became a national. scandal and G ricault s dramatic interpretation presented a contemporary tragedy on a monumental. scale The painting s notoriety stemmed from its indictment of a corrupt establishment but it also. dramatized a more eternal theme that of man s struggle with nature It surely excited the imagination of. the young Eug ne Delacroix who posed for one of the dying figures. French Culture Elective Course Syllabus Dear Students This course proposes an overview on cultural trends and major works of arts of France Following a chronological approach from the Roman Empire until the contemporary period the course gives a large panorama of the main cultural references you could share with French people

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