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Copyright 2017by Tia Siren,All rights reserved,In no way is it legal to. reproduce duplicate or transmit,any part of this document in. either electronic means or in,printed format Recording of this. publication is strictly prohibited,and any storage of this. document is not allowed unless,with written permission from the.
publisher All rights reserved,Respective authors own all. copyrights not held by the,BIG BAD BILLIONAIRE,An Alpha Male Romance. By Tia Siren,Chapter One,I looked at the pillow next to. mine and felt my heart constrict,It was the fifth morning in a row I. had woken up naked beside,Gabriel Winter and we were.
happy together In fact life had,been pretty much perfect for the. past two weeks That,perfectness was the reason,why the weight of my secret felt. like a sack of bricks resting on,top of my chest,My intention when I asked. Gabriel for a job at Phase,magazine was to hurt my father. like he had hurt me I had,wanted him to pick up a copy of.
his rival magazine read an,article written by me and know. that just as he had chosen his,mistress over our family I had. chosen his enemy over him,However my revenge plan took. a sharp turn to the unimaginable,when on a whim I decided my. first piece for the magazine,would be a chronicle about.
losing my virginity and Gabriel,decided he would be the one to. do it He d been sexy in his,persuasion and because I was. ridiculously attracted to him and,knew that the great Alexander. Frisk would drop dead when he,found out his only daughter had. been deflowered by his,nemesis I barely resisted and.
gave myself to him with a smile,on my face What I hadn t. expected however was to fall in,love And I did I fell completely. in love with Gabriel hence the,pain in my chest,Every piece of me wanted. to come clean and tell him that I,was Alexander Frisk s daughter. I wanted to explain to him that,my father had betrayed me in.
the same way he had betrayed,him I wanted to explain that I. had taken the job and gained his,trust to get back at my monster. of a father I wanted to tell him,that I was so sorry I had omitted. the truth for so long But I had,no idea how to do any of that. without losing not only the man I,loved but also the job I d always.
dreamed of having,At a complete loss as to,what to do and unable to stay in. bed staring at Gabriel and,feeling like a liar I pulled the. covers off my body and got up,from the bed Naked I walked to. the bathroom for a shower,With my eyes closed I,stood under the hot water and. continued to search my brain for,a solution to my problem Before.
I even came close to finding,one the curtain opened and. Gabriel s voice echoed around,me Haven t we discussed. showering alone in the mornings,I opened my eyes and. looked at him If there was one,man on earth who could be. deemed perfect it was Gabriel,Winter His tall frame was thick.
with defined muscles his face,was all sharp angles and his. light green eyes were filled with,the sexiest confidence I had. ever seen Although he was well,into his forties he looked better. than most men in their twenties,With my worries,momentarily forgotten I smiled. at him Yes we have and I,know I m not supposed to but.
you were snoring and I didn t,want to wake you Besides I m. not the all powerful owner of the,magazine I can t arrive at the. office whenever I want,I don t snore he,deadpanned as he got into the. shower with me and planted a,kiss on my lips And as your. all powerful boss I promise to,overlook your tardiness if you.
let me exercise my all,powerfulness over you,I pulled in a sharp breath. and bit my lip as Gabriel s hands,clasped my hips With his. heated gaze locked with mine,he pulled me closer to him until. his breath fanned over my face,and his erection dug into my. lower belly Wetness that had,nothing to do with the shower.
pooled between my legs,What do you have in mind,A wicked grin formed on. Gabriel s lips As a man who,loved power he always enjoyed. when I put myself at his sexual,mercy To be honest so did I. I think I d like you on your,knees he said in a low tone as. his fingers climbed to cup my,My left brow rose at the.
suggestion As much as I had,loved begging Gabriel to go. BIG BAD BILLIONAIRE Part Two An Alpha Male Romance By Tia Siren Chapter One Stella I looked at the pillow next to mine and felt my heart constrict It was the fifth morning in a row I had woken up naked beside Gabriel Winter and we were happy together In fact life had been pretty much perfect for the past two weeks That perfectness was the reason why the weight of my secret felt like

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